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HARGEON - TEMPORARY AQUARIST [Elena/Solo] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:42 pm

Elena didn't make her own breakfast for once this time, as she usually did. She had always made her own breakfast out of custom, and because of financial reasons. However, now that she had started to receive and complete more requests from clients, she had more jewels that she could afford to spend on. She went to a local cafe, and had some delicious brunch there.

"Table for one please," She smiled at the waiter who nodded at her, and lead her to a two people's seat in the corner near the bathroom. She didn't mind sitting near the bathroom, in fact, she was glad that she had a seat in the corner. Less awkward social interactions that she would be forced into.

"Can I get anything for you to drink, to start you off, honey?" The waiter smiled at her however her voice was quivering. Either I look messed up, or she is new here, Elena giggled internally before smiling at the waiter.

"Yes, a cup of white chocolate mocha, would be lovely, please and thank you!" Elena gave the waiter an assuring look, she didn't want the waiter to be too anxious. Perhaps it was her first job?

"Alright! One hot cup of white chocolate mocha coming right up!" The waiter scribbled some words down on her note pad, and quickly returned back to the kitchen.

Elena sighed and looked out the window from quite some distance. Thanks to her vampiric eyes, she had better vision than before. When her focus returned back to the resteraunt, she carefully studied the surrounding customers around her. There was an old man, a mother and her child. This Cafe is not exactly popular, but the food is cheap and edible. Only locals would know this heart warming cafe.

"H-here is, is your coffee!" The waiter tripped and accidentally spilled the coffee on my table, and as a result dripped onto my skirt. I screamed at the hot coffee that burned me slightly, and other waiters rushed out, bringing me ice and wiping down my skirt.

"I'm so, so, so sorry! I am extremely sorry! It is all my fault, I deserve to die!" The waiter wailed dramatically, she was not the one that get burned, and I am not even crying, what a wimp, Elena rolled her eyes before continuing. "It is okay, we all make mistakes. Try to not be as nervous!" Elena smiled pretentiously.

"Oh, my god! You are the best customer ever! You are super kind, you are literally an angel!" The customer said happily with relief. Little did she know, being a vampire, I was quite the opposite,
Elena giggled at her compliment.

After they helped Elena wipe down the coffee stains, a new hot white cholacholate mocha was brought to her. She sipped the hot coffee and crossed her legs. Before she knew it, a plate of delicious sauage, eggs, and pancakes was brought before her.

"It's on the house," a older waiter winked at her. "Thank you so much!," Elena smiled at her.

Without further ado, Elena dug into her breakfast. She poured a lot of maple syrup onto her pancakes, and spreaded some butter on them. The coffee was not sweet enough to her tasting standards, so she added a few extra scoops of sugar to make the coffee a lot sweeter. She giggled at the sweetness of the coffee after taking a small sip. I am so getting fat! She beamed with glee.

After finishing her big brunch meal, she decided to head home first before going to receive requests from clients. She didn't want to seem unproffesional with a coffee stain on her skirt. It would seem childish, and extremely embarassing. However instead of changing first thing when she got home, she plopped her body onto her soft, bed with silk sheets layered on the very top. She was extremely exhausted, doing activity in the morning. But she forced herself to separate from her sweet bed that she would want to stay in forever, and changed her clothes. She gently took off her clothes and kicked them to the side as they dropped to the floor. She looked in the mirror, and saw nothing, because she was a vampire. This is stupid, I can not even check my outfit of the day out, she huffed at her non existant reflection. She was wearing a simple, classic, little black dress, with a white peter pan collar. She grabbed her black velvet choker from her bed stand and clasped it around her skinny neck. She also changed her earrings, might as well look good if you are doing something so boring. She grabbed her satchel and slammed her door shut. Ready for her adventure.

She skipped happily until she made it to her destination, the board full of requests from various clients. She had saw her dear friend, Raina Burke had requested some help again, to which she immediately accepted the request without the slightest hesiation. Raina is a highly trained marine biologist that Elena had become friends with and bonded deeply with because of their mutual interest in preserving wild life, specfically aqua life for Raina however. Elena met with her client, and she discussed with Elena what she would be doing today. Apparently, since Elena proved to be trustworthy with water testing, Raina would like it if Elena could watch over the various aquatic creatures in the aquarium at her lab while she goes on an expedition. Elena's give task was easy, it was simply to feed the animals and just make sure that nothing goes wrong in general at the lab.

Elena eventually started basically to do what Raina Burke did on a daily basis, to be frankly honest she thought it was quite boring, and glad that she was a mage instead of a plain marine biologist. Elena did what she was told by carefully taking notes regarding the activities of the fish, and when Elena was finished with reporting the notes of the fish, she started to do her second instructed procedure. She gently dumped some fish food into the tanks, and the fish all gathered at the top, fighting for the food. When Raina finally returned, elena reported back to her a detailed log of what has occured during her absence. Raina was extremely satisfied with Elena's work and rewarded her!



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