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Checkmate [Solo Quest: Elena]

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Checkmate [Solo Quest: Elena]    Empty Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:41 pm

Elena was given her unique name by her fellow tribe members, the name itself actually means shining one, or bright light. Elena was lucky to be blessed with the name because of the holy events that had occured during her birth. Her fellow tribe members claimed that the holy, mighty goddess of Elestia, Elestialus had appeared before them, and personally blessed Elena with the marvelous ability to harness the power of ice. She was the tribe's glory, however based on her progress she is starting to extremely doubted herself, she dosen't know if she would be able to live up to her name, especially based on how hard "true ice" was to find. Like what she had told the twin Lacie before, she indeed thought that her powers were not exactly a blessing, but rather a curse. She felt isolated, and she was scared, she didn't know if what she was thinking is right, or wrong. All she knew is she desired to go home. Since she had no luck actually finding "true ice" she had decided to finally take more missions, because her time won't be a waste, and she might actually discover something useful along the way of taking tedious quests. She has only been to the busy square, grand library and the blazing sun of the hot beach. Perhaps it was time for her to discover true ice somewhere else, perhaps the park even. As the park was somewhere people gathered and played, share information, it would be a brilliant idea to check there. She decided to take a mission that would be located in that would be easily covered in that general area. Thankfully, it was her lucky day and her mission was actually located in the heart of the park itself! Apparently the mission was extremely easy, that even a kid can do! It was simply to spend time playing a silly game of chess with a really smart kid, called Bart Decker who had apparently has beat everyone in the park, and is getting some what bored of chess, so he decided that he wants to start challenging mages to the stradegy game of chess instead. Apparently he wants to bet on money too, so I hope I win, I absolutely love spending time playing games with cute young children, Elena thought to herself.

As Elena walked to the park, she noticed that it was a splendid day, as the gentle rays of the glorious sunlight was brilliant, however it was not too bright enough to pierce Elena's delicate eyes and irritate her eyes. It was the weather of what people would call perfection itself, she was calmed as an autumn breeze blew into her face, as her hair was airborne for a brief moment, and orange, red, yellow leaves slowly descended to the ground beneath her feet. Ah, if only this moment can stay for an eternity, i would longer have no such stress, and i can actually be happy for once. Elena had extremely wanted to capture the image of the beautiful trees, the leaves falling, and the beautiful sun that she was actually named after. She actually personally didn't like her name that much, maybe she would not be as stressed if she had the magic and name. As she continuted walking she heard a really strange music in a organized pattern. She quickly turned her heard, as her black luscious hair swung in the same direction to the place where the music was coming from. It was a really big white truck, with an enourmous, gigantic cherry cheese cake ice cream sundae plastic prop on top of the truck! "ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM!" Elena screamed like a little baby and briefly had forgotten what she was here for - the quest and her goal of searching for true ice to save the tragic fate of her tribe. She took her heels off and ran like a mad men towards the ice cream vending truck. When Elena got there, the window was slided open slighly, and an old scary looking man, with a long white beard and had no hair appeared. He looks like evil Santa Claus, the one that steals presents, Elena thought to herself, and causing her to spread her contagious laughter. The ice cream man looked at her silently, and forced an awkward smile, thinking she was just another crazy person. "Hello kind sir, could I have some ice cream pretty please, with a cherry on top?" Elena showed the ice cream man her ultimate trick - puppy dog eyes.

"Yes of course my sweetie, could you so kindly pick a flavour for me please, if you would like some ice-cream?" He said and smiled, patting her on the head slightly.

"Oh! oh! oh! I would like a strawberry and chocolate mixed ice cream, with marshmallows, gummy bears on top, and a little of rainbow sparkles, with a chocolate waffle cone pretty please!" Elena jumped up and down like a crazy child, and beamed happily like a child, clapping her hands.

"Of course sweetie! Anything for your cute smile! One strawberry and chocolate mixed ice cream, with marshmallows, gummy bears on top, and a little of rainbow sparkles, with a chocolate waffle cone coming immediately right up!' He pet her hand, before returning to wash his hands and scooping Elena's ordered ice cream.

"Ice cream~ Ice cream, everyone screams for Ice cream, I scream for ice cream!" Elena sanged, than she suddenly remembered about her mission and finding true ice, she took the ice cream and payed and quickly ran back to where she was headed. The park where people played chest and challenged each other.

"checkmate!" Elena followed the voice who said checkmate and found the client she would be assisting today by playing a game of chess with him. "Hello Bart Decker! I am the mage you requested today!" Elena waved her pale hands at him and smiled. "You are very late!" Bart Decker said angrily, "Sorry I got caught up doing something!" Elena scratched her head and laughed very awkwardly.

Elena actually had no idea how to play chess, but she wanted the jewels really badly and thought it would be easy to play with a child. Bart started to tell Elena his worries and stress, of being compared to her brother constantly. Elena nodded and explained to Bart her situation, and how they were similar. In the end Elena lost, however Baron still gave her the reward for playing with him. Elena went home, happy that she played a game and still got jewels even though she lost!



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