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HARGEON - NOBLE RECONSTRUCTION [Elena/Solo] Empty Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:58 pm

Elena's alarm clock had awoken her before the irritating sunlight could have the chance to penetrate her delicate eyes, prone to weakness of the strong sun's rays. She sighed, she had quite a day ahead of her, which is primarily the reason she had decided to have set an alarm clock to wake her up early in the morning before the sun could even have the chance to rise above the mountain high in the dawning sky. She awoke with a huge yawn, and fell back onto her bed. She stuffed the pillow in her face and rolled around in her comfy, queen sized bed. Her figure was small, she did not necessarily require that much space to have a good night's worth of sleep, but the bigger the bed, the better it is! After brushing her teeth and combing her hair, she had chose a cute outfit of the day. Her outfit consisted of something really simple, a pale pink sweater, and a sparkling grey skirt. She also wrapped a baby blue scarf around her neck, as it was fall and the weather slowly turned colder. She leaned her neck forward to peer slightly into the window, to see that leaves of tri color, red, orange and yellow had fallen onto the floor, while the wind blew some into the air beautifully. She stared memorized at this beautiful autumn scenery, everything was beautiful. And as a strong, monstrous creature of the night - a vampyre now, she will be able to witness this splendid autumn scenery over and over again. She will never wilt like the flowers, and fall sadly onto the floor like leaves from the tree adapting to the new season thankfully.

Elena had decided on to buy some groceries after finishing some delicious breakfast, as her food supply was starting to run low, and she needed to restock them. It wasn't because she needed to rely on food for nutrition and energy, because after her transition from a weak human being to a strong vampire, she no longer had to recharge her body with food. Most vampyres rely solely on blood as their only food source. However, Elena still enjoyed the humanly activity of having breakfast in the morning, it reminded her of her humanity. For breakfast today Elena decided on something simple again. Just two fried eggs because as said before, she was running low on groceries and all she had stored in her small fridge was too eggs. When the kettle was finished boiling, it released a loud whistle which scared Elena a bit. She quickly turned off the stove and poured the boiling water into the mug. She only had tea bags left, so she need to re stock on her tea leaves as well. She preferred tea leaves a lot more than the very convenient tea bags. It tasted a lot better when tea was brewed carefully in professionally selected tea leaves. She grabbed a fork from her kitchen drawer, and slammed it shut. She finally sat down and digged into her sunny side up eggs. After she was done eating her delicious eggs she took a few sips of her tea made from cheap tea bags. She got up and was ready to go do her grocery shopping for food.

She skipped her way from the Hargeon centre, eventually making it to the farmer's market. She started to grab a huge box of strawberries, as the sweet juice of strawberries some what resembled blood. The other strangers shopping in the farmer's market were shocked to see the sight. A petite girl with a fragile build, and short in height, easily carrying multiple boxes of huge strawberries without shivering, especially since she was also wearing heels. She also bought some tomatoes, it wasn't her favorite food, but it also resembled fresh blood. She grabbed a carton of cranberry juice on the top shelf by tip toeing. She then went to buy her normal daily groceries, such as ham, eggs, milk and other delicious house hold items. As she was bout to go to the clerk and check out her items and pay, she saw a packs of chocolate for sale, and grabbed it immediately happily. She loaded the items on to the counter and smiled at the cashier who scanned her items, and then bagged her items. She grabbed them all by herself easily, shocking the cashier and tossed a bag of jewels on to the counter. "Keep the change," she smiled at the lady who was working at the cash register. Elena went home to unload her items and changed into her quest clothes, which were more comfortable and convenient to do action in. She left her house when she was done unpacking and put the items into the house correctly.

Elena went to the quest board to pick up another request from the board, what special missions will be here for me today? She thought to herself and looked around the board. She saw that a client called Seign Valystasia is looking for people to help out in rebuilding some of the parts of Hargeon that are in dire need of repairs. She never had build stuff before, she thought it would be fun, perhaps even similar to solving a puzzle which she actually loves herself. It was very simple, just to assist Reign Valystasia by donating her time towards the reconstruction effort in Hargeon, and Elena would be awarded!

Elena searched throughout the streets for some of the reconstruction being done. She shortly came across Reign Valystasia hard at work. After speaking with him, he had ask Elena to contribute in whatever manner she would like, construction, assisting in going back and forth from location to location to carry items, or any other method to reconstruct these parts of the dock. Elena did as she was told and at the end of the day she was finally rewarded. It was all very hard work, however she had a lot of fun as well actually, learning about how construction actually worked. She was rewarded and went home to have some really good rest.

End of Quest


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