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Restless Souls:The Final Recipe[Caius]

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 Restless Souls:The Final Recipe[Caius]    Empty Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:11 pm

The spooky holiday was still going strong as Caius would continue exploring the Worth Woodsea to see what all these magic "pumpkin pops" were all about. There was a place in the carnival that you could exchange them for a bunch of prizes and that is what he intended to do. The spooky skeleton men were all like "Yo with these pops we can hook you up and give you items that will make you powerful and they will also increase your strength." Caius was skeptical but at the same time he was able to see that the men at the carnival that got the pops were really strong and powerful. Caius would go and he would explore the Worth Woodsea and would see if he was able to find anyone that would pay him with these power pumpkin pops so he would be able to use them to increase his own skill. Caius would see there would be a blue and glowing man and he had a chef hat on and then he would walk over and he would see that it was a ghost like he did before in the quest that he had where he was a man that would request the pumpkin pops from the family that was separated and killed and he would be the one to reunite them. With the holiday a lot of the ghosts were coming out to play and they would go and request a bunch of favors. T His ghost chef must have been one of them that needed something too.

Caius would walk up to the ghost chef and he would ask what he was so sad about. The spooky chef was pacing back and forth and he was so sad about as he wailed and cried like the woman ghost he was acting like. The chef said he got wrecked by a raptor before he was able to gather all his ingredients for his famous meal that he was going to give to a rich and powerful man that would have changed his life. The real tragedy was not that he didn't get to serve it to him to raise his status but he never got to make it after researching all the ingredients and making his masterpiece. The ghost chef with the chef hat would drop to his knees and would beg Caius to gather them and make all the ingredients for him so he would be able to test the food and see how it would taste. With that he would be able to be at peace and finally rest for the rest of his days and then he would explode into pumpkin pops for him. Caius would seize the moment and would tell the chef ghost he would help him and then he would ask which ones he needed. The chef would then get up and would write in ghost on the ground the ingredients to bring back that were in the Worth Woodsea and he would make the dish for him to test.


Hi I'm Caius

 Restless Souls:The Final Recipe[Caius]    Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:48 pm

Caius would head out into the forest and he would go and he would search for the ingredients that he needed for the for the ghost. The first one the list was a purple mushroom that was in the forest and it was next to the river that was in the middle of the forest of the Worth Woodsea. Caius would make his way there as he would navigate through all the trees and then he would navigate all the brush in the Worth Woodsea so he would make it to the river in the middle of the Worth Woodsea and reach the base of the river. He would search for the mushroom but was coming up short and only found some of the red mushrooms and the blue mushrooms and the yellow mushrooms. Caius would then walk along the river and would see a giant rock. At the base of the giant rock was some of the purple mushrooms that the ghost requested. Caius would go and he would pick a few of them and toss them in his bag.

The next piece of food was the bladder of a rabbit. They weren't too hard to find as the place was littered with them. He would sit in a opening where there was a bunch of tall grass. After waiting for a few minutes he would go and he would see a rabbit pop up. He then would make his move as it nibbled the grass and would straight up curb stomp the bunny causing it to explode like a water balloon. Luckily the bladder was intact. He didn't know why he needed such a weird part but it was the ghost last wish. Now it was time for the last part. Raptor meat.

The raptor was what killed the chef in the first place so Caius would have to play it safe. He would go to the part on the map where the Raptors were mostly located and would wait for one. He saw some stupid deer eating grass and then a raptor straight up pounced on him and started to chew on it. While it was diestracted, Caius would run up and throw and elbow down on the raptors head at the temple causing it to collapse. While it was down he threw a stomp on the neck to crush it and it was toast. He would toss the raptor on his back and then carry it to the ghost chef who luckily was nearby. The raptor was heavy as shit. Caius would then go and he would toss the ingredients down on the floor and the chef would be happy. He used some ghost magic to whip up some stew lightning quick and would give it to Caius to taste. Caius would taste it and see that it was pretty decent but not amazing. The chef wanted to know how it was and Caius gave him the thumbs up. The chef that was a ghost was happy and exploded into pumpkin pops after being at peace.


Hi I'm Caius

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