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Capital Crocus to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel]

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Capital Crocus to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:14 am

Seira had packed the few things she owned and checked out of the hotel. Espeon was with her; the feline creature followed her every step and when the vampire left the capital, she seemed to be pleased to finally see some woodlands again. Seira had spent some time in Crocus and while she enjoyed being in the capital - mostly due to the variety of shops and job opportunities - she had recently fed on someone and decided that (for the sake of not leaving any traces behind that could lead to her) she would have to leave. She would be traveling to Orchidia Town by foot, which was approximately a day away from her current location.

There, once arrived, she would take the train to Baska Town. Seira didn’t know what to do in Baska just yet, but she knew the village was famous for its flea markets and merchants that sold different kind of things and she was curious to explore. The travel to Orchidia (Seira took a route that led through the forest) went by without problems and she stopped every now and then to rest. Once she and Espeon arrived in Orchidia, she went to an inn to have something to eat and drink first before checking out the train station.

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Capital Crocus to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel] LqKLdpe

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