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Worth Woodsea to Baska (Foot Travel)

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Worth Woodsea to Baska (Foot Travel) Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:03 pm

Christian felt good after that carnival, especially considering he was able to walk away with a total of 3 pumpkin pops. It may of seemed like a pretty small number to some people, but to Christian it was a good amount that he would be content with for quite a while. The next stop on his journey was well, he wasn't quite sure to be perfectly honest. He felt like just wandering around right now. He had been cooped up in Crocus so long that it would be nice to see other places for a change. So, that was what he decided to do as he took out a map and began to look at his options. He wanted to head in a different direction, so he figured he would go west, where his family was. Wait a minute.. his family was in Baska! That was a perfect idea, he would stop in and say hi to his mom while he was in Baska, and maybe do a bit of work for the merchants there. He was sure that he would be able to find a cool sword or two as well when he was there. Perfect, the plan was all set then. Christian rolled up his map and would pack his bags from his tent in Worth Woodsea, preparing to depart so he could go and visit his family.

The first stop on his way were the moutains of Sieghart. These places weren't too bad, but they were pretty tiring as it would require Christian to hike up steep slopes a lot to get where he wanted to go to. He slept in his tent that night. The next stop was another non-town, Oberon forest. So far, Christian's tent had been seeing a lot of use, and that was about to be the case once again tonight. He slept soundly, knowing that he would be in Baska where his family was once he woke up in the morning. Perfect. He cooked himself a nice stew that night too, which was nice. He found that the carrots in Oberon were of high quality, he should take that into note.

The next day, Christian arrived in Baska. Here he was, he would most likely be spending a fair amount of time in this place. It was time for his REAL journey to begin. So far, this had just simply been the mere prologue.


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