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Worth WoodSea to Baska [Foot Travel][Lore]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Worth WoodSea to Baska [Foot Travel][Lore] Empty Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:37 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was done with the carnival and had only won a couple of pumpkin points which was a bit disappointing but he was okay with it. He still had helped a lot of ghosts to pass on to the afterlife so that they could live in eternal happiness. He was happy about that but he was still feeling really painful. His god was still hurting and he didn’t know why.

He suddenly saw a spirit of a deer walking in front of him as he was traveling the forest to Baska. It was staring at him and then started to run away. The deer had a special feeling over him that he had to follow it to somewhere. Chelvaric wanted to resist as he didn’t know if it was good or not but he couldn’t do it, he was pushed to follow it and that’s what he eventually did.

After an hour or two he would suddenly be let through a small tunnel, Elisa sprinted ahead of him and came out on the other side quite fast, Chelvaric went on his knees and elbows and traveled through the tunnel when he came out on the other side he found himself surrounded by straight rock walls on all sides like it was cut by humans, the ground was covered with grass and flowers and in the middle of all this was a gigantic tree with in front of it a smaller tree. But Chelvaric was wrong that it was a tree as it suddenly started motioning over. He couldn’t resist again and his feet walked him to the dryad spirit. She had a dress of grass around her and branches sticking out of her back while her hair was green and she was holding a bow.

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Hello Chelvaric, I have followed you for a while now, your efforts of protecting the forests haven’t gone unnoticed. But that’s not why I called you for, your god was captured by the demon dogs his magic over you will soon fade. If you want to save him agree to serve me, ill give you a new body and make you mine. Defeat my enemies for me and I shall grant you your wish of freeing your god. Step into the tree if you apply with these terms.

the tyrant said to him without telling her name and the tree split in two revealing a gap, he stepped forward without thinking and when he stepped inside the tree it would close behind him.

Worth WoodSea to Baska [Foot Travel][Lore] HVEbuMl

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