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Restless Souls: Afterlife Labryinth

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#1Shin Katari 

Restless Souls: Afterlife Labryinth  Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:49 pm

Shin Katari
It was a rather cold night in Worth Woodsea. There was a gentle breeze that rolled along the trees causing them to sway back and forth. Their leaves fell to the ground only to rest atop the dirt. Among the dense forest was the red-haired mage Shin Katari. The young phantom waltzed along the trees with his hands tucked into the pockets of his blue denim jeans. His companion Gastly followed close behind as the two exited the carnival.

With three pumpkin pops in hand, Shin was unsure as to what their use would be. He decided there was no harm in holding on to them as they made for interesting souvenirs and served as a reminder of his time here in Worth Woodsea. After all, he was unsure if he would ever return to this forest. Walking along the trees and the dirt path, Gastly caught Shin's attention and motioned towards something hidden behind several trees. What Gastly had found was a deserted camp that had been abandoned for what seemed like several years. There were two tents and an old fire place that still had several woods for kindling placed around. Snapping his fingers, Shin set the wood on fire and created a fire for himself and Gastly. He sat atop one of the logs that acted as a seat. Gastly instead chose to float about and roam about the camp as it's curiosity dictated. Taking in the warmth of the fire and listening to the crackling of the wood, there was an odd sound that came from one of the tents. It sounded similar to someone crying. The sound itself was rather faint but because the tent was directly behind Shin, he was able to pick up on it. He was positive there was no around as the tents were tattered and worn out. Getting up from the log, Shin took the hands of his pockets and pulled the tent entrance to the side before taking look inside.

Siting atop the ground with a bright white dress outlined in a faint blue glow was a lady with long black hair. She wore nothing on her feet and and her face buried between her hands as her cry was now loud and clear. Although most would run in fear, Shin could not help but stare. He was more so in awe that what was before him was not something alive but instead a ghost. It was already weird enough there were talking ghosts that were hosts to carnival games but now there was a ghost woman crying in the middle of no where. Before Shin could speak up, the ghostly woman sniffled and looked up to see Shin. She wiped away some of her ghostly tears. "W-What do you want?" she would ask. Closing his eyes and rubbing them with his free hand, Shin made sure he was not dreaming or imagining this due to fatigue. "That won't help," she began with a slight chuckle, "I really am a ghost."

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#2Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Just as Shin thought, he was really talking to someone who had died. Worth Woodsea was proving to be an interesting place. He closed the tent entrance and turned around to the fire. Already waiting for him was the ghostly woman as she sat on the log across from him. She had also now caught Gastly's attention who came over to her and began to roam around her. She simply chose to ignore Gastly as she awaited Shin's next move. "Well, why were you crying?" Shin asked getting right to it. This caused the ghost to look at him with a raised eyebrow. Instead of asking how she died or why he was able to talk to her, he asked a straightforward question.

"This campsite was set up by me and my family three years ago. We came out here on a camping trip and it was supposed to be simple family fun. However, we ended up getting lost and my husband and two daughters got split up. We never were able to find each other and despite all my best efforts of shouting and wandering the forest, I met my demise and I imagine my family did too. I was crying because this is the third anniversary of out trip. I just wish that I could see them once more so I can move on peacefully," she finished as a tear trickled down her cheek. "Well, if I can see you, I should be able to see them too. You wait here and I'll see if I can find them," Shin responded catching her completely by surprise. "W-why would you help a ghost?" Turning around and begining to walk in the opposite direction, he motioned for Gastly to stay behind before responding to the woman. "I got nothing better to do in this damn forest."

Knowing that he was able to speak and see the ghostly woman, he almost positive he would be able to see her husband and daughters if they too were ghosts. There was no reason to believe he would not be able to. Finding them in this forest would be a pain in the ass though. Even with his fire magic, he would be able to light up the path before him but that would only help so much. If he could, he would set the entire forest ablaze but that would not get him anywhere either. Instead, he would have to roam the forest and hope to stumble upon the ghosts. At least this would help pass the time until he needed to return to Oak. So, with a snap of his fingers, a small fire lit up on the tips of his finger lighting up the area around him so he could better traverse the forest. Against the darkness of the forest though, he believed finding a transparent white glowing ghost would be easy enough. He first made his way north of the campsite with the hopes of coming across either the father or one of the daughters.

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#3Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin made his through the trees and came across a tree that had several markings carved into it. These carvings ranged from stick animals to stick people and the one that was most recognizable being a large heart with four letters in the middle of it. Behind the tree was a blueish and white glow that caught Shin's attention. He walked around the tree and startled the little girl before assuring her that he meant no harm. He explained that her mother was waiting for her back at the campsite and that she would have to remain with him until he found her sister and father. Nodding her head, she followed Shin and the two made their way east of their current direction.

Along the way, the little girl remained quiet and kept to herself. It was not until they came across what appeared to be a small cave that she ran towards it. The cave also had several drawing carved into the stone and looking up at these carvings was yet another little girl. She was of the same height as the other and they almost appeared to be twins. The two girls embraced each other with a long hug and the one Shin had found first explained what was going on. The second daughter joined the team and the three now made their west to find the father of the family.

This time around, the journey was a little more lively to say the least. The two sister talking among each other and often laughed and giggled and told various stories. They had been separated for three years (or whatever that equals in ghost years) meaning they had much to catch up on. As the three walking through the forest, there was a faint glow coming from ahead of the trio. Moving forward, Shin noticed a larger ghostly figure that was pacing back and forth as he mumbled to himself. Before he noticed the group, the two girls ran up the ghostly figure and jumped towards him. He ghostly figure grabbed the two daughters and gave them a long hug. Shin explained what was going on and together, the three ghostly figures followed Shin back to the campsite where the mother of the family was awaiting for their arrival along with Gastly. Upon seeing each other, the entire family came into a group hug and tears filled the area. Gastly floated on over to Shin and floated beside him while Shin watched the tearful event unfolding before him. It was touching to say the least but now that he had done his good deed for the day, it was time to head on up to Oak. However, not without a reward it seemed. The mother handed Shin three pumpkin pops and returned to her family who disappeared into the night without so much as a trace. It was interesting to know that the carnival handed pumpkin pops as a reward and for whatever reason, the mother also had pumpkin pops. Maybe there was more to these ghosts and skeletons than he thought.

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