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No Homo, only Bromo [Shagrath]

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#1Jason V. 

No Homo, only Bromo [Shagrath] Empty Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:37 pm

Jason V.
Jason sat down at the edge of the town Hargeon, he had finally made it to civilization. He had been travelling for what felt like ages (though in reality it was closer to about a week.) A week since he had left his totally not cult nomadic tribe to actually get some purity into the world, not just kill whoever he felt like in the name of purification. However, now Jason was faced with some entirely new problems.

One: he was in no position to purify anything, he was barely able to summon up a gentle breeze using his wind magic, much less use it combatively. He needed to train, train enough so that he could effectively fight against the impure and uncorrupt.

Two: He knew nobody, and knew just about nothing about the world as a whole besides the basics. He would need allies in his fight against the impure if he was going to succeed, especially in his novice state. If only his best friend forever Shagrath was here to help him, then he'd be able to to know where to go next.

Three: He was really fucking hungry, he'd been eating beetles and bugs and all that stuff from the lion king, and it was not agreeing with him. He would need to find somewhere to eat, and fast.

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Elena had finish two missions yesterday, so she wanted to have a cheat day. It's nice to relax after a long day, after all. Elena decided on using her time efficiently, by looking for "true ice". Her time was limited, she needed to find the cure before her tribe falls apart. She decided to pack some pork cutlet sandwiches for her adventure today, and she always packs two, just in case a hungry child might pass by. She shoved the sandwich container in her hazel satchel, and went on her journey in search of "true ice".

Elena tested her magic while she was walking, she had successfully learned how to manipulate her power over ice successfully. She created a needle made of ice, and started rolling it between her fingers. She'll need to become stronger faster, it'll increase her chances of finding "true ice". Where in the world would I be hiding, if I was true ice? She halted when she saw a stranger crouncing at the edge of a sidewalk, playing with the rocks. He seems new here, maybe he'll have some clues? Elena decided to approach him, but she noticed that he looked hungry, and offered him her lunch.

"Would you like a sandwich? I promise I didn't poison it!" She beamed happily at the stranger.

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#3Jason V. 

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Jason V.
While he was travelling around and learning to be part of the Queen caste, he learned many things. Monsters, the impure, how to identify both. However, he was also taught essential truths about the universe.

Some of these truths were simple, such as "murder is usually wrong," and "don't wear crocs." However some were more subtle, and required some advanced thought to truly comprehend them. One such truth was as follows, "when someone says that their food isn't poisoned, chances are it's poisoned."

With this in mind, Jason put down the rock he was playing with, eyed the newcomer would be assassin, and thought "nah," and booked it down the street. Today was not the day he died, especially not to a poisoned sandwich. Once he was about a block away he stopped to catch his breath, you know, his speed was stat and endurance stat are like 1 right now, so he's not exactly in the best shape.

He looked around, hoping that the poisoner wasn't following him. If they were following him he didn't know what he'd do. Purification ritual? Tears? He didn't want to find out.

He briefly pondered that idea that this was a huge misunderstanding and they didn't actually mean to poison him. He pushed that thought to the back of his mind, he;d come too far to doubt himself, this was his life now.

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As Elena reached out with her sandwich in hand, the stranger dropped his rock and ran for his life. Shook by the reaction, Elena strops there awkwardly. Does my food look THAT disgusting?After coming back to her senses, Elena realized that the person may of identified her as a Mage, and came to the conclusion that he was a criminal, afraid that she would take him back to prison. She quickly ran after the culprit.

After walking for hours, and the culprit nowhere to be seen, Elena sat down on a bench, and unwrapped her sandwich. Well if nobody is going to eat it, I will! She snorted and dug into her delicious lunch. She decided that she was going to give the library another shot, every single book in the library has been looked through by her already, but she wanted to make sure, afraid that she may of missed something. As she stood up and was ready to leave, she saw the criminal from earlier and ran after him. "Hey! You shouldn't be running away from your problems!" She yelled at him, before quickly increasing her pace. Elena wasn't fit, there was no way she could catch up to him. Three iced needles emerged from her palm, pinning the stranger's sleeves to a nearby tree.

"I think you have some explaining to do," she glared at the stranger.

