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Deface Property [Baron & Lacie: Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
The red head was awake early, her body felt a lot better after the so called incident of losing her soul. She wondered if people would be able to notice if they knew her before but barely anyone did. She did not say anything and simply stared at her outfit while she was sitting on the end of her bed, trying to fix her shoes. She wore another simple dress, this time in black with a few lace lines around the edges, it had no sleeves but she would wear a jacket in a minute. The boots were dark brown, a sort of maroon and reached just below her knees and she was working on the shoelaces. It would not take her long before she was done and stood up to see again her reflection in the mirror.

Her hair looked a bit sloppy in the braid that she had made but it didn't mean much as she planned to do a job. At the moment she was in her bedroom in the room she hired from a hotel. She had a bigger place now that she shared it with Baron and sometimes she still wasn't sure what she thought about that but it was all for a higher cost and besides: she didn't mind him that much. They had done a couple of jobs together just as she had asked and she was preparing for another one. She opened the door from her room and walked immediately into the living room and looked left and right to see if Baron was already up and somewhere within the room, before she would go to the kitchen and eat something. She would have to gain more power and more information still but she also needed some jewels. Especially because she believed her sister left the building or well: town.


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There was a loud snoring from the living room a signal that Baron was awake and waiting for his hostess for the most part. The snoring wasn’t that bad, but a bed would have been better for his back. On the couch he wore little more than black sweatpants that clung to his waist from a night of tossing and turning. His blanket was tossed to the side as of a few nights ago he was staying with Lacie forgetting his camping site entirely. Maybe he could just call it his beach home or something, besides Lacie was nice enough to let him stay with her so that was a plus to the day. In any case he’d have to wake up soon but for now he would be sleeping on the couch content with his position considering he had to shift quite a bit to focus his weight to keep him on the couch.

In his sleep he began to mumble a bit, “Oh Baby… I would love some more pasta.” he snored, turning on his side as his head rested on one of his arms, “Mmm, why don’t you put it in my mouth I bet it taste great.” his dream was of food, but there were hints of other things in there. ‘Mmm, you look pretty today by the way… Lemme get some of…. That.” he continued to snore.


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#3Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
As Lacie walked towards the Kitchen she heard something and turned around in the doorway, she crossed her arms in front of her chest, raised her right eyebrow and stared at Baron, wondering how she had missed that sight a few seconds ago. She wondered why he did not sleep in the room next to hers but perhaps he forgot or he had too much to drink last night. She didn't mind, it was his own comfort that shouldn't bother her.

She pushed herself away from leaning onto the doorway and walked with a clicking sound of her heels towards Baron to wake him up. "Baron, come on. We have a job to do." Which was something he should be used to by now as they had done a couple together in the last couple of weeks. She frowned for a second and put on a second attempt to wake Baron and a third and fourth if necessary. If he finally was awake she would suggest that he would get dressed and she would prepare some food in the kitchen so they could leave soon. With that she turned her heel and walked back towards the kitchen to prepare some food for now not only herself but also for Baron. She took the note that she had gotten from Maxwell Buscon as to where to meet and at which time, her eyes glanced at the clock but they were still on time.



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He growled in his sleep as he heard the clicking of her obnoxiously loud heels come near him. He hated waking up to loud noises and considering this was what? The fourth night they had lived together as partners he was unsure that he wanted to go on any further with all of her annoying clicking. Shame, he hadn’t seen Nameles in a while, she probably could have saved him from this licking torture, but for now all seemed well enough for him to live decently. Lacie often cooked for him, did his laundry and often took care of him well enough for him not to be a fool in the rain any longer. She was a good woman despite actually being partially cold underneath all of the fluff.

He groggily opened his eyes and moaned like a irritated child, “Fiiiiiine,” he got and dragged himself to the bathroom to get ready. After twenty minutes he would be done preparing, leaving the bathroom in a towel with his toothbrush in his mouse and old clothes in hand. He would go to the room she offered him, he didn’t like it honestly it felt small thus he picked the couch. After getting dressed he left hunched over with half lidded eyes. “Ugh, let's get this over with.” he sighed, his clothes were akin to his usual outfit, black jeans, black boots, and a tanktop, on his arms were a pair of black sleeves that covered his elbows. Now he was ready for the day! “Hm, you look hot.... You got a date tonight?”


