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Phantoms in the storm [Shura]

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The rain battered Kenny’s form once again as he stood motionless in the forest of worth woodsea. His eyes glaring at the sight before him, he didn’t show any signs of movement. Motionless and resting he had his arms crossed as he examined the scene. It was night out, the moon shining just over the clearing he rested in, watching him as he relaxed himself. In front of him was an injured bird, it’s wing broken, body broken already, must have escaped a wild cat or fell from its nest. The bird reminded Kenny of himself, it reminded him how weak he was when he fell from what he thought was grace, and now that it was too weak to move on its own it seemed to be suffering just as he was. Finally deciding to move he loomed over it, picking the smaller creature up by its leg. He could have put it back in the nest and went on his way, but then what would that solve? No one had ever put him back in his nest, no one have ever helped him when he was down. Thus instead of helping the bird he tossed it back into the brush. If wished to survive, it’d find a way back into the tree tops, if not it would fall prey to something bigger and stronger. That was life and life was a mess of failures and success was it not? After his ordeal with the bird he posted himself underneath the tree and leaned against it, he could use the meditation.

Phantoms in the storm [Shura] Qurywgl
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Shura Ranzu †
Shura left  the Carnival, there was no one present at the front. Why? Well everyone had already went inside. No one could come from behind without having to push through a crowd of folks to get to Shura who was ten meters outside of the carnival gates. No one in front of him and no one to the left or right. So he was free to casually leave with no worries. As he left the carnival his stomach rumbled loudly. The random assortment of shit he ate had begun to fight back with a vengeance. He found himself hunched over throwing up the contents of his stomach. The grass on the sidewalk had a neon glow about it. On top of the stuff coming up that he ate, it began to rain a bit. He stood up, and wiped his mouth off. “Wonderful.” He said while standing back up.

He reached into the pouch under his cloak and pulled out the four lollipops he won from the games. He was a bit bummed he didn’t win more but he was still happy. The games were a good memory compared to recent events. While walking he placed the pops back on and removed the mask from his belt. He placed it back on now that he didn’t need to have it off. While doing so, it began to rain. As the water hit his body it evaporated on contact. He was looking at his body while all of this took place. “That’s new.”

He decided it was time to leave the area and head back into the bulk of the forest. There was some sinister plotting to be done. Now that he had left the carnival he could think on a earlier thought. He could very well steal these magical candies. He couldn’t explain it but something about them was alluring. Too the point he was ready to steal them from other mages. ‘Could be nice about it or I could just burn em.’

Then the voice of Ifrit came into his head. “My my, thinking of doing naughty things?”

Shura jumped at first because he wasn’t used to Ifrit’s voice.

‘Holy shit you scared me, can you not read my thoughts?’

‘Kind of hard to do when ya know we are bonded together.’

‘Of course, why did I think it would be simple as telling you to stop. What do you want?’

‘Oh don’t mind me I am just here to see what you will come up with as far as these magical candies. They aren’t your normal run of the mill candy. There is greater power at work here.’

‘Ya I felt like something was different about these candies.’

That only solidified that Shura had to amass more of these candies. Even if it meant prying it from someone’s charred remains. He was going to try and be civil about the whole thing but one could hope he see a bit of action. Shura was now in the forest, while night fell upon the area. His weapon was on his back tightly and he kept a keen eye while he spoke with Ifrit in his mind. He came upon a man cupping a small creature and helping it into the brush.

“Mighty nice thing to do there friend.”


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He could hear the chirping still, the bird seeming to make its life filled steps back into the brush. Strange, once defeated under the cold pressure of water now scampering hopefully towards life yet again. Bipolar little creatures animals were. There was no time to sit and gawk though, he would need to get continue his training, make his mind 100% yet again, else he’d be under the thumb of his already twisted psyche yet again. At the moment there was peace, the canopy of the tree top seemed to shield him from the water in this darkest night. He could see fine, though his lavender hues were always a tad impaired by his near sighted vision.

Despite wanting to take his time to fall into a trance, there was a certain something about the sound of rain against the leaves of the tree tops that intrigued him. The pitter patter one after another calmed and invigorated his mind. It all took him back to where he started, sitting in the rain alone just as the blonde boy had came to his aid. Interesting, but frail perspectives were traded and they departed not too soon after. The gods, if there were any must have had an affinity for putting Kenny in the rain at the most troubling of times. Though unlike the last, he wasn’t sitting to wash away his sins, now he was sitting to think them over once again.

He couldn’t hear much because of the rainfall, but what he could make out as it drew closer was the sound of footsteps over the mass of puddles and leaves as a figure approached. Soon a man would be in view, speaking to him about what he had done for the animal. Not one to be rude in introductions he nodded and looked back at the brush, “Ah, yes, from time to time I figure we all can use a helping hand, even the most frail of us. Make the weak depend on the strong and all of that good stuff.”

