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HARGEON - TEST THE WATERS [Elena] Empty Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:31 am

Elena had swapped out her once lace curtains, into durable, curtains made of thick material. Material thick enough so that the sunlight could not pass through. It was a dark shade of crimson, she had been especially fond of the colour of blood, after her transition from a human to a vampire. Elena was practically starving from fasting from blood, however she didn't want to break her personal virtues by harassing an innocent civilian purely for their blood. It was all wrong to her, vampirism, and bloodsucking. It wasn't normal, but in time she may come to terms with it, and accept herself for the monstrous creature of the night she had become. It won't be easily, but she knew that one day she'll find the light in the dark tunnel she is trapped in.

Her new curtains did now allow the irritating sunlight to disturb her sleep quality, she now had a weird sleeping schedule, and roamed freely at night, while sleeping in during the morning. It didn't bother her that much to be frankly honest, as she was always was more of a night owl than an early bird. At an early age, Elena had always been afraid of the dark, but now that she had transitioned from a weakling human to a fierce vampire, she felt a sense of victory. She was no longer a prisoner held captive by the darkness, she wasn't a slave of the shadows anymore, she was not afraid of the dark. She had cheated life in a sense, now being immortal, and much more powerful. Being a vampire had it's drawbacks as well though, afraid of bright light.

Elena could not afford to buy more blood bags if she kept staying inside in the morning, to sleep in. Most clients requested help during the day time, so it definitely did not help her situation, especially since her endurance is decreased dramatically during the day. She could still walk in the morning but she wouldn't be as strong, in fact even weaker. She was forced today to take a request from a client, as she would need to fulfill her thirst for blood, quench it befor she would hurt innocent civilians. She was afraid of losing her consciousness to blood lust, she had been holding it in so well, she would not be a slave to her vampiric side, that thirsted the sweet taste of blood.

She groaned as she opened her front door, and the sunlight blinded her eyes, she immediately hoovered her hands, protecting her face from too much exposure to the sun. She should of brought a parasol with her, she would need to buy one first though. Where on earth could she buy a parasol? She thought to herself as her heels clicked against the tile floors of Hargeon's streets, creating a large noise purposefully. As a vampire, she had the ability to become soundless while traveling, catching unexpected prey. However, she didn't care at all, and wanted attententiom. She sighed when she finally reached the board full of requests.

Elena loves nature, and is often willing to help preserve it's beauty. So naturally, when the opportunity to help cleanse the pollution of the Hargeon waters, and to assist the population of aquatic life arrived, she accepted it immediately without the slightest hesitation. It was just another boring mission. She remembered that she had a few quests, in which she was paired with another fellow mage, all of them went well, so she hopes that she could cooperate efficiently with another partner to do more quests. The client that they would be working with today, would be Raina Burke, a renowned and highly intelligent marine biologist. Raina is one of the top marine biologists located in Hargeon. The help the client requested was rather simple, it was essentially to help her test various water samples.

Elena sat down on a bench, beside the location she had discussed with her client of the day, Raina Burke, to meet outside of her lab around noon . I wonder what kind of a person she is, Elena pondered carefully to herself, playing with a strand of her dark hair. She stretched her legs, and yawned, as the morning sun warmed up her face. It was a weird feeling, she used to love the warmth of the sun, but now it stings slightly. She could feel her endurance being lower than it was during the night. She was slowly adjusting to doing quests at night time, however most clients are asleep and not available during late hours. Which makes it rather inconvenient for her, as she relied solely on completing requests of clients for income.

Elena's client finally came, she was only slightly late by four minutes. Elena didn't mind waiting, as long if she is finally rewarded, she had learned the virtue of patience long time ago. Raina had instructed Elena to collect samples carefully in her lab, Elena followed her requested orders just like Raina had carefully instructed prior before starting. After countless hours of gathering samples carefully, and storing them into tight sealed containers, and measuring the samples carefully, they could finally start testing them. Apparently Reina usually has a partner that she works in the lab with, however she was absent today, as she was sick and called in for a sick day. Raina started bonding with Elena by ranting to her about how people in Fiore in general, should stop polluting the waters of Fiore and to give a moment, and then start thinking for the aquatic life creatures. Elena nodded and agreed with her, easily becoming friends as they both shared the same concept for biology and life. Ironically, Elena's compassion and emotions for life, is the reason she was so reluctat to hurt other people for their blood, unlike most vampires she had known. After testing the samples for salt concentration, pollution levels, the requested work was finally completed. Raina awarded Elena with the jewels, and Elena went home, and started to roam in the darkness.

End of quest


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