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From Hargeon to Marigold [Foot travel]

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From Hargeon to Marigold [Foot travel] Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:05 pm

Victor flew out through the door of the tavern as the bouncer had thrown him out for lewd behaviour. "Hey atleast let me keep the bottle..." Just as Victor said this the door closed right infront of his face. He sighed and pushed himself up. "Now where will I find myself a new drink..." He said to himself as he started walking out of hargeon town. His feet were dragging slightly as he kept moving on the road. His eyelids were heavy and everything felt worse than it should because of the fact that he was starting to sober up. To him the large bodies of water vapor in the sky known as clouds looked like the perfect thing to sate his thirst while in reality drinking clouds would be hard as fuck seeing as there were several problems with even getting to them in the first place. No one could fly that high. Especially someone like Victor whom was incapable of using magic let alone read or write the necessary magic circles to perform it. It was however a good thought. Harnessing the clouds made from the plant dew on the ground to make a cool drink. Maybe you could call it Mountain Dew Cloud? Or maybe Cloud Dew? In anyway having theorized about this he finally fell forwards onto the ground having arrived at the city of marigold.

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