There were no words to describe this stranger, thus Kenny would cast a gaze that read friendly. “Hm, wouldn’t you agree?”

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Shura Ranzu †
The rain had begun to pick up a bit and Shura found safe haven under a large tree. He was still getting wet, but thanks to the large amount of leaves a good bit of the heavy rain was mitigated quickly. Trees surrounded the area, perfect for cover should someone attack from the brush. So Shura was not worried. Watching dark haired man place the small creature in the brush he stood back up and replied. His voice was deep yet it was warm at the same time. A dangerous sense of familiarity came along with it, as if he met him before. Not knowing that was his race causing that to happen. Shura was on his guard but he did not show it. He understood what the man was saying. The strong had some sort of obligation to the weak, but he only had a fraction of what the truth really was. It was only a week ago Shura was considered weak and had become strong quickly. Facing a great evil in Dahlia was only a taste of what was to come.

“The strong watch over the weak so one day they may be strong enough to stand on their own. Shura Ranzu, tis a pleasure to meet someone likeminded."

What he would hopefully serve as an answer to the dark haired man. It had been sometime Shura had found someone he liked right off the back. Someone who shared his ideals and understood the way he thought. But that also meant one thing, this man was a possible rival. Someone who maybe a obstacle in the future, or maybe a worthy ally? That was something time itself could only tell as Shura’s story unravelled.


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He could hear the rain pick up, how calming it was. Where he would usually be weary of a stranger he welcomed this one under the tree space, an offer which had already been taken up by the masked man. There was something about this gent that Kenny couldn’t pen, he could feel something more to this gentleman, but that could have easily been a lack of food getting to the Omega. There was much going on for him at once after all, on top of searching for spiritual enlightenment he had an obligation to his guild, despite wanting to part from them… Unless he managed to find someone to take his place… Hmm… Though the one in front of him was only a stranger, he seemed able bodied, there would need to be more conversation and possibly even bartering, but this chance encounter could pay off strong for Kenny.

“Indeed, though not only do they become strong, but one day they might just come back to serve those who helped them.” he pointed out, smile still etched on his lips, “Kenny Omega and the pleasure is all mind..”

There was so much that wasn’t being said between the two, he couldn’t judge any expressions, but there was a certain eeriness between the two, maybe it was the oncoming holiday, it was almost the day of spooks and frights after all. “I must say another thing, as we are on the topic of strength. Would you say that once in a collective the strong would get stronger? Like guilds and such. If you find a few mages with above average strength, they seem to become quite a force.”

He held up two fingers, “Second question, are you a mage by chance? Forgive me if I’m jumping around a bit. I just get so excited to meet new people.” if this man matched the air that surrounded him, this could work out well...

Phantoms in the storm [Shura] Qurywgl
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Shura Ranzu †
Kenny decided to also use the large tree as cover. The noise of the rain was toned down by the cover of the tree tops. So much that the two could hear and did not have to yell. Kenny spoke of the weak coming back to serve the strong which he wasn’t wrong. That one good deed in someone’s life can put them indebted to you in the long run. That meant they could possibly come back to repay that good deed and more. He continued to listen to the individual speak before responding.

The idea of a guild was a foreign one but it made sense. Why roam around opposing these guilds alone? Why not join a guild and create more allies quickly. Find people who are like this man and persuade them to join Shura’s vision. A world born anew and under the order of someone who knew what true justice was. A sense of true peace covering the world ruled by a iron fist. It had to be that way, why? Everyone knew that the magic council was putting on a act for the world, as their strings are pulled by the Holy Order. He saw it first hand in Dahlia how the word of the powers above were used to keep people in bondage and remove anyone who stood against God. Something had to be done and Shura knew he could not do it alone, so maybe the time had come to join a guild.

“It is better for the strong to gather and not squabble their gifts. I enjoy the concept of the strong gathering and coming together under one roof. The idea of a guild was laughable to me when I was a fool. Let’s just say I have had a change of heart since that time.”

As he said that he felt the spot where his arm used to be. Then he looked at the two fingers being held up by Kenny and listened to his second question. “Indeed I am a mage.” Shura held up his right hand. Opening it a blue flame sprung to life. Of course he was capable of much more but there was no need to show the extent of his full ability yet. He closed his hand and the flame ceased to exist. “Why do you ask?”


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Hm, it seemed they both had like hearts after all, every word he spoke was music to Kenny’s ears. He was just right to help pick up Phantom Lord’s status. With the vampire, “leader” and redhead all working in unison this could prove beneficial to them if persuasion was enough. The idea of recruiting never came across his mind until today, he didn’t much care if the guild grew at first, but over time he came to realize if they became that strong collective, if they became the biggest bruiser in all of Fiore all that stopped them were their own limitations, thus he took an interest in recruiting to gather the strongest he could find.

