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To Baska - From WWS [Arisa: Foot travel]

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To Baska - From WWS [Arisa: Foot travel] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:49 pm

Yawning softly she packed up her shit from the unknown motel and walked right back towards Baska. It was done and over with and all the shit she got from the carnival were two pumpkin pops. Rather or not that will be useful in the future was in question. She didn't really know, but what she did know was that she had to get going and go towards Baska to catch up to Alisa. Hopefully, she got her letter or note and was waiting for her. She straightened out her outfit that was a hiking long shirted dress outfit of brown, black and white, tied hiking boots and she had her hair up.

She left the weird area with the stuff in her pockets. She was hoping that the candy prizes weren't nothing that could possibly melt or get sticky in her pockets. She didn't feel like feeling dirty and loved showers so she planned that perhaps she will stop by some of the unknown place and get a hotel in everyone to take a small nap for a couple of hours. She didn't trust the forest to take a nap, not after finding Fye's rotting body. Out of no where she heard some noises from bushes and out of no where flung a throwing star. 'What in the world?' she thought and then moved quickly, hearing a dash of wind go through towards her, cutting up pieces of the tree trunk she was by. Quickly she started to run and run till she couldn't feel this strange aura anymore. It was nothing like the darkness that she could see, no, it was like some dangerous 'something from the past' kind of feeling. Her spin felt a chill as she wrapped herself around with her own arms. 'I just have to get to a town...or something.' she thought. At first she stopped at some canyon area. The levels of that place was wild like some valley stuck between to high hills. It would suck if it... rained there. It could kill everyone if it rained as it caused floods. Due to leveling, it was obvious that people's places were going to get flooded. She made a small smile and continued to walk towards that area. Her finger tips grazed against the sides of the moutain, feeling the texture. Her heart was still trying to relax since the small ambush and those games. They were quite different compared to the last games she played. Softly she yawned and went up ahead to stop by at some eating place. She ordered a simple piece of cheese and crackers, some fruit and perhaps a glass of water. She felt thirsty after all that traveling. An hour later she got up and continued to travel ahead and towards Baska. Her eyes felt tired and heavy, but she had to keep on going. Soon enough though she saw the hill-like village in which she then tried to hurry forward to the hotel to doze off to sleep.



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