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HARGEON - FEED THE FISH [Elena/Solo] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:37 pm

The louse noise of laughter awoke Elena from her deep slumber. She looked out her window, and realized it was only a group of rebellious teenagers blasting music through their portable speakers. She snorted at the teenagers dancing frenziedly at the treacherous beat. She would of sued them for disturbing her sleep quality, however it was only twelve in the noon. Normal people would still be awake and doing activities as of now, however as a Vampyre, Elena is still slowly trying to adjust her sleep schedule. She was always more of a night owl, so I didn't help now that she was a vampyre. Elena had try to fall back into sleep, however since she was disturbed earlier, she could not fall back to sleep.

She decided to wake up, and to prepare some breakfast. As a vampyre, she did not require food in her system to survive, she depended solely on blood as her food source. However, she was accustomed to human practices, so she continued to do so. She striked the egg gently against the side of the pan, before separating the two shells and letting the fluid drip into the frying pan, creating a sizzling sound from making contact with the oil. She quickly cut the crusts of the bread, and shoved the bread into the toaster. The high pitched screeching of the kettle signalled that it was boiled properly, and ready to be served as tea. She quickly grabbed a beautiful china set, and her favourite teapot. She put two scoops of tea leaves into the tea pot, and poured the steaming water in the tea pot. The aroma caused the vampyre to relax and inhale the charming scent. She gently opened the fridge and put the freshly made strawberry jam onto the counter. Then she proceeded to remove the eggs from the pan with the help of a wooden frying spatula, and gently placed it on a pink plate. She put the wooden frying spatula, and the frying pan into the sink, and switched open the tap for while, briefly rinsing them and then turned it off. With a "ding", the toast was ready to be buttered and served. She carefully took the toast out of the toaster, trying to not accidentally burn herself. She pushed her weight on the cap of the jam's container, twisting it open, she took a butter knife and started to spread the sweet strawberry jam on the toast. She closed the lid and returned the jam back into the fridge, then slammed the fridge door close with her left foot. She sat down and slowed poured the tea into the small china cup with great precision. She took a big bite into the strawberry jam toast, and munched on it happily with joy. The strawberry jam resembled blood slightly, and it helped her sustain her cravings for blood. She had also heard of the fact that alcholic drinks could also help supress the cravings, however she has never drank before, and had no interest in starting to drink any time sooner. She took a sip of the now lukewarm tea, and inhaled the scent of the sweet damask roses. Damask rose tea, was her favorite tea. She loved roses in all forms, whether in tea, as a flower of even as an accessory. After done with her lovely breakfast, she washed the dishes with soap and after wiping them down, she placed them gently back in the cupboard. She still had a lot of time on her hands, so she decided to take care of her garden.

After about half an hour, she was done with picking the weeds from her garden. Her roses were beautiful, and smelled like heaven. She had once preferred pink roses more than red, however after her transition from a human to a vampire, she had preffered the dark, crimson color more than the feminime, lighter shade. She gently plucked a rose, carefully to not prick herself, and inhaled it's sweet, natural fragrance. A soccer ball gently rolled into her garden from under her fences. She looked up to see a boy not far away running towards her direction. He must be here to retrieve the ball, Elena smirked and smiled at the youth.

"Your garden of roses is very beautiful miss," the boy smiled with glee at Elena.

"Why, thank you! Would you like one for your mother?" Elena bent down, and reached her hand with a rose forward, signalling the boy to take it away from her.

"Thank you!" The boy took his ball and the rose and quickly exited the scenery.

Elena sniffed at the air, the boy must of accidentally scraped his knees while playing soccer. Her nose has become especially sensitive to the scent of blood, after becoming a monstrous creature of the night - a vampire.

She slowly walked to the request board, and accepted a mission from a client that she has helped not too long ago. The client she would be cooperating with today, would be Raina Burke, a certified professional biologist who cares deeply for the life of all marine animals. Elena had become friends with Raina Burke, because of their similarities in terms of their belief in preserving wild, natural life. She was excited to help her again, last time she helped her collect and test water samples from her lab. It was because her usual lab partner was absent, as she was sick and called in to stay at home an have a sick day. Elena met Raina at her warehouse, where she was requested to meet with her client today, on the request sheet. Reina and Elena gathered a box of fish food, and Raina drove them to the shore on her truck. Elena helped Raina unload her canal and fish feeding supplies. After a heavy push, the canal started floating, and Elena helped Raina row to somewhere closer to the centre of the ocean. Elena started to open the fish food, and poured some gently onto the surface, Raina did the same thing. Soon enough, little fishies start to gather around their boat, to eat their delicious fish food that Raina had prepared for them. After they finished feeding the fish, Elena was rewarded and went home to sleep.


HARGEON - FEED THE FISH [Elena/Solo] Giphy

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