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Restless Souls: Mean Clown [Caius]

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Restless Souls: Mean Clown [Caius]     Empty Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:52 pm

Caius had arrived at Crocus not too long ago and immediately would begin investigating the souls that were not put to rest. He went tot he local bar in the capital and would stay there for hours in order to see the latest rumors that the locals had to say. Around night time, a drunken homeless looking man would say that there was some blue light coming from a building that was near the edge of town that was causing everyone to freak out and it might have something to do with ghost. Caius was curious because the other ghosts would be the ones with the blue light and then he would go and he would leave the bar after paying his tab and he would go investigate it. Caius would walk over and he would see that the building that th wold man was telling about was the building that was broken windows and run down building and it would say the circus on the side of it as it was an old circus try out building and Caius would go and he would walk into it and he would see that it swab abandoned. Caius would walk deeper in the circus building and then he would see that glow that was blue and hew would go and he would investigate it and he would see that it was a blue light that was lighting up a room. Caius would go and he would weak up and see that her was a clown that was a ghost like the other restless souls he had ran into.

The clown would see him and walk up to him and grumble. Caius wasn't scared so he stood his ground and heard what the cow would have to say. He said his name was Benson and he used to work the fairs and that he passed away a few months ago and he would say that he was forced to entertain kids but he hated kids and all he wanted to do was scare them because he was some fucked up guy in clown make up. However, Caius didn't care and he would go and he would and he would make sure that he got his pops no matter what he had to do. Benson would go and he would lead him to the room and he would tell him that he needed him to scare some more kids before he could go back and he would burn in hell. He showed him the closet with the clown costume and Caius rolled his eyes as he would have to do this crazy shit to get pops but his curiosity got the better of him. He reached in and would grab the costume and then would go over to the bathroom and then he would put the costume on and then he would walk up to the ghost and then Benson the ghost clown would say he looks great and to go out and he would dive to scare all the kids before he would be put to rest.


Hi I'm Caius

Restless Souls: Mean Clown [Caius]     Empty Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:53 pm

Apparently one of the clowns fetishes to scare the kids was to go into the sewers of Crocus and lure in kids so with no choice but please the restless soul Caius would go into an alley and then he would look around and he would make sure that nobody was looking and once the coast was clear Caius would see the manhole that was in the middle of the alley and he would reach down and then he would use his hands and he would then lift the cover up and then he would toss it to the side and then after that he would climb down into the sewers in his clown suit and then he would be int he sewer and then he would walk into the sewer and then he would reach a grate in the sewer and then he would walk and see kids walking by it and then he would go and he would wait until a kid came by. The kid dropped a toy in the sewers and would see Caius in the middle of the sewers and he was dressed like a clown like what the heck. The kid wasn't scared but said could he please have his toy back. Caius said sure as he would life the toy and then when the kid went to reach would grab his hand and he would slam him into the great and would start screaming like a scary clown. He didn't know his strength and would rip the kids arm off and he would start to scream as Caius would go a bit too far and run away in the sewers but the kid was scared so that counted for the ghost.

The next job was a kids party where a clown was hired but the ghost scared him so Caius would be able to get the gig with his clown abilities and would be able to scare them. Caius went to the party and then he would go there and he would go to the party and the parents would direct him to the kids. He did the animal balloons and he would give them each to the kids. Then while they were happy with all the animals Caius would go in the shed and hew would pull out a chainsaw and he would start to chase the kids around as they screamed. After that he was done with the clown adventures. Caisu would go and he would then go back to the clown ghost and tell him he scared all those little brats. The clown man would laugh as he wanted to scare them all his life and make them fear him. He didn't play a clown for fun. Benson the clown then exploded into the pumpkin pops and then he would disappear into hell. Caisu would go and he would reach and he would pick up the pumpkin pops and then he would put them in his pocket. It was getting late so he would decide to go to the carnival and exchange them now he was done.


Hi I'm Caius

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