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Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked up from the bagels that she was making and the coffee that she had just prepared when Baron came into the kitchen. She sighed deeply, "I thought you wanted to earn money. It is not a difficult job. We need to break in, break stuff and leave a message. But we need to meet up with Maxwell to get the graffiti and the details about the address. I made you a bagel?" she held up a plate, "And coffee if you want that." She took a mug herself and took a few steps back to lean against the kitchen island and wondered if there was something else she should stay to him, "How are you doing?" which was a very weird question but at the same time he asked if she had a date and she looked at her outfit, "Not that I know." which was probably some sort of invitation to go and ask her out.

She would just wait till they finished their breakfast to ask if he was ready to leave to meet up with Maxwell and get the details of the job, mainly the address and the gravity, "So kick down the door okay." Maxwell said, totally ignoring Lacie and looking at Baron only, she simply decided that she would either keep to the painting or smash all the glass she could find and other breakable things.



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He growled lowly as she spoke, eyes still tired. He just wanted to sleep, that couch had given him some of the best sleep he ever had the past few days, but here she came ordering him around. Then again… he looked at the bagel she made him and picked up the plate, ugh she was lucky she knew how to toast bread or else he would have left by now. “Ok, sounds easy enough.” he stuffed the bagel in his mouth whole and chewed it just a few times before swallowing it whole like a snake. He rubbed his throat to make it go down fully and looked at her with watery eyes. “I’m doing alright, still sleepy but I have bad news…” he said lowly… “I think I died and went to heaven because an angel woke me up.” he was obviously joking and partially hitting on her, but the job was probably too important for her to catch on.

When they left to meet with Maxwell he and Baron spoke about the job, “Alright, I’ll wreck the place.” he nodded. How hard could that be, that and he could probably steal some clothes if they were in his size.


Deface Property [Baron & Lacie: Quest] MJmwSQc
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#7Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Because Lacie still wasn't good at accepting compliments, having talked herself into the version of being a nothing, she had not noticed it, blushed only and not answered. But they had a job to do and she ushered Baron to go with her and get to listen to Maxwell to hear what they should do. Which was an easy task, she would simply guide the two of them to the house with the address that Maxwell had given them. The man was at work so that made it easy and as soon as they found the house, Lacie would make an inviting gesture to the door, "He said to break it down, so be my guest." because she was sure, even with her healthier body that she couldn't do it. She still wasn't that tough as she wanted to be. She still needed a better body, a healthier one and one that wasn't looking like her twinsister, but there was no time to think about that.

Once inside, she would look around and make a whistling sound, it looked like a luxury house and she couldn't wait to either throw things or paint on the huge back wall of the living room. "Would you rather paint or would you trash things?" she asked and depending on what he would answer, she would either paint Take it to the Max on the wall and throw a vase onto the ground or give the graffiti to Baron and start throwing breakable, glass things on the ground before simply look into the kitchen for a pair of scissors or a knife to kill the couch and the books and so on to make sure it looked like a complete mess in the room with a lot of fluffy feathers around because of the pillows that she would have cut open.

She would bring the scissors back into the kitchen and look in the fridge before she found eggs and brought them back into the room, "Let's throw these at the wall." she said enthusiastic and showing Baron the six eggs. Once the eggs were smashed on the walls, Lacie suggested to go back to Maxwell and report what they had done to get the jewels, "Do you want to go lunch somewhere?" she asked Baron as soon as they were away from Maxwell, why not celebrate?



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He did as he was told, kicking down the door and all. He didn’t have too much interest in little things as the door blew off the hinges and rested still on the ground, splintered with a boot print in the center. There wasn’t much to the place, he watched her go about breaking things, he mostly watched and would kick things over, spilt the coffee table and everything in between it and the kitchen. There wasn’t much to the place other than that fancy painting that she seemed fond of. When she brought the eggs he took a couple and cracked it over his head letting the insides slide into his mouth as he swallowed it whole. It was a bit cold, but delicious none the less as he helped her throw a few more at a wall. By the time they were done the place was a mess and they were ready for payment more or less. Things were just about wrapped up as he flicked over a lamp on the way out of the ruined apartment. He kinda felt bad about doing it, but he wouldn’t show it. There was something he needed to do on the beach, “No thank you, I’m heading to my tent for a while, need to see something…”

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Deface Property [Baron & Lacie: Quest] MJmwSQc
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