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Vertigo [closed]

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Baska Town was a shithole.

The streets were filled with drunken men and desperate women; the scum of society dared leaving their vaults at night, when the rest of the world could not see them. Seira Navillera wandered among those low lives — the power hungry vampyre was starving and as per usual there were only so few things which could satisfy her. The sound of heels hitting the pavement echoed through the alleys and the woman took one last drag from her cigarette before flicking it into the dirt and approaching a nearby building. The weather had gotten colder, winter was finally here, and she no longer felt the urge to hide from the sun.

Days were getting shorter, nights longer, life better.

Over the past few weeks the vampyre’s mood had decreased significantly however, and while she could not find the reason for her suddenly more abrasive behavior, Seira assumed that the final stages of her transition from human to undead were finally setting in. She entered the closest pub she could find and longingly gazed at the bar before throwing herself at the counter, batting her eyelashes seductively at the bartender.

”Beer,” she demanded, ”a lot of it.”

Seira didn’t know for sure why she had come here in first place; there was nothing to find after all, the restaurants were garbage and she’d fed on humans only ever since her arrival, strictly refusing to touch anything coming out of these kitchens. She took a seat and crossed her legs, taking off the black cloak she wore and placing it over the chair next to hers before mentally preparing herself to completely drown in alcohol — the only thing the people in Baska seemed to know how to serve.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt something move to her left — another customer had appeared and the vampyre snarled before reluctantly removing her cloak from the (technically) unoccupied chair. She tilted her head upwards, giving a single glance towards the other person and widened her eyes in shock when a familiar face caught her attention. The soft features, pretty eyes and weirdly adorable ears were a dead giveaway for his identity and yet the woman could hardly believe what she saw.

It was such a small world after all.

Christian — who had claimed to live and work in Crocus — had somehow found his way all the way up to the north and while she had no words to describe how off guard he’d caught her, the girl quickly moved towards the opposite direction, unable to suppress the nasty swear escaping her lips as she tried to flee the scene without being noticed. ”Shit,” quietly cursing as she tried to wiggle her way far away from Christian, ”shit, shit, shi—” the bartender returned with a large smile and an even larger  jug of beer in his hands.

”Miss! Where are you going, I got your beer!


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Christian had been so busy doing all the work in Baska as well as visiting his family, that he thought it best to go for a drink this evening. After all, he deserved a treat every once in a while. But what would await him in that pub was not something that he would expect to see at all. Something he honestly both hoped and never hoped he'd see again.

The boy took a seat at the barstool, seeing that the usual bartender had been serving up a drink. He looked to his right, to see the usual drunks that occupied the pub often. Looking to his left, he found something that he would never see coming. And that one action, the turn of the head, changed his entire evening. Should he even have looked at the drunk for even a second more, he would have missed this. But perhaps that would have been for the better.

Christian's emotions stormed up and his heart practically stopped beating as he saw a familiar woman. Seira. This woman had sucked his blood and left him after leading him on a whole night. She left him feeling down for days, and probably made him lose a fair deal of blood as well. But most important, she tricked him. And he wasn't about to let that go. As she moved to go out of the pub, Christian took a second to react, as the bartender had asked the woman where she was going. It was at this moment that Christian's emotion were so stirred up that he didn't mind talking. He was going to make sure this woman wasn't about to get away. Perhaps it was his anger that made his voice a lot louder than usual this time, his usual soft tone replaced with something a bit more stern.

"Where are you going, Seira? The pub here doesn't take kindly to customers who don't pay." He wasn't afraid to say her name right then and there, and he knew if she even tried to go out that door he was heading straight to the Rune Knight's office down in the town. If she didn't comply, there might just be more trouble coming for her later. But it was her choice. Christian's barstool was spun around, as he sat down facing the door where she was heading. He knew her identity, and her secret. And now, he knew her location. Knowledge was a scary thing, and she would be best not to underestimate it.


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Seira was an idiot sometimes — but she wasn’t stupid. When Christian spoke to her, the vampire quickly turned around and found her way back to the counter, gratefully accepting the jug of beer that had been served. She flashed the bartender a kind smile before turning towards the male Elf. Seira didn’t think she would ever see him again — unless she purposely searched for him — and his sudden appearance surprised her. She was unprepared for this and she regretted being so lenient and not getting him drunk enough to the point where he wouldn’t be able to remember any of the events of that night.

