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Worth Woodsea to Baska Town

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#1Vyrst Walken 

Worth Woodsea to Baska Town Empty Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:28 pm

Vyrst Walken
Having won a few pumpkin pops from the spooky skeleton carnival, Vyrst felt a bit bored. He decided that traveling somewhere else would be a nice change of pace, so he left the location he had spent a night or so at. Before leaving he made sure to check all of his few possessions were on his person and that they had not been stolen by weird skeleton pickpockets or something. He found that he still had all of his belongings and set off from his location while keeping an eye on the surrounding area, in case some nasty skeletons tried to jump him or something. He hadn’t seen any of them leaving the carnival area of course, and the carnival had disappeared as quick as it appeared, so he was not expecting any sort of skeleton attack. One could never be too careful though.

His path seemed to lead him on an adventure through a snowy wasteland of sorts. Having been somewhat aware of this, Vyrst had changed his outfit to one more suited to his current circumstances, wearing a nice furred jacket and tight but also fur lined pants. After walking through the icy region for some time he came upon the town of Nanuq. He felt it was a pretty weird town, being up so far north. Vyrst didn’t really mind the cold much given that he could just produce some heat from his magic if he desired to, but he was still surprised to see a large number of people living in such an inhospitable place. They must have gotten used to the cold or something. He did not want to stay in this town for long so he left as soon as he could, having rested a little bit before leaving.

During his travels away from Nanuq town it became much warmer until he came upon a large mountain range that he had heard was somewhat dangerous from random travelers that he passed. He was not very worried about the prospect of being injured within the passes as he had some semblance of magical ability, but he could see why random civilians or merchants might find it to be a somewhat daunting prospect to pass through. Without a worry in his mind he made his way through a well traveled valley without any problems, passing through to continue on his travels. Vyrst still did not have a specific destination in mind, but he felt it would be nice to stop in a town with decent weather rather than one in the middle of a barren wasteland.

From what he had heard from other travelers there was a town up ahead if he passed through Overon Forest. He knew that some portions of said forest were dangerous for even armies to take on, so he opted to go down a well traveled and safe passage way to make it to his destination. After making it out of the forest he was able to see Baska town and proceeded to make his way towards it to see what sort of fun he could have inside.



Worth Woodsea to Baska Town VDAOpvw

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