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Test The Waters (Quest Baron)

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Baron pumped his fist as he walked down the street, he was under the influence again a tiny bit drunk. The more he thought about that gossamer haired beauty the more flustered he became. She made him feel complete, she was literally the reason he woke up this morning. When he thought about her his heart skipped a beat, the more she roamed his mind the more distracted he was. He could feel himself going mad between the two, Les and Rosa, two beautiful woman that he had spoken to, he knew neither that well but he felt as if he had known both most of his life. Ok, maybe the alcohol was getting to him. He raked his hands through his hair and looked down at the ground, why did he have to be in such good graces. He could feel his heart sink when he thought about his predicament. He had to think of something else to catch his mind, get himself ready for a long night and all. The power of the sun and the heat was all his. All he ever wanted was to bring the thunder for once! Be someone people thought about. One way to find out.

He would look up at the ceiling of his tent, luckily for him Les was out for the day. He was lost in thought, there were so many places he could go. But here he was in a fuss, he was unsure what to do. What to do, what to do. He couldn’t think on it any more he was a tad bit sleepy if he was being honest. Perhaps he could get a job today, yeah, a job. He looked through the request he had. A job testing water would be plenty of busy work for him yeah? He looked down at the papers spread about his tent. If only he could get away with this for a little while longer. He licked his lips and folded up the request and put it in his pocket. He could use another request to put jewels in his pocket, he liked collecting jewels and all. He was greatly unsure what to do though, could he risks seeing her again? The blue haired on… If only his heart wasn’t divided into so many pieces, he wasn’t sure if this was love or the alcohol talking. If only the answer was as plain as the nose on his face, but no he was just a big old coward afraid of beautiful women and all.

When Baron arrived he would be handed a pair of vials and told what he was going to be doing. Something about water samples one way or another. Baron loved water after all, water was great, it was the life giver the blood of the earth, the delicious liquid that came in so many different forms. It was important to him and held a special place in his heart. All he drank was water when he wasn’t drinking booze after all, heck everything was water, milk, soda, beer, it was all liquid therefore all water and water was the best so water would be his thing. His lover, his first love, his provider, he was made of water…. “I’m made of water…” he thought to himself, “I’m water.” a tear fell from his eyes. Oh how the world underappreciated water, he needed to help this woman and get the water supply straightened right now. He looked her up and down and took one of her hands in his own, “I promise, we will fix this water supply.” he nodded. Awkwardly and confused she took her hand back and nodded as she further explained the job. Not wanting to waste a second he nodded and took the sample vials.

He rubbed the vials and took them with him as he went to collect water, he would get excellent samples, swimming in every body of water he saw to get water straight from the middle of the basin. Water was beautiful, water was love, water was life he dunked his head under the water and collected more samples. He would leave the last body of water and held up all of his new vials making sure each was well. He would save the water, he had to. IF HE DIDN’T WHO WOULD?! He gave her the samples and thanked her for her work, he picked up his things and left as well as his payment in jewels a single tear leaving his eye as he thought about all the water he may have saved. He was water, the world was water, water really was life. Looking up at the sky he admired the blue color of it, it reminded him of sweet water, his eyes glimmered with joy, of the joys of water. It was glorious and now he needed to go home and get a bite to eat, which he would do in style of course.

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