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One Last Journey [Worth Woodsea -> Dahlia]

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#1Odin † 

One Last Journey [Worth Woodsea -> Dahlia] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:58 am

Odin †

The carnival had ended for Odin, with the dark mage having only actually won four out of the ten games that he had participated in. It wasn't too bad, considering it was four more than he could've have won. It had nabbed him four more pumpkin pops for effectively no cost to his being, and by considering it that way it didn't seem like as much of an issue as it was. The olive haired mage now had a grand total of ten pumpkin pops, a respectable count, despite the fact he had no others to compare to. That gave him the idea to travel around Fiore once more, for the first time it was not for missions or money, but for personal reasons. If everyone heard about this carnival, and everyone was helping the deceased find peace, then there would be many people all throughout Fiore who had completed these tasks, and had gained pumpkin pops. This gave Odin the opportunity to do what he was born to do: cause chaos. Lucifer, who had stayed quiet during their time in the Woodsea carnival, was a demon prince after all: it was as much his duty as it was Odin's as a dark mage to cause panic and spread fear throughout Fiore.

From this, Odin could tick two boxes on his wish list, as he made his way out of the Woodsea towards Dahlia town. Spreading fear and panic, as well as potentially nabbing himself some pumpkin pops, was one thing that the dark mage wanted to do -mostly because he was still curious as to what the strange currency could buy him- but his choice of destination: Dahlia, was for a completely different reason. Back in Hargeon, just before the dark mage had left the area to head to the Woodsea, he had met with some of the remaining guild members in Grimoire Heart: Yumi and a girl who had introduced herself as Pandora. Yumi, an old woman in a seemingly immortal and young body, had mentioned that she was planning her own trip to Dahlia town, as she had heard much about the place, which intrigued Odin greatly, as he held much respect for his elder member, despite how bratty she could often be in her new body. Odin had heard stories of Dahlia, mostly rumours that the place was occupied by four warring factions, and two different wars. Depending on who you asked, there was the church and a group of cultists who were always at odds, but no official battles had ever occurred so far. However, if you asked more magically inclined civilians, they would tell of another war that was constantly taking place in Dahlia.

It seemed that Dahlia was the site of a terrible war between the lycans, commonly referred to as werewolves in folklore, and the vampires of the world, with only the strongest surviving. The vampires and lycans that could be found outwith Dahlia were apparently nothing like the one's found within, a fact that greatly intrigued Odin. Yumi had mentioned travelling to Dahlia in the hopes of proving that both races were inferior to her own demonic one, and Odin was inclined to aid her, and prove to the vampires and lycans that they were nothing before the presence of a demon prince. After all, just as Odin had told his guild mate, Yumi was an artificially created demon. Lucifer, on the other hand, was a purely demonic figure who held mastery over the element of fire.

As so, as the dark mage entered Dahlia, he prepared himself for what was to come.


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