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Restless Souls: Karma's a Witch

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Tenshi †
Finn had seen many things in his life, especially considering it had all began in a place so very odd and out of the norm for him. While most people looked at the terrace of rooftops and cement as the obvious place of residence for those of the Human race, Finn's had been anything but normal. Rather than given the simple luxuries in life, he was given reason to have to expand his conception of ordinary. Forced to embrace the life of hard work and improvement suited the young adventurer well though, and saved him from what would have surely been a life of no such glories. Any chance he had of being able to compete with the mages of this world relied solely on his ability to push himself to the limit again and again, to embrace the life that he had been given rather than scorn it, and to push himself to the limits. Every time he believed himself to reach the edge of what he could do, he knew to push harder. To step further, to wish for more. It was this desire for improvement and change that had led him to Hargeon. It had let him meet the important people in his life, such as Lance and Seira. It had let him grow into a somewhat independent life, where Jake could be his true companion rather than simple guardian. It had allowed him strength immeasurable to the ordinary man, to a weapon that he could truly call all his own, and to the understanding of what he really wished for in life.

Not everything was so straight forward and simple as training and fighting though. There were some confusing parts as well, the relationship that had formed with Seira certainly not being the least of these confusing endeavors. His meeting with her had been pure chance, two individuals deep within the forest before they ran into each other. They had quickly bonded, their wit and humor being suitable for one another, and the sheer impossibility of their encounter being enough to have driven them together. It was a newly blossoming thing whose seed had been given everything it needed to grow, and as soon as the little sapling broke through the surface, it began battling the elements. They had their problems, but came out stronger for them. It made him realize how much he already appreciated her, and how much this spirits wish probably meant to her. Finn couldn't imagine being cheated on by Seira, and idea that was firmly in his mind as a negative thing. Even he had parents, as different as they were. He knew the do's and dont's of two people who were in a relationship. And what this woman described most certainly was not a positive thing. He looked to Jake. While he had not told his brother everything, he told him of their new relationship. And his brother, as good natured as he was, had been brought on board this revenge.

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Tenshi †
Bringing himself to through the town, the ghost herself had seemingly been stalking her ex boyfriend ever since she became a spirit. There was plenty of regret for a young woman taken before her time, including her disdain for the one who had been slandering her trust for so long. He couldn't exactly blame her for being so upset, nor did he try to. Someone who would do that to another person, one whom they supposedly cared so deeply for, was a fool. They didn't understand the basic necessities of life, the simple intricacies of the human heart. Even though the man likely wasn't a good person, still he must have felt something. The woman he was with, no matter how whimsical the emotions were, was now dead. Certainly that weighed heavily on him? The girl didn't seem to think so, her spiritual wails and cries tugging at his heart. His hand went up and grasped the fabric in front of his chest, looking down at the ground. He didn't know how he'd react to this meeting, or how he'd break them up. But he had promised Melissa he would do it, and so he would. As he looked at the ground in discomfort, Jake smiled and punched him lightly in the leg. Jake glanced over and offered a weak smile in return. As much as they had both been through, Jake had been a pillar of comfort for Finn. It was time he stopped being the burden in their companionship. It was time for him to man up.

As they approached a restaurant, one known to house couples of high taste and equally high budgets, the couple was seen outside. Finn looked in complete shock, not at the woman who sat there sipping on whine and giggling at a joke too far away to be heard. But at the man who sat there, grin on his face telling of no discomfort or ill intent. Finn's fists clenched, anger welling up in his chest. He looked at Melissa, who was furiously explaining the details, and at Jake, who was looking at Finn with concern in his eyes. Offering a weak smile, Finn knew what he would do. Asking Melissa to wait with Jake, Finn approached the two.

"Excuse me," he began. The two looked to him, and surprisingly knew who he was. They were both natives to Hargeon, and Finn was slightly well known after all. That being said, their knowledge of him went only as deep as to knowing he was a member of Blue Pegasus. "Ma'am, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, and on your date too, but this man is a horrible human being. He was in a relationship with my close friend Melissa at the same time that he was in a relationship with you. Melissa died recently in an accident, and I can't stand the thought of him continuing on with you as if nothing happened. It's not right. Melissa deserves better. You deserve better. And this guy... He doesn't deserve any of this." With that, Finn began to walk away. With the truth in the open, the woman left the man at the table. The deed was done.


Restless Souls: Karma's a Witch D09aavQ

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