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Restless Souls: The Final Recipe [Yasuki]

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Restless Souls: The Final Recipe [Yasuki] Empty Tue 24 Oct 2017, 02:27

After being pretty successful in the carnival games that she played, Yasuki kept on wondering if there was more to this event. She had already been able to gather six pumpkin pops from the games and didn't know exactly what she could do with the delicious sweets. She wasn't going to worry much about it though as that'd be a thing for her to check about later. With her Vaporeon by her side, she knew that it was about time for her to call it a night and try to sleep somewhere, anywhere. Yasuki looked towards Vaporeon and then took in a deep yawn. "I guess we should find somewhere to rest up, eh? Those games sure gave us a run for our energy." she said. Yasuki knew that her companion understood her because each time she talked it would just look up with an energetic look. "You know something... I haven't gotten around to naming you yet. How about...." the red eyed girl would think while she looked in the distance. As she was thinking of a name for her Vaporeon, in the distance behind some trees she could see a ghostly figure of a man that seemed to have lost something. "Ah-ha! How about Nami?" Yasuki said in a excited tone. Afterwards she could see the ghostly figure start approaching, she wasn't far from the carnival so it was possible for her to turn back and go into the crowd of people. But Yasuki wasn't afraid, she knows her motto that she wants to help people by any means necessary and that means human or ghostly. 'But what possibly could a ghost need help with...?' Yasuki would think to herself. However it seemed like the name Nami stuck well with her Vaporeon as when she looked down Nami would be trotting around happily.

"Erm... Hello.. Wh-Who are you?" Yasuki asked the ghostly figure as it was approaching them. She still didn't know what to think, and by now it seemed like Nami had seen the figure as well. "Uhm... My name is Yasuki, and this is my companion Nami - we'll be happy to help you with whatever you need... If you need it." she would say to introduce herself letting the figure know that she's more than happy to help it with whatever a ghost needs help with. Slowly she would take small steps towards it as to not scare the figure off, who knows it may not even know that she's there or something. Though she still didn't know how to react and it seemed like this ghost wasn't really paying any attention to the girl and her companion, she stopped and slowly took a few steps backwards then started whispering to Nami. "What do you think we should do, should we try to catch the attention of it...?" Yasuki would ask towards her companion in a hushed tone. Yasuki kept on looking towards her Vaporeon, though she never really got  clear answer just saw that every now and then Nami would hide her face as if she was scared of the figure. "Now, now it's okay. I'm sure we can just see it because of being near Halloween and all. Or at least, I hope that's the reason." Yasuki mentioned as she reached down to pet Nami to comfort the distressed companion.


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During this time, Yasuki knew what she had to do. She had to show that she was strong especially when it seemed like her Vaporeon, Nami, was scared. After she gathered her composure, she took steps towards the ghost and in a gentle, yet noticeable tone she would look towards the ghostly figure as she spoke "Hello. Have you heard me? Who are you? Do you need help with something?" Suddenly the ghost looked straight into the red ruby-like eyes of the girl, "Y-Yo-You mean, you can see me? Why is that you think?" said the ghost surprised that the girl could actually see him. "Well, I honestly don't have the answer for that... But yes I can, do you need help with something. You look lost." Yasuki was quite good at helping others, though she never really helped a ghost before. She would look towards the ghost and wait for a response. "Well you see, I've died over 20 years ago and I'm actually a chef. During my time as a chef there was one recipe that I never got to make, I call it the ultimate recipe." the ghost responded. Yasuki took time to think about what she would do next and then she remembered the words that one of her most recently made friend said which was to conquer fears and she would get stronger. "If you need help with something, just ask. I'll be happy to help. Do you need any help with the recipe?" she would approach closer and ask the ghost once more. "Actually I do need help with something.... I'd like to make this recipe. I need help looking for the ingredients and cooking it, you can help me!" the ghost explained excitedly.

This had got to be one of the crazier ideas that Yasuki has ever had. 'I wonder if my sister ever helped a ghost...' she would think. "Well, I mean if that's what you want. It shall be done, what do you need?" It was pretty late in the night, but she had already promised to help the ghost and she did not want anything to haunt her if she backed out now. With how late it was it just gave Yasuki the chance to be sure not to waste any time. The ghost would list off the things he needed and Yasuki would complete all the tasks for him, which included making a fire in the woods so they could cook. "Ah-ha-ha. Fantastic!" the ghost exclaimed. Yasuki would begin to wonder if this is the recipe, she could definitely smell something good and could only imagine what it'd taste like. Nervous about what will happen while the ghost channeled into her to taste his last meal she looked towards the figure to say, "Well I suppose the only thing now is for you to have a taste.. Ready when you are." Yasuki didn't know what to expect, she didn't know if she'd lose consciousness while he used her body or what but alas she took a breath in while the ghost prepared himself to channel inside of her body. It was over before she knew it and the ghost seemed mighty happy, he thanked her and then Yasuki and her newly named companion, Nami, went on her way to find a place to sleep for the night before making further plans for the next day rather that be staying in Woodsea or travel elsewhere.


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