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Beach Gym (Syliph)

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Beach Gym (Syliph) Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:21 pm

Syliph dodged people as he walked towards the beach gym. As much as he hated a bunch of super sweaty, buff guys, he liked money more. The beach was still slightly empty as it was still morning and tourists and beach-bums hadn't shown up yet. Looking down the beach he saw the small fenced off gym, weights littered the ground and Syliph was blinded by the light reflecting off of the people. Taking in a deep breath Syliph began to walk down the beach towards the gym. It was very obvious that people didn't want to hear the continuous grunts of the gym workers because the few people that were on the beach gave the gym goers a very wide berth.
Syliph Opened the small fence and walked inside, he scanned the mass of sweaty over-tan people for Jay. Over on the far side Jay was doing some crunches as his warmup, Syliph stepped over to explain why he was there, "Jay? I'm the wizard who's here to help you today." Syliph tried not to gag on the stench eminataing from jay, "Cool man, lemme just do 150 more of these and then we'll do the benchpresses." Jay turned back around and went back to crunching, Syliph sighed heavily.
After about half an hour of crunching Jay had finally finished, and Sylip was mostly accustom to the invading stench of the beach gym. Jay explained what to do, " While i'm doing the becnh press i need you to keep your hands just below the bar so you can maybe catch it if i drop it, but i doubt you will need to because I do this all the time and i've only ever choked myself once." Syliph gave a sly smile and noded, Jay wasn't even looking he turned around and lifted some weights on the bar. Taking a quick glance Syliph was taken back at how much weight Jay had put on the bar, 150, on each side, Syiph was surprised the guy wasn't dead yet. Jay sat down under the bar, "You ready?" He asked. Syliph shook his head, he wanted out of here, he wanted out of Hargeon, he wasn't very happy here. Jay grabbed the bar and Syliph kept his hands just below the bar. "1, unh, 2 unh, 3 unh, 4 unh 5 unh 6 unh 7 unh 8 unh." Syliph had to grab the bar on the last one because Jay was struggling a little bit and couldn't seem to pull it over his head. He placed the bar on the holder which quivered for a few stressful moments and Syliph was worried it would break. Jay took a few deep breaths and chatted with they guy next to him, who was clearly showing off the fact that he could lift more then Jay, Jay took that as a challenge and stuck another 20 pounds on each side, "You are gonna kill yourself." Syliph mumbled. Jay leaned back under the Bar and rubbed his hands together, "LET'S DO THIS!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, Syliph mentally cringed and put his hand back under the bar. JAy began once again and once again Syliph had to help him through some of the weights, the very last time he struggled again. Syliph was forced to grab it and help him move it gently back into place. Syliph sighed and leaned against the side of the fence, he desperately wanted Jay to finsih his last set and pay him so he could leave this crappy hole and move on to the next job. "Okay man, this is the la
st set, the you're paid and I'm gonna go eat." Syliph nodded his head and waited for Jay to once again sit under the bar, " 1 unh, 2 unh, 3 unh, 4 unh, 5 unh, 6 unh, 7 unh..." He hesitated not able to lift the last one. Syliph reached over and helped him lift it the rest of the way up, it was really heavy now, he had put it up to 200lbs Syliph helped him move it over to the holding bar which momentarily bent under the weight, Syliph raised an eyebrow in confusion. Jay turned towards him and produced a semi wet bag of jewels, Jay promptly dropped it in Syliph's open hand, shivers ran up his spine and caused him to almost drop the bag, Syliph smiled, "Thanks." Turing around he quickly walked towards the exit, he was ready to leave, he had spent way to long in this place. As he left it nice to look at something that wasnt a bunch of sweaty buff guys grunting all the time. The beach had filled with more people now and many had fallen asleep and were now beet red, all Syliph could think of, was how much pain they were gonna be in later. Just like yesterday when Syliph had been chasing those pesky graffiti kids, he was exhausted. Returning to inn town he was met by the secretary Mr. Arno, he was a kind, quiet old man who always had a cup of cold coffee resting in his hand, Syliph waved and proceeded up the stairs, he wanted to take a bath and get all this filth off of himself.
Once inside his room he peeled off his shirt and placed his money next ot the bag of jewles he had gotten last night. after he had started the bath he comftorable slipped in to the warm water, he felt all the sweat of the earlier part of the day washing off, it felt amazing, he didn't know if he would ever feel this clean again. Afterwards he slipped out of the bath and dried himself off, taking a glance in a mirror, he was able to appreciate the fact that while he did have some muscle tone, he wasn't awfully buff and sweaty all the time like Jay. Putting on a fresh pair of clothes he drained the tub and locked the money away in a safe box so it wouldnt be stolen. He opened his door and walked down the stairs prepared to get another job, hopefully not working in the gym this time


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