It was her mistake and now she had to deal with the consequences.

Seira had never been in this situation before, but she certainly wasn’t worried. He had lost to her once and decided to speak up anyways, which was either a sign of courage or stupidity. She didn’t know him well enough to tell what type of person he was in the end, but the vampire decided that two could play this game after all. ”Really?” Her smile grew wide and for a split second she allowed for some of her fangs to peek through. Seira stood to his left side now and (seemingly gently) reached out for his hand. ”I thought that after all this expensive wine I wasted on you to make you taste better you would at least owe me this much,” her grip around his wrist tightened.

”What brings you here, to Baska out of all places, so far from home?” She asked politely, let go of his wrist and reached for the beer to take a few sips. As long as she remained calm and kept an eye out, Seira certainly wouldn’t lose control of the situation. She could not — and would not — allow for something like that to happen.

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Christian had known that vampires were feared throughout Fiore, even if they were a bit of a myth. But he was sure if he mentioned that she was one, he could quickly take control of the situation if at least one person believed him. He just had to wait to say it, if he had to, as a last resort. He wouldn't walk away from this one a loser. Suddenly, he felt the grip around his waist tighten, as she mentioned making him taste better. "Hm? Taste better? A weird thing to say, right bartender?" He asked. His anger and swirling emotions as well as his drive for revenge caused him to talk much easier than he normally would.

"I grew up here." He simply stated, as he would signal the bartender for another drink. "For the lady, on me please." He said softly, his emotions calming down a bit as he thought up his plan. The bartender should of been suspicious by how the woman was acting, and if she refused this drink than perhaps it would seem even stranger. While it wasn't usual for a person to order a drink while the first one was still not finished, Christian was sure the bartender had seen it happen before with those that drank a lot. And so Christian began his little plan that he thought up in his head. The first step was to try and get Seira as drunk as possible. After all, that was what she did to him. It was time to repay her for all that wine...


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Seira’s features were sharp and she showed no signs of sympathy; instead, she hid those feelings well underneath layers of ice. She felt empathy for the elf however and in a certain way she also felt responsible. He seemed hurt by what she had done to him and Seira never thought about how exactly her actions affected people — instead of disdain, the sensation of curiosity now spread throughout her mind. ”No, actually,” the woman began and turned towards the gentleman serving the drinks, ”it’s not weird at all, right bartender? the vampire flashed him a toothy grin and (for a split second) revealed her fangs as well. Seira took a few more gulps from her beer and gave a grateful nod towards Christian when he ordered her more to drink.

Fortunately for her, Seira had an incredibly high alcohol tolerance and currently she was feeling quite thirsty as well — everything was better than having to start smoking again — but Seira surely wouldn’t let her guard down. ”I see, so you are visiting family?” She was facing him with the entirety of her body now, a mischievous smile hiding the things she was scheming in the back of her mind. ”Do they live close by? I would love to meet them,” the vampire exhaled sharply before taking another sip from her drink. Seira had never bothered herself with the people she drank from after she finished business with them — but now a different opportunity presented itself and she wanted to know and understand what was going on inside that man’s mind.

”Christian, you are not angry with me because of what happened in Crocus, right? I took good care of you after all.”

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Christian's hand trembled as she spoke of his family. He couldn't believe this woman... he felt like crying, if only because he was so scared. He knew from when she sucked his blood that he was no match for her in a physical level, and that he would be better off just staying away from fighting her head on altogether. If his emotions didn't take him over, he could've just let her go... he only had himself to blame. His voice trembled as he spoke. "Don't." He simply said, no longer feeling so talkative. His face had turned even more grim, almost pale. It was one thing for her to suck his own blood and all, but his family was too far.

He was, at this point, simply scared. Not even so much for his own safety, but rather for his family and friend's. He wouldn't let her get to them. Then, the woman asked something about Crocus, and Christian simply looked over to her with the same pale expression on his face, now slightly more emotional as he remembered the experience. What was he supposed to say...? Christian looked at her blank for a second, before something just slipped out. Sometimes, when you tried so hard to lie, the truth just wants to slip out so badly it goes out of your mouth even against your own will. "Of course I am... I can't believe you'd do that to me..."


