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Worth Woodsea to Baska Town (Foot Travel)

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Worth Woodsea to Baska Town (Foot Travel) Empty Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:53 am

Tenshi †
Finn packed up everything. The ingredients he had received with the spirit of the chef only just recently, as well as all the strange Pumpkin Pops in which he had been given for assisting each of the spirits. He packed the letter written to him by Seira, smiling weakly at it. The things that Jake had said to him still lingered in his mind like the aftereffects of a poison, making him feel weak and vulnerable. He knew that his brother had no malicious intent in his words that night. Quite the opposite in fact, Jake had meant only to help Finn in the long run. And yet his mind felt completely clouded, as if his thoughts were a ship lost in the ocean and the clouds obscured any sign of shore.

Glancing at the letter again, a flash before his eyes. The lighthouse that could guide him back to land, or into the rocks. Seira was the key to unraveling the discontent within him, and for her it would be so simple. It always was after all. As he put in several containers of water for the long walk, he turned his attention back to Jake. He had claimed that the only packing he needed to do was packing in a few more hours of rest, so he was napping in his bed. Shrugging, Finn put in his clothes that he was bringing with him. Standing up and putting the backpack on, Finn wrapped the nice blue scarf around his throat. It would keep him warm on this walk, and keep his mind on the one who made it for him.

Using both hands, Finn lifted the impressive new blade he had found during his stay in Worth Woodsea. Upon making contact with it, Finn felt a burning sensation on his back that had made him throw his backpack at the time away. That backpack had completely been destroyed, leaving no sign of the million or so jewel it had contained. His discovery, it seemed, had made him poor. Luckily it was well worth it. Neither him nor Jake knew of what this sword was when they found it, only that it was powerful. Upon investigating, its true nature was discovered. Finn realized that with just one discovery, and his jewel, he had finally closed the gap between him and wizards. Sliding it into its home upon his back, Finn grabbed his Finn sword with a single hand and flipped it around as if it weighed nothing, sliding it in alongside its new brother.

Waking his brother, Finn flashed a smile as he arched his neck back, signalling for Jake to come along. Finn had fully packed, and with that they left their tree house behind once more. It had been nice to come home and to clean it up a bit. It confirmed in Finn's mind that they had been gone for too long. A part of him was afraid that if he came back he'd stay for too long and miss out on the world. Now that he had so many reasons to go back into the world though, that was not a risk. He would continue to explore, to expand, and to grow. And every now and again, he'd swing by home.

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Worth Woodsea to Baska Town (Foot Travel) D09aavQ

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