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Yet Another Hollywood Cash-Grab Superhero Reboot... (Music)

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Where was Raphael? Who was Raphael? What is a name? What is justice? Those questions all pulsed through the mind of this young man as he sat on top of a tall (well, actually it was about 2 storeys...) rooftop, sitting on a bench that was placed on top of it.

"This city needs a hero..."

It had been so long since Raphael had been like this. It had been so long since he had got the chance to be able to think, to act, and to look like a hero in a while. He wasn't up for thinking about the time he had been idly letting pass by the last almost-year or so.. no, now he had his mind set on only one thing. He wanted to get back out there and prove to the people of Fiore that he was a hero! The first thing he'd do was a dramatic jump from the building he was on to see if he could find crime. Approaching the edge of the building, Raphael looked down, got the shivers, and backed off. He wouldn't be getting over that fear of heights anytime soon by the looks of it... that was fine! Stairs were an efficient way to get exercise while at the same time traversing a vertical distance. Stairs would do!

Making his way down the stairs, Raphael would spot a young boy with a pair of scissors in his hands walking up them. Raphael, while not sure what in the world the child was doing with scissors right now, made sure to remind him not to run with them and never ever to point them at anyone. Even the smaller duties like that were important for a hero to do, after all, a lot of his favorite heroes were in a lot of posters that told you not to do drugs or skip school, right?

Now, he was in the streets. Where was he going to go next? It was getting late out, this was when all the crime happened, or at least most of it. Truth be told, he was in Crocus, and the guards of the capital probably were doing their job.. but, hey! They could always use a little bit of help with it and all. And so Raphael searched and searched, before eventually he became tired of not having anything to do.

Sighing, the boy sat down in an alleyway where a bunch of cats were, petting the felines as he looked up to the sky. One day, he would become the greatest hero in Fiore. After all, he was already a very powerful mage and all, so he was sure that if he tried he could do it.. but if he had to face the truth, Crocus just wasn't the place that needed saving. He was being a hero in a city that didn't need him.. or at least, didn't need him at this current moment. Raphael softly picked up the kitten that rested on his shoulder, placing it down on the ground. After saying goodbye, he would make a decision. He was going to go to bed tonight, and leave early in the morning tomorrow. He had a date with.. well, any other town in Fiore!


Yet Another Hollywood Cash-Grab Superhero Reboot... (Music) QPGni1A

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