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Worth Woodsea to Dahlia [Foot Travel]

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Worth Woodsea to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:36 am

Shura Ranzu †
Shura left the Carnival, without more pops. He was a bit humiliated, found himself being scared than he thought he would be. But it was human to be scared and to be startled. It didn’t help his paranoia was setting in on him ever since he got the things. The pops became a beacon for those who also wanted to know the secrets of them. With this whole thing coming to a close there was a few places he needed to stop before he could settle down in oak for good. First off he needed to stop in Dahlia and check on the old man who saved him. Sure he could handle himself but he wanted to share information with Shura. Things of the world and how he played a part of that. ‘You are a player in the world now.’ rang through his head at that moment. The spot where his arm used to be throbbed at that very moment. A stinging sensation and he could feel as if his arm was still there.

As if the memory of losing his arm was linked to the pain he suffered. He needed to find a permanent replacement in the future. The question was, where could he get such a thing done? Not to mention it was going to cost a healthy amount to do so. On top of that Shura didn’t want just any arm he wanted something that he could use. Something that could benefit him in his pursuit of power. He began to leave the area, not thinking too much more on the subject. He pushed the painful memory to the furthest reaches of his mind. Trying not to dwell too much on what was lost but what was to come. Time marched on and it waited for no one. He was no exception to that matter. Holding his arm he began the walk towards Dahlia. Five minutes into the trip he could hear the sounds of hooves hitting the ground. A casual stride, followed by the sounds of a wagon. As the wagon passed by a individual looked down and tipped his hat. The two locked eyes and this man helped Shura once before.

This man frequented the roads of Fiore due to being a farmer. His family tended to the farm while he made deliveries. A respectable man who worked hard to keep his family clothed and fed. “Woah!” The man yelled slapping the reins across the back of the beasts. The horses stopped causing the wagon to stop. Shura ran up to the front of the wagon, “Howdy stranger, long time no see, on the road again I see.”

“Frank right?”

“You remembered, where ya headin too?”

“Dahlia then Haregon, got some business I need too tend too.”

“You are in luck, I will be passing right by Dahlia could drop ya off on the way if you like.”

“That would be delightful.”

Shura walked around to the back of the wagon and hopped in the back. He sat down on the wood floor of the wagon. He rested his back on a sack of potatoes. “You good back there?”

“Ya, I am just gonna try to catch some rest let me know when we get there.”

The farmer snapped the reigns, “Hiyaa!”  



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