Not only that, but he was interested in getting his name spread around the guild as well, sure recruiting any and everyone he came across was a large risk, but it also had the high reward of him likely gaining traction in guild affairs when his name was thrown around. Ashame he was so bipolar about these things. One minute he loved Phantom Lord, the next he detested ever getting the tattoo, but now luckily he was being as loyal a dog as he could be.

“Ah, we seem to have quite a few things in common when it comes to views of the strong then and if you are open to the idea of finding shelter under another sort of roof.” he waved a hand in the air gesturing to the tree top above, “I asks because I have a proposition of sorts.”

Allowing a moment of silence to past he would speak once again, “I asks because I am apart of a Guild and I would like offer you a spot in it.” he began with blunt honesty not hiding his intent, “It may seem random given we’re just now acquaintances but I doubt someone with a view similar to mine would neglect the possibility of joining a guild with a strong front. Phantom Lord.”

He took a breath, “I understand there may be questions though.”

Phantoms in the storm [Shura] Qurywgl
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Shura Ranzu †
“Oh? And what could that be?”

Shura’s eyebrow raised from behind his mask, curious to what this proposition was. Then it came, the words of an invitation to be apart of something greater than himself. At first it would have been a farce to invite such an idea into his mind. But now that he was a ‘player’ in the world and had become marked he needed to gain strength as quickly as possible. With more power, comes more challengers and being under the cover of a guild is beneficial in the long run. This was a play to elevate himself to the main stage. At the moment he was just a young upstart but ever since that day he crossed paths with the Red Queen. He knew he was destined for greater things.

“Phantom Lord.” He knew they existed in Oak but he figured he would have to formally apply. Something got him noticed and an invitation was sent forward to him. “If there are more like you in the guild then I have no reason not to join this endeavor. There are no questions, my answer is yes.”

Shura had no reason to question how the cards fell, this door was opened by the likes of ‘her.’ It would have been foolish to turn down a proposition such as this. Shura extended out his right hand for a handshake. Magic began to flow as yet another pact was about to be made. Shura was about to become a Phantom like his ancestors did before him. The apple had not fell too far from the great tree, and the time had come to join a guild.

Before Kenny completed the pact, Shura gave a word. One that carried a heavy sense of warning under it because he was not one to be fooled with. “I will join, but should I find the members of Phantom Lord to be lacking or should I get betrayed.” He paused for a moment to add dramatic effect. Shura’s eyes narrowed on he man before him.

Phantoms in the storm [Shura] BCI2z9T

“I will burn it all to the ground.”


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It seemed the offer didn’t fall on deaf ears, he couldn’t see it but judging by the tone there was interest. Kenny nodded at the words Phantom Lord, that was the name of the Guild, one that was slowly spreading through Fiore once again. This was going to be quite a ride, but he was ready for the worst. He crossed his arms and stroked his chin “There are few that share my thought process.”

“ I assure you Phantom Lord isn’t lacking in members and you join at quite an interesting time.” he pointed out first, “As for betrayal that’s highly unlikely given we all operate under no one’s command at the moment.”

Something came to mind, “Oh but I must point out one crucial detail, there is a lack of guild leader at the moment be it the old one is a corpse in a shallow grave somewhere at the moment so receiving the Guild tattoo will likely be the least of concerns until you head to Oak.”

What did Shin tell him at first? Oh yeah. “Welcome to Phantom Lord.” he extended a hand.

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura grabbed the hand of Kenny, not to hard but not soft neither. Just the right amount of force to make sure Kenny could feel how serious Shura was at that given moment. The pact with Phantom Lord had been formed and Shura was inducted into the dark side of the guilds. A peculiar bit of information was given. They did not know of who the guild master was, this presented an opportunity to rise above the ranks quickly. Of course it was nothing but a thought in the back of Shura’s mind, not to be spoken until it was time.

“I will head to Oak to get the tattoo. It is my pleasure to be apart of Phantom Lord, I look forward to working with everyone.”

His tone was a lot more calmer, removing the tension he created with his earlier comment. With that said Shura figured it was time to take his leave. “I am afraid we must part ways for now, I have business to take care of. I am curious to see what some of the Phantom Lords are capable of. Until then my friend.”

Shura let go of the headshake and gave a nod. Afterwards he walked passed the man, deeper into the forest through the falling rain. The rain evaporated on his body as he walked through it. Being completely untouched by the water. In his little threat he unintentionally raised his body heat even more so through his emotions. This was something he had to get under control because he knew his flame could spiral out of control otherwise. He needed to get a better handle on his powers, time was not going to wait on him so he needed to make sure he took advantage of every moment.


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