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Restless Souls:Afterlife Labyrinth[Caius]

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Restless Souls:Afterlife Labyrinth[Caius] Empty Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:40 pm

It was only a rumor that Caius heard while he was in the spooky town of Dahila. Apparently in the Worth Woodsea there were stories of a family that was very close and they were very nice to everyone around them. One day, they would go into the woods and then they would try to head up north so they would go and make a delivery for the family business. However, the Worth Woodsea is a vast area with a bunch of trees and it also has a bunch of bushes and it also has a bunch of streams running through it and it also has a bunch of dangerous creatures. The family would then walk off the path and once they were off the path they started to get separated because there was no markers. It was a stormy night where the lightning was striking and it was striking like loudspeakers and it was so loud that the family would not be able to hear each other scream their names to find each other. The night at the Worth Woodsea would take them as they wandered lost and then they would either starve because they ran out of food or some were granted a quick death by the beasts that were in the Worth Woodsea. Caius thought the family deserved it for being idiots and forced off the path. They should have just stopped and made camp there. Normally this story wouldn't interest him but he had been given a request.

It was Hallows End in Fiore and that made a bunch of strange things happen all around the world in the country. Caius was just at a festival that was run by a bunch of skeleton men for example that gave out these pumpkin pops for huge rewards. The world of magic was truley a strange place. Caius was training outside the Worth Woodsea so he would have some open field to use his magic. After a few hours of doing the training outside in the field of the Worth Woodsea he would head back to the forest part of the Worth Woodsea so he would get back to the camp he set up. He had been there a while so by now he knew the lay of the land for the area that he was in and knew how to dodge the animals and be safe if there was a storm. Caius would then head back to the camp when he would hear a voice call out. A glow would show up in the air and a shape of a woman would pop up. She was glowing like a night light and you would be able to see through her like she was clear as crystal. Could this be another one of the hallows end anomalies. Caius tried to throw a rock at her to test it out but it went through. Caius waited and the ghost would start to explain itself. It was the mother of the lost children and family and she had a job.


Hi I'm Caius

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Caius now had the task of finding the rest of the family that was trapped in the woods. THe ghost promised a reward if he did it and it would be in the holiday spirits. Caius decided he had nothing better to do in the forest jungle so he would go and then he would head out to reunite the ghosts. This way he would get his reward. .He would head into the jungle and start to look for the ghosts of the family that were easy to find. They were like the mama ghost and she was blue and she lit up light a christmas tree so he would just have to look for the blue light and then once he found that he would round them up and then he would return them back to the mama ghost. Caius headed into the middle of the forest where he would go and head to the stream and follow that cause there were not many trees that got in his way there. IT was dark as hell but he had a flashlight on his side. He got thirsty from taking forever to walk so he would go and he then would get some water in his hands and he would drink it to refresh himself.

As he headed past the trees and would go down the river he would see that a dark blue glow would shin in the dsintace near a waterfall. He would walk towards it and see that there was a little tiny ass ghost that looked like a little girl. Caius would wlak up and then he woudl squat down and then he would ask the little girl if she was looking for her parents. She said that she was lost and she needed her parents and would run to Caius but go through him cause you know she was a ghost. Caius said to follow him and he would find the rest of the family. She said she was chased by a large cat so Caius wondered if she died by a tiger or something. RIght on queue this tony the tiger would jump out at Caius and the little girl who was a bitch and would hide behind him. The tiger would unleash a roar and then would start to charge at Caius. Caius would be cool and then he would cock his right fist back and then he woudl wait for the tiger to pounce at him and then he would lift his fist up with all his strength and then he would punch it right in the nose. The tiger would fall over and start screeching before it ran away and would head into the darkness of the jungle. Caius would then tell the little ghost chick it was ok and they would have to search and they would find the father and then they would find the other daughter. The quest continued as the two of them went deeper in the woods to find the rest of the ghost family.


Hi I'm Caius

Restless Souls:Afterlife Labyrinth[Caius] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:40 pm

Now that he had gotten one of the daughters he would just have to find the husband and then he would have to find the other daughter that were Ghosts. Caius would search and he would see that the little girl would say the last time she saw the sister. Caius would let her lead the way that she said and she would try to grab his hand as they would walk together but she was a ghost so the hand went through. They would continue south and then they would head to the middle of the forest just past the creek and then they would see a blue light that was in the middle of the forest. It looked like the little girl ghost led to her young sister that was glowing blue and was at an anthill and couldn't move cause she was scared of bugs. Caius would walk up and then he would stomp the anthill in the forest and then would go and tell the little girl that her family was safe and he would guide them. The little girls would reunite and then they would hug and they would say they were so scared. The sisters would then lead them over to the last place they saw their dad. They would hold hands and then they would go and they would lead him to the outside of Worth Woodsea.

AFter walking with the 2 girls, they would reach the opposite end of the worth woodsea. Caius would see that the dad was glowing and sitting on a rock in his ghost form. Caius would walk up and he would see that he needed some good news. Caius would lead the daughters over and they would scream when they saw their dad. The dad was crying and said he was sorry over and over in his ghost form to the two little ghost girls and Caius would just roll his eyes. Who cares if they were together if they were dead. They had nothing left for them but to go to hell or heaven or wherever. Caius would walk up and tell the dad that their wife was on the opposite side of the forest so they would go that way. The ghost dad would thank him for finding the two daughters and then would follow his lead. This time he would take the path cause that's where the ghost wife was. It was a long walk so it would take a few minutes os Caius kept on walking down it and eventuality would reach the ghost wife. The whole family was now back again so the mission was complete. Caius watched as the tearful union took place and then the ghosts would start to shine a bright blue and then they would hug. They then would disappear and explode into sparkling ghost dust cause they were at peace. Caius looked and saw there were 3 pumpkin pops where the ghosts were before they went away. he picked them up and would leave.


Hi I'm Caius

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