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Worth Woodsea-->Dahila[Foot Travel]

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Worth Woodsea-->Dahila[Foot Travel] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:48 pm

The hallows end holiday was finally completed. The carnival was starting to pack up all there tents and disappear until next year. It was a nice little vacation from the tasks that Grimoire Heart had him complete but it was time to get back to work. There would be an operation some time soon so he would have to get stronger. There were dark quests that were in Dahila with lycan and vampires and demons. These monsters could be turned into allies and if they refused they would at least be good combat practice with their enhanced abilities. Caius would grab his travel bag and then he would throw it over his shoulder as he walked out of the giant sea of trees that was the Worth Woodsea and would head south to reach his next destination.

AFter a few hours Caius would walk into the next town in the south before he was out of North Fiore for good. It was Orchiadia Town and he would use this time to rest after he walked through the giant forest and then he walked down the giant path and then he also walked up the mountain and then he reached the city. Caius then would walk into the the city and then he would walk into the middle of the city because he had been in the city before and then he would walk to a building and then he would walk into the bar that he went to and then he would go into the bar and then he would sit down at the bar and then the bartender walked up to him and then he ordered a drink and then he waited and then he got the drink and then he drank the drink and then he would get another drink and the bartender and then he would drink that and then he would have had enough so he would then put some money on the table and then he would continue forward and he would then go and leave the bar and then he would head to the hotel in the town and then he would enter the hotel of the twon and then he would reserve a room and then he would go into the room and then once he was in the room he would go and he would head into the room and he would toss his thigns down and then he would go into the bathroom and then he would go into the shower and then he would go and he would clean himself after being dirty from walking in the forest all day and then he would get out and then he would head to bed.

After a good night's sleep he was refreshed and then he would go and he would get his things and would go and head out of the hotel and then he would go to the bottom of the hotel and see the person in charge and would give them his keys and check out. It was only a short walk to Dahila at this point so he would be able to make the trip by the end of the day. He would leave the town and head down the path south to Dahila.

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