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Crocus to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel]

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Crocus to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:57 pm

It was certainly no secret that Christian was feeling a little bit down today. But that wouldn't let it get to him. He had been looking for some fun things to do lately, and he had discovered an option that would help him do just that for himself. He was going to go to a carnival that everyone was talking about over in Worth Woodsea. After all, who in their right mind could hate carnivals? Well, besides people who hated crowds. That much was kinda understandable, but still. He was super pumped to get to go to the Carnival, and it showed by him packing his bags as quick as he possibly could. Seriously, he was so hyped. It may have been a little forced due to... recent events, but most of it was pretty much 100% sincere, to be honest.

He had to pass by Orchidia on the way there, which wasn't so bad. Orchidia was a cool place, and it had nice views to boot, especially from the bed and breakfast where Christian currently was. He slept soundly that night, knowing he would be able to go to the carnival tomorrow. Thank god for that, he really needed some fun in his life and this was just the perfect thing.

The next afternoon, Christian was so excited he got to Worth Woodsea before it even got dark. Now he would just have to find the carnival and he was set. Hopefully they had good food, too!

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