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Earlier in the day Shagrath had headed out for a nice relaxing walk among the trees and the grass and all the cool nature stuff that made him feel like he wasnt a loser. The sky was a beautiful shade of green and there was a cool breeze blowing that sent shivers down Shag's spine. Actually, the breeze was sending more than shivers down his spine. Shag began to feel something that he usually feels around the same time every day, it was the calling for his daily stress ritual. He needed to take care of the stress ritual every day, otherwise he would get very cranky and tend to explode on people.

Unfortunately the stress ritual was very secretive, and required extreme privacy, so Shag knew that he would have to head home quick. The breeze however wouldnt stop coming, and he found himself getting so flustered that he had to do the ritual immediately. Shagrath looked around for some secluded locations, but there were none, just trees everywhere. Well, when life gives you trees you climb them, like grandma used to say. Shag hopped up one of the trees and began to vigorously partake in his stress ritual. Unfortunately, he was put off of his private time by the sounds of rapid footsteps and shouting, and then suddenly the thunk that sounded like arrows piercing a target. He put the equipment he was using to do his ritual back into his underwear and looked around to make sure nobody had seen him.

As he craned his neck over, surprisingly Shagrath was met by the familiar sight of his cousin and also totally not gay lover, Jason. He was pinned to a tree by something that Shag couldnt quite make out, but he was sure that Jason was in some amount of trouble. Standing about a meter in front of Shag's cousin was some dweeby looking dude that was shouting some kind of nonsense at him. Shag did not care about the details, nobody is allowed to "pin" Jason except for SHAG.

Noticing that the dweeb's eyes were on Jason, Shagrath saw the perfect time to strike. He leapt from the tree feet first, propelling himself forward towards his cousin's assailant with as much force as he could muster. He brought knees to his chest and waited for the exact moment that he was in striking range of the dweeb. The moment his sense of positioning told him that he was in range, Shagrath explosively straightened his legs, aiming a vicious double head kick at the dweeby attacker.


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As Elena noticed a person launching their body in her direction, there are so much crazy people here. Elena knelt to the floor and touched the ground, shielding her from the sneak attack. Two criminals? As a righteous mage, Elena had to bring these two to the light of justice.

"Real men don't attack people from behind," she glared at the lunatic. "In the name of Elestialus, I will punish you!" She raised both of her hands, pointing at the two criminals simultaneously. You are doing great Elena, keep your cool! She took a huge breath before continuing. "Now, I would like to get things cleared up. Why would you attack me if you aren't a criminal?" She quickly turned to the man from earlier before continuing, "and you, why did you run away from me, when I was kind enough to offer you food? Does my food really look THAT disgusting?" Elena wasn't really mad at them for being criminals, as she deals with them all the time, but she wanted to act tough. She walked back slowly, preparing for any of their next moves, needles prepared in her hands.

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#7Jason V. 

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Jason V.
Well he was away, finally, he had escaped the clutches of the vile poisoner, and was planning his next course of action. He decided that it would probably be best to start picking up one or two quests so that he would be able to pay for his general needs. Room, board, and plus some extra training while he was at it, maybe getting one or two magical artifacts while he was on it.

However, all of this was abruptly cut short by three ice needles piercing his sleeve to a wall. Now, the woman that had offered him a 90% sure poisoned sandwich was telling him that he had explaining to do. Then, out of nowhere, his longtime friend and cousin Shagrath jumped down from the heavens and did what looked like a cannonball into horsekick. Then the new woman dodged and everything went down from there. Then she started calling them criminals, and Jason was confused. All he knew was that his best friend Shagrath had appeared from the blue and he was being called a criminal. Why? IT seemed to be about the sandwich and it's atheistic, or lack thereof.

From here, he temporarily forgot about the woman and his attention to Shagrath, and decided to jump off of the ground, and put his arm around Shagrath's neck, taking them both to the ground in an RKO fashion. Once he was back up he looked at the woman and said.

"who are you calling a criminal? you're the one who gave me a poisoned sandwich, because I mean, who calls it a non-poisoned sandwich unless it's poisoned?"

He awaited her response, because he was officially confused at what was happening.

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After flying out of the tree at the dweeb, Shagrath found himself mystified. This person must have been some kind of god or deity or something. They fully circumvented the laws of physics by somehow ducking an aerial attack and saying a big F you to the laws of gravity. Not to mention that they immediately saw him, noticed his jump and reacted accordingly so quickly with only a meter separating them, this was real split second stuff. Shagrath was completely amazed after this, and found himself standing still at his landing spot, eyes wide and jaw dropped almost to the floor.

