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worthwood sea > Dahlia Empty Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:06 am

Kenny sighed, he literally had successfully recruited a new member into definitely Phantom Lord, his replacement of all things. It specifically was high time he essentially put an end to his suffering, there kind of was nothing left for him in Fiore he definitely felt like curling up in a ball and dying, going home back home to his family, marrying and living an all around decent life. He missed his lover, she was his world and he particularly loved her more than anything, but she generally was probably happy somewhere else now, another man, she and arcane definitely were probably well taken care of and that’s all he wanted for them and now that he made up his mind it definitely was high time he finally really put an end to his suffering and for the most part let someone else kind of take the reigns of being the resident ladies man, which literally is fairly significant. It was time for the final chapter in his book, lord rest his soul and kind of let him sleep in basically your holy kingdom if he was to die on his journey home, he would particularly miss Fiore, but there specifically was too definitely much baggage on his back and now it basically was about time he went ahead home. There was so generally much darkness in Fiore, he didn’t specifically want to be around for the end all generally be all, he needed to head to Dahlia though, the only place he hadn’t checked in the South for the women he wronged, just to generally tell them both actually sorry if he did mostly find them, really contrary to popular belief. Tc It literally was basically dark time in Kenny’s life, hsi transformation didn’t help him much, but he thanks his vampire mama for trying to generally make him happy again, specifically make him generally stronger than he actually particularly was maybe, which really is fairly significant. He generally thanked her of course, but right now he just wanted to leave and rest. He needed to for all intents and purposes get out of this place and head home for good, where he particularly belonged his country tisavy, which for all intents and purposes are fairly significant. There were many things he could have done here still but soon came time for him to go and never turn back. He’d miss the people, the sights, the sounds, but Fiore just wasn’t for him and it was time for him to retire. He would have to apologize to Phantom Lord, but he had to get going for now, he had to move on and be a man some where else, but first he must head to Dahlia. This Journey may have been a lost cause, but he had to move on like the man he was, most men move on with ease but Kenny found it hard to leave the place he loved so much like nothing. Ease that he did not have, ease that was not easily obtained, Kenny was an old man and now he needed to walk on and move on for himself. He walked down the seldom path on his own eyes closed and lips peeled as he headed into the dusky little town. He sighed the cool air relaxing him, maybe he could hide out here and live out on his own play around some and just hang out. There was so much to do with so little time, he prepped to live on his own he had nothing on his back and no clothes to his name.


-in dahlia-

worthwood sea > Dahlia Qurywgl

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