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I won't Leave You Too (Travel) [WWS > Oak] (命)

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

I won't Leave You Too (Travel) [WWS > Oak] (命) Empty Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:11 am

Chisu Lau Manji


She lay there, her eyes closed, but her own aura fragile and weak. Her god had awakened her as she felt the change in the room. It was a matter of time before something would happen, but Chi would obey her given orders without question. With a soft inhale, she could hear the scratching of a note and a pen or something. Whatever it was, Chi wanted to be a part of it, even if it meant self sacrifice.

She could smell the rush and the excitement. Whatever he was doing, he wanted to do it without Chi. That was something she would accept, but because he wanted to go alone, was not something she would easily go along with.

She would softly trace the shadow of his hand as he left a note. it was nice to know he cared enough to not leave her in complete mystery. She could see his shadow creep with few items with him. Chi, herself, had nothing more than two dresses, one of which was trashed and torn. With that, her case that carried her relic, something that was already in her arms.

As he left the room and shut the door quietly, a smile ran upon her face. Chi reached out and grabbed the note.

‘Going to Oak, I have some things to take care of. This is not goodbye but see ya soon.’

Fitting. It must have been part of his unspoken journey. Chi would have to come to terms with whatever it was. But whatever evil he had gotten himself into, be it by choice or misfortune, Chi was ready to carry the burden.

She got up, and grabbed the first backpack she saw. She would grab a handful of what was left in the room. She wasn't sure if what she took was leftovers or Shura's belongings, but it was something she would find out later.

She would leave the room and shut the door behind her. Making her way down the stairs careful to nor wake any other tenants was more enjoyable than she would believe. As she neared the base, from a window she saw him begin to walk away. It was daybreak and wherever he needed to go do in Oak, was going to get done.

But she would ease his pain. She would help him with his mission. It didn't matter if he was a crusader of light, or a beacon to evil and darkness. It wasn't important if he was the kindest prince or the most tyrannical psychopathic murderer. She wanted to be a single entity to make life simple. It was the only thing that gave her direction or reason in this world. He was the only one to help her, and she would help him in return.

And she would light another shrine. For it would be what would light her way. She would be her master's sword, and she would dawn whatever title and mask he needed. She would serve silently and righteously.

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