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Woodsea to Dahlia [Foot Travel]

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Woodsea to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:53 am

The games were over, and Yasuki had already helped one ghost which was still strange to her. She still had no idea if she lost consciousness while the ghost channeled to her so that he could taste his recipe or not. But alas that was in the past and here she was again packing up to explore even more greater places. She looked towards Nami, her Vaporeon, and said "Feeling rested? Ready to head out and see what the other places have in store for us for Halloween?" Looking towards the road she remembered hearing a crowd say something about further things going on in Dahlia. Still new to the land overall, she didn't know what to expect in the new town but she knew that if anything was there she would be able to find her sister there. After all it was her that brought Yasuki here for this event. Yasuki was excited to potentially meet with Arisa again, each time the two of them met it wasn't a long meeting before Arisa ran off again. "Always busy, always on the move.

Before long, Yasuki started to day dream on her walk to her next destination. She was quite unsure of how long it'd take her to get there but she wasn't afraid. More so she wasn't afraid because she had her Vaporeon by her side. Never again will Yasuki feel alone because she knew that Nami would always be right there beside her. She believes that companions choose their owners and is relieved that one such as hers chose her, and at the perfect time at that. Yasuki began to think of her past and how she got to this country. The Country of Sin seemed so far away, and even that who would've thought that she could've met her sister so far from her country. Rather it be destiny or just a strange coincidence, no one would ever know. Thinking about her past gave Yasuki a strange feeling that she didn't like too much. Right away she tried to think of some happy thought, maybe she could think of the times where she met the two people she met in this country besides her sister. Or think back to a recent time and how her new companion, Nami, met another companion and how the two of them were splashing on the beach while Yasuki and her new friend, Atlas, were talking. The words that Atlas gave her would always stick with her about finding her own strength and conquering her fears. She hopes that one day she could meet him again, and other members of her guild too - this being because not only did she find out her sister was in Lamia Scale but also the new friend she met, Atlas.

Continuing on her walk she didn't know how far she had already walked, nor did she know how far she still had yet to travel. But she was hoping she'd be there before sun down. After all, it'd be easier to find her sister in the day light then it would be in the night, that is if her sister was even in this town that Yasuki was traveling to. Beside her Nami was trotting along seeming to be happy to spend some time with Yasuki. "My, I mean I've seen companions before but you just seem to be getting closer and closer to me. I'm impressed." Yasuki would comment as she looked down to Nami. She wasn't really sure about how to form a close bond with a companion, but at the same time it was easier than forming a bond with people for Yasuki. Not long after did Yasuki see a sign that read 'Dahlia.' "Well, this must be the place. Let's see if Arisa is here." she would say as she entered the town.


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