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Hargeon to Dahlia[Foot Travel][Finn]

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Hargeon to Dahlia[Foot Travel][Finn] Empty Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:54 pm

Tenshi †
Finn had realized that something unique was happening now that it was Halloween. According to Jake, it was a unique phenomenon that happened in lands such as Fiore where magic was so abundant within the land. It allowed for the spirits of the other world who still held onto their earthly attachments to cross over for a short while. The exact reason flew over Finn's head, something to do with things aligning. The reason wasn't so important, what was important was helping out as many of these things as possible. He couldn't help but find it therapeutic after all. With this in mind, he took of from Hargeon to a land that he didn't think he would ever go to in good spirits. Dahlia was a place where unlawful and evil mages alike gathered, boasting a crime rate that soared and a surprising lack of Rune Knights. Finn planned to go there in order to find more of these spirits, and figured ghosts there would likely have much more dangerous requests to ask of him. After all, in such an area, it wasn't exactly as though they would be as innocent as the spirits in Dahlia, right?

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Hargeon to Dahlia[Foot Travel][Finn] D09aavQ

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