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Worth Woodsea to Baska [Foot Travel]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Worth Woodsea to Baska [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:21 am

Bianca Fleur †
After cooking the meal for the ghost, she found a place to stay at the village and even got some free food. Not actual food for her, but still it replenished her energy somehow. The meal that she made for the ghost did not really satisfy her hunger, probably because the ghost was channeling her. She did not know how all that worked exactly, and she did not have time to try to figure it out. The woods were blessed with the warmth of the sun the next morning, protected from the icy winds that sliced through the trees. It was nothing to the vampyress, however. The cold never bothered her. Exiting her tent after stuffing her belongings into the same bag she had been carrying throughout this entire journey, Bianca searched the village for the lady who showed her to her tent the night before. She wanted to thank her.

Standing amidst a group of village children was the lady dressed in casual clothes, looking as innocent as ever. Bianca truly wanted a bite out of her, but she had restrained her desires. She couldn’t jeopardize her only opportunity of being offered a place to sleep. Technically, it was not her only opportunity, but she was too tired to look for more opportunities and it was late. She assumed village gates would be closed at sometime around midnight. Which was true. The village guards shut their gates a while after she had arrived, and only opened them again in the morning when the sun rose. The pale sorceress approached the lady with a smile, to be greeted with a smile in return. “Good morning, dear! How are you feeling? Ready to travel again?” she asked with a short giggle.

“Yes,” said Bianca with a delightful smile. The lady then offered breakfast, but the vampyress politely refused. She was not going to mingle with these villagers any longer, pretending to be an innocent little traveler. The urge to leave grew with every second and a minute later, she spoke coldly. “Thanks for letting me stay.” With that, she strode through the village gates, giving the lady one last look with an empty smile and continued with her journey. Her destination was Oak Town, so she definitely needed a carriage, otherwise by the time she reached Oak, it would have been Christmas already and her legs - broken. She still needed to walk to the nearest town to get a carriage. She was done traveling with trains for now. Carriage rides seemed more comfortable...and expensive, but she would rather travel comfortably. The nearest town was Orchidia so she walked back there first. Once she reached Orchidia, she looked for the place she could hire carriages, which she remembered since she went there a lot to hire carriages for her travels. Luckily for her there were carriages available, but only to Baska. She didn’t mind that. From Baska she could walk to Oak since the towns were not far from each other.

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