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To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel]

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To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:31 am

Arisa yawned and went by the hotel to get her sister in which she hasn't seen much of at all. She had her basket of goodies and had her red hoodie up as she was going to be going on a long travel. She has heard about this amusement park that was ye so far away. She hasn't even been to Woodsea whatever-it's called since the stupid haunted house from last year. She almost got to the top last year, but someone got their first as she saw her greatest fear as she was one staircase away. Slowly she licked her lips as her face was shadowed by the red hoodie. Left hand gripped the basket tight as it was filled with so many goodies. She hoped that Yasuki will enjoy the food she brought. Arisa knew that Yasuki would get hungry and thirsty on the way to woodsea. A part of her couldn't even believe on how far she was from it. Was she going to last? Survive? Perhaps she won't go invisible at this time since she was with her sister. Finally, she got up to the hotel door, went inside and waited on the big red couch, holding that basket of goodies.


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To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:39 am

Yasuki would walk back from the beach to the hotel with her Vaporeon by her side. She just spent time at the beach where she met another Lamia Scale member, and someone who seemed to be like a new friend of hers by the name of Atlas. She was more so glad that Vaporeon had fun at the beach as well since Atlas also had his companion there. Yasuki kept walking towards the hotel as she was looking around at her surroundings. She couldn't help but wonder what her sister had been doing since their run in and abrupt leaving but she knew it couldn't be anything out of the ordinary. Yasuki neared the hotel and at the front of the entrance she could see her sister, Arisa, who seemed to be holding some kind of basket. "Are you going to grandma's house or something with that basket?" Yasuki would call out towards her sister, hoping she would be heard. Though she honestly didn't know because it seemed like she was quite busy all the time and hardly heard anyone in the distance. This was an exciting time, Yasuki got to travel with her sister again and this time she got to introduce Vaporeon to her sister. "Look at the friend I acquired!" she would approach her sister and say excitedly as she waited a response.


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To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:48 am

She waited as she sat on this stupid couch and her eyes wandered as she tried to entertain herself. This was boring to the max as the only thing that was keeping her somewhat entertained was the voices in her head and the scrambling the people who worked here were doing. The man who was at the counter... He looked familiar like the dude who was messing around when he made her wait. She got pissed off at him, got a better room. Felt really good that day. A small smile appeared on her lips as she would see that her sister has arrived. Not only that, she brought a little female creature - or she was assuming it's gender. All these companions, but they didn't ever show much of gender like humans did. Slowly she lifted herself up to turn towards Yasuki, taking off her hoodie. A smile greeted Yasuki and her head tilted downward to look at the creature. ''How adorable... It seems you have been lucky to get one of these... companions. Before me even. I guess some day I'll have one.'' she started, looked towards to gaze Yasuki into her red eyes. ''We shall start traveling immediately. Let's go.'' she lastly spoke, put back on the hoodie and walked out of the hotel. She didn't need to pay nor did yasuki as she already did pay for it when they got here. It felt like months since they arrived here.  Finally, they were leaving to woodsea.



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To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:57 am

As always it seemed like Arisa was preoccupied thinking of something else other than where she was at that moment. "Where are we traveling to? You haven't really told me yet." Yasuki would ask interested in where she was off in such a hurry. Thought part of her was just glad that she was traveling once again with her sister. She always looked up to her, though with one of the two people that Yasuki just met in this town they seemed to have said that she is more outgoing and talkative than her sister. 'Maybe that's just a sense of... growing that I have to do or something, to not be quite as open about my life.' she would think to herself. Though she followed her sister's initiative and walked beside her on their travel to wherever the two of them were going, except this time with Vaporeon by Yasuki's side. By the way Arisa portrayed herself when she talked about Vaporeon, and her brief pauses, Yasuki knew that Arisa seemed jealous for some reason as to Vaporeon. "Why haven't you gotten yourself a companion yet? You've been on this land far longer than I have, has one just not peeked your interest?" Yasuki asked as she was interested in what her sister had to say. Though she knew that her sister wasn't quite of a talker on trips, she was hopeful that she would receive some kind of an answer before they got too far.


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To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:07 pm

Arisa listened to Yasuki, but she didn't really say anything back. Her mind was so occupied by all that has happened that truly she didn't know what more she could possibly think about. Her hand gripped more tightly to the basket as they walked forward through the forests, out of town. Hargeon, the town with the ocean was now gone as they walked further into the depths of each and every town they were to pass as they went to Woodsea. She hoped that this carnival was worth it as she didn't feel like traveling more than she had to. A small smile escaped her lips as she then answered her dear little sister. ''We're traveling to Woodsea. They always have stuff up for Halloween. Last year was a haunted house, but this year they will probably have something different.'' she then thought of her other statement or question. ''A companion... I believe in companions choosing you and in which you'll be destined to care for and so on. One has yet to come to me. I guess I'm just not ready.'' a small smile that was once there disappeared. She wasn't meant for love neither so assumed. All the esteem she had left withered with the love she had for someone certain. Her eyes looked passed every town, ate what was in her basket and finally and at last they saw the haunted-looking area of Woodsea. The area was like a swamp, even if it had it's nice touches.





To WoodSea [Yasuki:Arisa:] From Hargeon. [foottravel] Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:17 pm

Yasuki would look straight as the two of them, plus Vaporeon, would continue to walk in the direction of their destination. She looked over at Arisa who always seemed so confident in wherever, or whatever, situation they were in. Then her eyes would wander down to her Vaporeon, who seemed to be happily walking beside the two of them. Yasuki could hear Arisa talk about where they were headed. Woodsea, she heard, a place where there's games and festivities set up for Halloween. "Oh, that sounds fun. Sound's like it'll be a blast." she replied. As the two of them continued she could tell that they were getting into a forest-like area as the trees overhung the walkway. Beside her she heard Arisa talking about companions and how she believed that companions chose their owner and how one just hasn't chose her yet. Yasuki looked down towards Vaporeon and just smiled softly. "I suppose you're right, about companions choosing their owner. Though I'm sure one of them will choose you soon." Yasuki would chime in optimistically. Of course she didn't really know, but she knew she wanted to be optimistic in front of her sister. After all, her sister helped her get accustomed to living over here and the last thing Yasuki wanted was to stress out her sister. Yasuki knew that the two of them were approaching the town when she saw that read Woodsea and saw plenty of people walking around for the games and what not. "We seem to be in the right place, might as well get started." Yasuki said as the two wandered into town.



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