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Crocus To Hargeon Town [Foot Travel]

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#1Mei Mei 

Crocus To Hargeon Town [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:32 am

Mei Mei
The travel to Hargeon Town was going to be a long and boring one, but Mei was prepared! She had a whole bag of snacks and also music to help her through that torture. Since she was staying at an inn, she got the innkeeper to get her a private carriage because she did not feel like sitting through such a long ride with someone else staring at her snack through her collection and sing loudly. Those private carriages were fancy too with nice curtains and things like that that made her feel fancy. She needed to treat herself once in a while. Plus she had the money for it at the time being. Dolla dolla bills, y’all.

“Your carriage is here,” said the innkeeper with a smile. Mei grinned widely, picking up her belongings in a bag and getting up from her seat. The innkeeper seemed to like her, like as a person. Mei actually liked him too. They had short conversations whenever she came back after spending her day out in the city. This was one of the middle tier inns in Crocus or something, according to what she was told. If she came to Crocus again, she would not waste time looking for another place to say. She would come right here.

“Thank you, sir,” she said with a smile and turned towards the double doors. I wasn’t lying when I mentioned that this inn was pretty fancy. It had the cool double doors and stuff that made it look pretty sparkly. Mei pulled the strap of her bag higher and walked through said double doors. The feeling of the winter breeze literally slicing through your baby skin was...something. The Lamia shuddered a bit, then hurried towards the carriage that sat on the asphalt just outside the inn. It looked fancy enough to seem as though it was made to match the inn’s style. “Hargeon, yes?” she asked to make sure, peeping through the tiny window.

With a nod, the carriage driver started the journey, not even bothering to wait for anything Mei had to say. Not that she was going to saying anymore than give him a nod as well. Soon she had opened up her first bag of snacks. She had closed all the windows except for the small ones in the front and the back so that she could breathe. She turned up her music rather loudly. It did not seem to bother the carriage driver, so that was good. After a while on the carriage, they came to a bumpy road. She held onto the bigger bag that held all her snack bags, gripping the opening tightly. The carriage driver was merciless. He never stopped for a bump and went full speed. It meant that she would get there faster but sometimes she felt like she was going to die. A few times her butt actually lifted off the seat and that made her squeal in shock. But that was the worse it got and by midday she had already arrived at Hargeon.


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