Directly after landing and being gobsmacked by the indirect smackdown that had just been so brutally laid on him, Shagrath felt some sexy smooth arms wrap around this neck, arms which smelt delightfully of lavender. Shagrath knew this feeling, his totally no homo cousin had done this many times when they would hang out. It was an RKO. He slammed into the ground and landed next to a big pile of what seemed to be stool. Shag stood himself up as quick as he could and aimed a light, but firm backhand at Jason's face, before kneeling down and picking up the interesting stool that he had landed next to, to inspect it properly.


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"POISONED? Okay, I get my sandwiches don't looked exactly, well...appealing, but it's absolutely delicious! Calling it poisoned is taking it way too far! If you didn't want to eat it, you could of just politely decline my gracious offer. Instead of acting like a preposterous criminal, you were super suspicious when you ran off like a scared animal!" Elena took a deep breath.

"Okay, let's start over, since I think this is potentially just a huge misunderstanding." Elena gestured to herself, "my name is Elena, and I come from the tribe of Elestia, I am in behalf of my tribe, searching for something known as "true ice". I really need to find it, in order to help the people of my tribe. So, if you have any idea, or know what it is, please inform me." She needed to take a chance, even though they could be criminals.

"I also suggest not lying, as a way to get out of trouble, we all know I can take you both down while doing my nails." She flipped her hair, even though her hand was trembling slightly, she had to assert pressure. Hopefully that will scare them, she thought to herself. She suddenly remembered that she had packed another sandwich, in case she meets a child that is hungry. She took the sandwich and split it into two equal pieces, she took one of the pieces and showed him, "see!" she said before taking a small bite, proving that the food was not toxic. She gestured for him to take the other half, by extending the hand holding the container to him. "It's really good, take a bite!"

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#10Jason V. 

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Jason V.
In a world as far an wide as Fiore, it was hard to know what was real, and what wasn't real. Where the magic began, and where the physical world ended. What was urban myth in a magic world? Anything? Well there were a couple of things that it was easy to discern as real, one he was definitely just slapped in the face by his friend Shag. Two, the new person was insisting that the sandwich was not, in fact, poisoned. Well, that still sounds like something someone with a poisoned sandwich would say.

Things got just a tad more confusing from here however, she also called him a criminal for running, which didn't make sense to him. He didn't see how running from something potentially dangerous made him in the wrong, but he digressed, his issue here was dealing with her. She was in the middle of talking about her life's story and where she was from, apparently her name was Elena and she was looking for some true ice. Which again, he didn't really get, because like, all ice is true ice right? There wasn't such a thing as fake ice right? Anyways,  it seemed like this not fake true ice was important to her, so he nodded knowingly so she felt like he was paying serious attention to what she was saying. Not to say he wasn't focused, but he just wasn't really tuning into her words.

She then proceeded to tell him not to lie to her, because if he or his newfound companion did lie to her, she stated she would be able to able to easily take them both down. Following her threat with a gift, she gave him a new sandwich, which again was confusing because who just carried around two sandwiches in two separate containers? This girl was a conundrum, a gifted one at that too. Because she had been able to see his friend Shagrath's attack when he came from the tree line while seemingly being focused on him.

Now, maybe she was right, maybe she could deal with him and his friend "while doing her nails." But that wasn't something that Jason would just take lightly. He wasn't raised to cow down as soon as someone asserted themselves as his superior. He gently took the container out of her hands, not breaking eye contact from the woman a few feet away from him, with one hand he removed the sandwich.

"You mistake me," his hand holding the sandwich closed into a fist, destroying the sandwich, before extending his fingers again. "I have been raised as a Queen caste of the Pure Nomads. I do not simply bow to anyone who presumes to be stronger than me. I do not wish for a fight, not like some casual bandit or warmonger, but I will not lay down and take whatever you throw my way. If we are to talk, it shall be as equals." It goes without saying of course that he was focused on her for any sudden or deliberate movements ready to react, magic or no magic. However, as he was aware they had gotten off on the wrong foot, he was ready to remedy that situation as it looked like their biases had worked against each other to create a somewhat comical misunderstanding.

