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What a Time to Be Alive [Hargeon -> Magnolia]

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#1Odin † 

What a Time to Be Alive [Hargeon -> Magnolia] Empty Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:40 am

Odin †

It was time for Odin to leave Hargeon for another town, one in which he could get more money and explore the prospects of this new currency he had acquired while fulfilling the final wish of a spectre. Pumpkin Pops, she had called them, and they were something of a complete mystery to the dark mage, but no doubt he'd be able to source more if he travelled around. He also felt like he had spent far too much time in Hargeon as it already was: having travelled there what felt like ages ago to do some work for the guild that had ultimately failed. He should've left soon after that had occurred, but many other things had happened in that small port town. For one, Odin had gained a healthy amount of money working for one Reagan Hullston, as well as a good rapport with the smuggler. For another, he had gained a great deal of new information, such as Yumi's new demonic form, as well as how powerless he had become while running a bar, something he'd discovered during his sparring match with Finn, who easily overpowered him once again, just like during their fight in Baska.

Beyond that, Odin had also gained some powerful allies, such as Kon, and Shin, as well as met some interesting people, such as Vance. And then there was also Lacie, the innocent girl who had pledged her soul to Lucifer so that her sister may be killed at the demon's hands, and in return she would provide information about the Rune Knights. It had certainly been an interesting time, and before the olive haired mage knew it he was back in Magnolia, where he had met Alisa before everything had gotten complicated between them.

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