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The Killing Joke [Red Thread]

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The Killing Joke [Red Thread] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:02 am

Night time fell on the seafaring city of Hargeon, and Roman was located in a bar. Slowly drinking himself into a coma as the night went on. He started drinking at twelve in the afternoon wondering where it all went wrong. His life was just one terrible joke and he was the punchline. His guild master was killed in action, Phantom Lord had become scattered during his absence. The individuals in question must have been crazy strong. Roman knew he was no where he needed to be in power to avenge his fallen friend. Instead he rather just pour out a 40 for the homies. In this case he poured it down his throat. He took a lot of what happened and internalized it. Roman’s hand was latched onto a handle of Vodka. He already killed a bottle of Jack Daniels. The bar was fairly empty, but not because of a slow night. It was because of Roman drunkenly popping off spells and spooking the patrons of the ‘Drunken Whale.’ A high class bar that was close to the beach area so people can get drunk and go to the beach.

Roman had plans, he saw himself sitting at the top of the food chain. That wasn’t the case anymore. Some new blood had moved into Phantom Lord and his laziness let people catch up to him. Frankly he was disgusted in himself and how he squandered his power. So instead of doing the responsible thing, like going back and making a difference. He drowned it all in liquor. He found himself slipping into despair more and more with each drink. He tilted back and began to drink from the bottle, the liquids running all over his bare chest. He was a giant mess and he knew that it wasn’t going to get better anytime soon.

The bartender was sitting behind the counter scared out of his mind. Trying not to make any sudden moves to agitate the drunken menace. Roman put the bottle back down and looked over at the portly man. “The fuck..urp, you lookin at man? Comere.” Roman was all kinds of dizzy from the booze and saw multiples of the cowering man. The bartender slowly inched his way over so he was standing in front of Roman.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Just cause I am a Phantom doesn’t mean I am a murder, besides I just did some fireworks to spook people away jeez man chill out. It was just a prank.”


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"Stop bothering the bartender, Phantom." Bradley said. At first, he didn't pay any attention to the drunkard, but his reprehensible behavior displeased him greatly. Unfortunately, Bradley would not be able to drink his glass of milk in peace tonight till the ogre had been dealt with. He stood up from his stool and took a big sip from his glass, almost finishing it, before he placed it down on the counter. In all honesty, Bradley hoped that the man would simply depart from the fine establishment and sleep it off for he was in no mood to argue tonight. Bradley patiently awaited the reply of his foe while facing him. With only three meters distance between the two of them a lot could happen next.


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A voice came from the right of Roman. One that he was not familiar with, nor did he care who it was at the time. Maybe it was the booze making him feel a certain way about the situation. But he was a bit irritated that someone didn’t run in fear. “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do mate?” He pointed his index finger at the burly gentleman sitting a couple seats down. Then it dawned on Roman that he didn’t even hear the guy come in. Or maybe he was that drunk that it didn’t register. Roman pushed off the counter to force his seat back. He carefully touched the ground to make sure he didn’t fall over or anything of that nature. He wobbled a bit and the world spun like crazy. He slapped his face with his left and stumbled over to the man sitting down. He placed his arm around the man and got real close. “I dig the shades man, ya got..urp...style.” Roman blew the burp into the man’s face in a rude fashion.  A rank smell of bad  breath and booze carried itself from his mouth to the individual.

A special way of saying fuck you for messing with his vibe. Roman never intended to hurt the bartender, maybe scare the guy a  bit. Well actually a lot, but never actually lay a finger on the individual. Perceptions were everything and it looked bad cause he scared the other folks away. It hadn’t even registered in his head that this man could be a magic user. He saw that the man was drinking milk of all things. Roman backed up, stumbling back and almost falling backwards. He caught himself and began to walk out of the bar. He got to about five meters away before turning with bottle in hand.To get under the skin of the man at the bar. Roman took the bottle and launched it at the bartender.


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The drunkard inquired Bradley about his name or some other form of information which would have to justify Bradley's resentment in his eyes. He decided to not reply to the question while he kept staring down the man vigilantly. While most of the guests in the establishment were already gone, some were still cowering in corners beneath their tables. It seemed they were afraid that they would get attacked by the man if they made any unexpected moves. Either way, Bradley decided not to act because he still had hope that the man would leave this place without the need of using any force.

When the man started to walk past Bradley, he thought that it finally ended, but instead he got an arm around his neck. What started with a compliment about his glasses ended with a horrid belch directly into his face. Bradley's mood, which was already sour because his cat passed away, worsened immediately. He simply wanted to reminisce about Pookie in peace by drinking their favorite beverage; milk.

The urge to hit the man became evident through the tension in Bradley's muscles which could easily be felt. Luckily, it did not escalate any further because the man let go of Bradley's neck and started to walk away towards the exit. Bradley turned around to keep observing the man's actions with his manly gaze.

Suddenly, the man threw his bottle right at the bartender. Bradley's calm demeanor towards the whole ordeal changed. He stretched out his right arm and held his hand in the trajectory of the thrown bottle to stop it from hitting the bartender. The bottle seemed very small compared to Bradley's massive hand when it landed in his palm. Bradley gently placed the bottle at the counter and dug his hand into his pockets to take out some cash. He then placed a generous sum of jewels including a big tip on the counter for what was about to happen next.

Bradley dashed past the man and placed his right hand next to his stomach. He straightened the fingers of his right hand and extended a three meter long blade of mana from it. The angle of his right hand was aimed at the man's navel to sever him cleanly the moment Bradley dashed past him. Simultaneously, he threw a left hook mid-dash at the same time. His left hand was carefully tilted a bit upwards to aim the angle of his elbow towards the man's neck. Another three meter long blade of mana extended, this time from Bradley's left elbow.

As Bradley appeared behind the man, their backs were facing each other diagonally. The extended blades of mana disappeared from his left elbow and right hand as he placed his hand into his pockets. He remembered all the good times with Pookie when they hunted bounties together. Bradley actually wanted to stop hunting bounties, however the events of today changed his mind. Pookie would've wanted Bradley to keep on doing what they both loved.

"I had no intention of taking the bounty they placed on your head after your participation in the assault on Era, however it seems that I am back in the game. Don't bother turning around, you'll fall apart into three pieces in a second. Omae wa mou shindeiru."

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