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Worth Woodsea to Capital Crocus [Foot Travel]

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Worth Woodsea to Capital Crocus [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:11 pm

Seira was glad when it was finally time to leave Worth Woodsea. It was an interesting place, quite mysterious with many things to discover, but it wasn’t exactly her cup of tea as the vampire preferred cities such as Crocus, Hargeon and Magnolia to spend her time at. It seemed as though this was without a doubt a strange time to show up at the woodlands, however, and Seira wasn’t quite sure what exactly to do with the memories she had made and the things she had seen. There were a lot of things she believed in ever since becoming a supernatural being, races such as vampires were no longer unreal to her, but walking into a carnival full of undead had been an eye-opening experience nonetheless. She didn’t bring many belongings which resulted into an easy travel.

Espeon, the purple feline who was still following her around, was walking besides her and Seira was heading through the woodlands with one goal in mind: Crocus. It’s been a long time since she had last visited the Holy Capital and ever since her transition the vampire felt a little bit of concern regarding her new ‘race’ — but Crocus was an excellent place to find work and she planned on staying there for at least some time before moving on to Era. Seira traveled by foot and although the walk itself was long, it wasn’t endless. Not much happened during her journey and the vampire walked a route where she came across many other travelers and merchants. Once she had gotten out of Worth Woodsea and away from all the magical beasts luring within that forest, the streets became safer again. She stopped here and there for a break and after finally arriving in the capital, Seira headed to a hotel immediately and booked a room.

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Worth Woodsea to Capital Crocus [Foot Travel] LqKLdpe

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