"As for this 'true ice' you speak of, I have not heard of it in my travels, however, if I were to look for it, it would not be in the southern sunny tropical ports of Fiore that I would look. I would instead go to the North, Nanuq Town, the city of ice, in specific. There is nothing but ice there, and I'm sure at least one or two of the wizards there know what you speak of. It's built into the side of an ice mountain, at least one part of that place should be 'true'." This was one of his advantages in travelling so much with his nomadic totally not a cult. He had seen most of Fiore and had a good base knowledge of what was where. Now if she was looking for ice, or knowledge on ice, a city made out of ice would probably be the best bet of places to look. Even if there was none of the special ice Elena sought, there were many ice wizards and experts there, so one of them must have a clue on where to look. For his talking to her he kept his eye contact and stipulations, also aware that his friend was beside him right now. He hoped that Shagrath wouldn't do anything to antagonize her, as he wasn't joking when he said he didn't want to seek out a fight like some reckless apprentice itching for action. He would have to see what happened next though, and react accordingly.

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Shagrath had to steady himself for a second to truly think about the events that were unfolding around him. The world seemed to be in some crazy state of nonsensical memery, where nothing made sense and everything was acting like there was some kind of glitch in the matrix. For a start, Shagrath had just witnessed a dodge and smack talk that looked like it came from the Chosen one himself, manipulating the laws of space and time as this dweeby looking assailant saw fit. Secondly, he had just completely pimp slapped his best friend in the face after receiving a vicious RKO out of nowhere (which was confusing in its own right), and Jason appeared to just take the slap like a champ, no reaction whatsoever, the same look on his face that he always had.

Another strange thing was the fact that Shagrath had been so compelled to inspect the stool which he had landed next to. He had no scat fetish, in fact he thought stool is one of the most disgusting substances on the face of the planet; like most normal human beings do. But for some reason, some compelling force and told Shag to grab this piece of stool with his bare hands and take a nice long look at it.

Yet another absurdity, this completely weak, useless, ugly, mentally challenged looking person who had been attacking Shag's cousin, seemed to be under the impression that they could take on the meanest power duo in Fiore....whilst doing her nails. Now Shagrath wasnt an expert on these things by any means but it was clear that if he and his cousin were to get serious, this person would be annihilated before they would even be able to notice what was happening to them. And this was speaking in terms of a one versus one fight, Shagrath knew that if he and his cousin would work together, this assailant would have a better chance of finding true ice in the tropics than survival.

Surely this person wasnt blind? They had to be able to see that they were completely out of their depth in this confrontation. Shag's instincts were telling him that this dweeb was bluffing, so he decided to humor their pathetic attempt at a bluff, just like his cousin appeared to be doing with his response to the completely moronic question of finding true ice in a place like Hargeon. However, Shagrath wasnt quite as forgiving as his beautiful cousin. Verbal assault wouldnt give him as much satisfaction. Now since he WAS humoring this weirdo, Shag certainly wasnt looking to do any lasting physical damage. No the true target was the dignity, the most painful spot to be hit. Whilst his cousin was busy explaining the utter stupidity of looking for "true ice" (whatever the hell this person thinks that is?) Shag decided to fling the stool which he had previously been inspecting, aiming directly for the mouth of the true ice dum dum. After releasing the stool, Shag jumped up and down like a baboon, beating his chest and making some funny noises like "Ooh ooh ahh ahh". He didnt know why, but this seemed to be the best course of action in the current predicament


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Elena pointed at the stool that flew in her direction, a spear of ice was conjured immediately, upon impacting the stool, the spear flung itself and the stool at the same direction, sending it back to Shagrath's face. Elena giggled at her masterpiece, karma is a b****, she thought while she gave Shagrath a death glare. Well, at least one of them is reasonable, referencing to the person, that argued that true ice would not be located here, as it was a southern, sunny tropical.

"True ice, is ice that can not be melted, realistically it could be anywhere. It might even be a person, or some sort of spell, not necessarily an item." She was however slightly embarrassed that she did not think of travelling to the northern, Nanuq Town, the city of ice magic, as it would logically make sense. He also reminded her that it could of been a person as well, upon realizing her ignorance, she flushed a deep shade of red. "But, thanks for the advice anyways, and sorry if I misunderstood you." She quickly turned around and walked away from the scene, she had an idea of who to look for.

-Elena Exits-

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