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Karma’s A Witch [Restless Souls/Selena]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Karma’s A Witch [Restless Souls/Selena] Empty Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:01 pm

Selena Maelstrom
It was Friday the thirteenth, the day before Halloween! Selena rolled her eyes towards the sign. The stupidity of some people really surprised her. Although her train of thought couldn't be so easily swayed. Her mind was still on the medallion that hung around her neck under her clothes. How she got this puzzling item still stuck out in her mind.
It was early October, After Selena had her cousin Lacie. The meeting she had with the man was odd. He had just appeared out of no where and began to speak to her in a language she had never heard before yet she understood every word. The man was tall, taller than her, tanned and wore all white. He had two golden items of his own. HE spoke to Selena ina hushed tone.
"If you wish to become emperor, take this millennium item." The man said. He then revealed a third item, a necklace that had a large ring at the end with a triangle in the center of the ring. The triangle also had an eye in the middle of it. And as Selena looked at the other golden items she noticed similar patterns with them.
"What do you mean emperor, and what does it do?" The man looked at Selena dead in the eyes. He did not show any emotion all the while he was speaking with her. He ignored her first question as if the answer was so obvious it did not deserve an answer.
"That Millennium ring will search whatever your heart desires. Weather it be treasure, or a certain someone, it can even detect feelings if you are specific enough." The man explained. Selena looked flabbergasted, unable to comprehend how the item could be so powerful, so useful and so convenient. Did this man know she was looking for her cousin? Before Selena could answer the man seemed to vanish, only leaving the necklace in Selena's hand. She decided to give it a try.
"Selena Maelstrom." She whispered. The ring hummed to life as the small daggers at the end of the ring glowed and pointed to Selena. Before she even had time to think she asked it "Alice Baskerville." But the item did not stir. Selena feared the worse, however something stuck in her head. Alice was not a true Baskerville, she was adopted. However Selena's memories were still not quite with her and her actually name still escaped her.
"Just a little longer." She told herself as she walked along the street. The amount of dead leaves that blew along hargeon surprised Selena. Who knew a harbor town had such vegetation? Once thing Selena knew the harbor town was however was freezing. She was wrapped up very warmly and under all her layers her millennium pressing against her body. The amount of layers Selena wore did nothing to help shield herself from the cold.She was still shivering from the cold but as she seen the apparition of a girl in front of her, she went from slightly cold to ice cold.

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Karma’s A Witch [Restless Souls/Selena] BLlZQ5m
#2Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena stood there, frozen, almost literally considering how damn cold she was. Before her stood a girl, transparent and looking pissed.
"What?!" The ghost said sharply, glaring at Selena with her cold icy eyes. Selena looked totally taken aback. She whispered to herself. "Ghost." At once her millennium ring began to move under her many layers. It was directly moving towards the girl. "U well-" Selena was cut off by the ghost. "Yes I know Im dead thank you very much!" She snarled. She turned her head but not before Selena noticed how upset the girl was. She was well dressed, perhaps wealthy? Her eyes were also a light red, as were her nostrils. Was she crying? "Hey are you ok?" Selena would ask. "Of course Im bloody well not alright Im dead! And that bastard..." The girl broke off into sobs. Selena tried to place a hand on her back but phased straight through the girl. Panicking slightly she quickly said. "Maybe i can help you pass on? What is it that has you around?" The girl looked around as if this was her plan all along. SNiffing hard she looked to Selena. "Well my boyfriend he did this to me, no i dont mean he killed me!" She said quickly looking at Selena's face. "No he was just a terrible boy friend and when he made me meet him I was killed on the way. The worst thing is he feels no remorse and is with some new bimbo! I want you to break them up. If you do I'll give you something nice! And it'll help me pass on, so please!" The ghost pleaded. Selena nodded. "What's his name?" She asked. "I have a way to search for him." The ghost smiled. "Oh yeah I was wondering what this feeling was anyway his name is..." The ghost told Selena the mans name and as soon as she did the ring reacted. Selena went off to search for the man, thinking of what she could do to break them up. As she did her ring began to die down, meaning she was close to the area, and sure enough As Selena looked into the nearest restaurant she seen the man the girl described having dinner with the girl she despised. The two were doing the phony link arm drink think which even made Selena cringe. After deciding what she would do Selena stormed into the restaurant. "Oh so this is where you were, leaving me pregnant to raise this baby alone and here you are with some other high class bitch?" Selena had barely started when the girl left in tears. He must have been a cheating scumbag already. Leaving the man in a state of depression and shock Selena went out to see that the girl was beginning to disappear. She left what looked like pumpkins saying they were pops. Selena took them and wondered what they would be used for. She decided to collect more.

Karma’s A Witch [Restless Souls/Selena] BLlZQ5m

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