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Seira’s threat had been subtle, innocent even but it still hit home with Christian. His expression changed, his face became pale and he seemed so shocked at what she had said that the vampire almost burst out into laughter. Of course she had no intentions of actually hurting his precious family — Seira didn’t care that much, even though part of her wondered if every elf was that delicious  — and she merely wanted to get her point across. In the end, an amused chuckle rolled over her lips and she rolled her eyes at the young man, giving him a gentle pat on the shoulder. ”Don’t worry, dear, I was just joking,” she smiled and leaned closer towards him, ”but never ever threaten me again.”

Her everlasting smirk remained the same, but during the last part Seira’s voice turned quieter and somewhat more serious. She didn’t want trouble under any circumstances, but she was willing to deal with whatever he was throwing at her. ”Besides, I might have to clear up some misunderstandings here.” The woman’s hands found back to her jug of beer and she took another sip that would finally finish the glass. ”I never meant to hurt you; in fact, I really enjoyed the little chat we had. What I did was necessary and you survived and are now probably smarter when it comes to blindly following people into their rooms — all thanks to me!”  

Seira truly believed that as long as her actions had no lingering effects and the wounds healed, there was something good in what she did and perhaps Christian would find it in himself to agree. ”It’s not as bad as it sounds, trust me. Perhaps you’d be more open after experiencing it for a second time?” The male elf was freaking delicious and she really couldn’t help herself, she just had to try.
Was that rude?

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Christian couldn't believe what this vampire was saying after all that she did, but he wouldn't let her get away with fooling him once. The first time would be the only time, and Christian hoped that as soon as he left this bar tonight, he would never have to see this woman ever again in his lifetime. Though, knowing how his fate was going, that hope probably would only end in disappointment when the time came. Christian stayed silence, his anger hidden from his own face due to the fear he had previously experienced still lingering in his expression. However, what she would do next would put him over the edge. It was bad enough that she tried to justify her actions, but now she was asking if he would willingly give blood to her once again? As if he would let that happen.. this woman, just what was she thinking? Why in the world would he willingly give himself to her, after what he felt last time and how it scarred him in a mental sense?

Christian didn't speak, he just took his glass into his hands. It was almost full, he hadn't drank much yet. Then, all at once, Christian began to rapidly chug it down. He would chug, chug, chug, making sure not to let any of it get onto his coat or face. It hurt his throat, but he did it anyways. The young man continually chugged, until he let out a gasp for air as he put the glass back down on the counter, the once liquid-filled cup now full with nothing but oxygen, save for a little bit of alcohol left on the very bottom. Seemed he missed a spot, but it was no big deal. After he regained his lungs from the brink of death there, he spoke. Why did he drink all the much? Well, it was simple. He really, really wanted to talk, but there was no way he was going to make a long sentence without the assistance of a drink.

"Now, why in the hell would I do that? You think you can justify your actions, after how you tricked me? And now you have the nerve to ask if I want another go? No. I just want you to finish those drinks so you can get out of the bar, and hopefully never cross paths with me again"


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Rather than responding to the many things Seira said to him, Christian reached for the nearest cup, emptying it quickly and all at once. That’s the last thing she would have expected of him, and the vampire couldn’t help herself; she arched a brow and crossed her arms in front of her chest, slightly tilting her head to the side while she did so. The elf wasn’t a heavy drinker — that much she could tell — but he swiftly ended the silence that had taken place between them by letting out more words at once than he had probably ever had — at least not while she was with him.

He made it very clear that he wanted her gone; out of his sight and as far away from him as possible. A chuckle escaped her lips as she began to wonder whether or not she was that charming after all. ”I understand,” she spoke and sighed theatrical before taking a sip from the drink he had ordered for her. ”It really hurts my feelings to hear you say that, but I understand. I will do you this one favour, simply because of how upset you still seem,” Seira wasn’t a villain, so she wouldn’t bother him much longer.

Were all elves this sensitive, though?

Sliding her own glass across the table and towards him, the vampire stood up from her chair and turned away. ”There,” she said, referring to her own drink, ”you clearly need it more than I do. I’ll be leaving now — and if we ever meet again, perhaps you’ll be able to get over the things that have happened between us.” The vampiress dropped a curtsey, gave him one last smile and left the bar.

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