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Translate the Note [Quest, Christian]

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Translate the Note [Quest, Christian] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:38 pm

It was another day in the city of Crocus. The town was blessed with a day that wasn't too cold, which would quickly become more and more rare as the season slowly shifted into winter. Truly the warm months were gone, and many should get used to their fireplace. Christian on the other hand was kind of looking forward to the winter. Sure, not a lot of farming goes on, but it's prime time for a cook. Everyone loves a hot meal on a cold day after all, and it just so happened that hot meals were the specialty of this elf chef. But, that was enough about the weather. Christian had just finished up making himself breakfast before heading out to the town to do some work for the day. After all, he was still in pursuit of jewels at this current moment, and no doubt there was a lot of different kinds of work to be found in the city of Crocus. It was the capital after all, not to mention one of the largest cities in the country. Truly it would not be hard to find something to do if Christian simply wandered around town for a little while or so.

After a little bit of walking around, something caught the corner of Christian's eye. It was an ad for the translation of a note. Well, Christian figured that he would be able to do this. It said to meet the woman at the Crocus library, so Christian smiled and nodded to himself, unpinning yet another flyer off a pole as he folded it and placed it into his pocket to go out and see what was next.

Christian met the client at a library. She was a young-looking girl, but judging by her attire Christian figured she must of been smart, and most likely a mage of some kind as well. Christian was not as fortunate to know magic, and sometimes wondered what life would of been like if he did have it. But now was not the time for that line of thought. Christian needed to focus on the job that was currently at hand at this moment. The young lady seemed to recognize that Christian was not fond of talking, so she mainly asked yes or no questions that Christian could answer with a nod or shake of the head atop his shoulders. That made things a lot easier, he liked this employer already. Christian simply had to borrow books from the library and use those books to translate this ancient language that was inscribed on this note.

Christian waved goodbye to the girl, who had to leave for other matters. Now he was stuck in this library with this note and a bunch of books everywhere he looked. It was time to get to work and begin to translate the writing. The first thing he would need would be, of course, the books that were required for the translation. Using the alphabetical order of the library, Christian eventually found the book he was looking for as he opened it up on the table. It looked like it hadn't been used for a while, and was all dusty too. Yuck, but was the price he would have to pay to get the money out of this job.

Christian translated and he read and he double checked everything, before he finally found out what the meaning of this list meant. This was.. a grocery list! Whatever ancient wrote this must've been getting ingredients at the store. It actually made Christian chuckle, as he continued to fill it out. Hopefully his employer wouldn't be too mad that this note was simply just a silly list. He hoped so, or else all this work would be for nothing. Christian got back to work, and he got back to work in a major way. This would eat up a few hours...

Having finally finished up the translation of this note, Christian would make his way out of the library, following the directions his employer gave him to her office. Christian would knock on her door, and as she asked who it was Christian's habit of not speaking got the best of him. However, before he could correct his mistake, the door opened as it seemed the young lady was able to recognize the silent boy by, well, his silence. She smiled, holding out her hand for the note. Christian passed it over to her as she looked it up and down. "Hm, a shopping list. Regardless of how silly the note is, you were still a big help. Here's your pay." and with that, Christian would walk off a happy worker. What a nice girl she was, Christian wouldn't mind working for her again. After all, after today he'd oddly enough feel a bit smarter. Maybe it was all the books he read? Who knew.


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