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Test The Water [Quest: Fleur]

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Test The Water [Quest: Fleur] Empty Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:33 pm

The beach hummed with life of all sorts. The only exception was Fleur, who dressed in her usual apparel and thus, didn't befit the preferred clothing that beach-dwellers wore. Everyone else donned bright assortments; women were portraying their defined figures with the help of skimpy beachwear and the men chose speedos, both genders equally entertained by the ogles from everyone else. On the other hand, the ghostly woman wrapped herself in tights that pronounced her vivacious body and a hoodie with the word 'hate' imprinted upon it. Her scarlet eyes were unseen, as they were protected by shades that denied the attack of the heat of the sun. Today, she also put on a face mask, but only to use as a barrier against the ever-changing sand particles. The only skin shown was bits of her face, as her hands were buried in the pockets of her sweater.

Needless to say, the beach ringed a festive aura. Activities of all sorts decorated the sandy plateau. Fleur sat upon the miniature mound that the sand formed just before meeting with the saltwater, avoiding mingling and enjoying the ambiance of the expressive afternoon. Dolphins soon graced the briny blue with their presence, forcing points and stares of all directions. Everyone admired the mammals of the sea, Fleur included. A small giggle escaped her lips, quiet enough so that no one else could hear. A few boys nearby were joking and throwing banter at each other and in time, took notice of the pale princess. Indistinct whispers flurried across the gang until one who stood in the back stepped forward and approached Fleur. "Is this seat next to you taken?" he inquired, answered by the bashful lady with a shake of her head. He took a seat as his friends wandered off, offering him luck and hyping him up for no apparent reason. Silence dawned upon the two and Fleur was content with this; just mindless daydreaming in the peaceful milieu. Eventually, the peaceful quota of time only lasted for so long, as the male that placed himself aside her was met with nothing but ignorance. He complained and asked her why she wouldn't speak to him, then commenting on how she thought she was above everyone because she was pretty. Even with this harassment, she continued on with the silent treatment until he eventually called her a derogatory term and left.

Fleur was used to it. Often times, it was suggestive comments but things got a bit better. Now, they only called her specific words when she didn't make conversation back. Her eyes fell into the daydream that she wanted to continue on, having took a momentary pause because of the event that just transpired. As she overlooked the world that revolved around her and closed her eyes, she was brought into a fantasy that resided under the sea. There, bubbles and fishes of all sorts skid across the ocean as if they had wings and soared.

"Hey there." A voice broke through her wildest imaginations and brought her back into the world of reality. She looked up and towards the owner of the voice to find a woman with serene eyes and hair as blue as the water behind her. "Do you like the ocean?" she asked. Even around other women, Fleur was as shy as ever and refused to speak, but nodded. She meant the best, but had no way of displaying her words that circled in her head without openly voicing her thoughts. Fleur wanted to explain how much she actually enjoyed the ocean, not only the waters but the environment and ambiance that it provided. But alas, she couldn't voice herself. The blue haired lady introduced herself. Raina Burke, a marine biologist that supported the wildlife underneath and wanted it to prosper like it did in the past. She was collecting some water samples and needed to test them all back at her lab, just to make sure that the water life was sustainable. Fleur stared in amazement as she explained it all, wondering how someone could be seen so deep into their profession. It made the ghost woman to wonder whether or not she seemed like that in her quest against the government. She had too many samples in her hands as she excused herself.

Forcing the air out of her lungs, Fleur tried to offer her assistance to Raina, but her words were hardly heard. "Do you...help...?" Thankfully, with the aid of hand gestures, Raina understood the intentions of the ghost and chuckled before she said thank you. The pale princess followed after the marine biologist to her lab. There, the two tested water samples of all sorts, discovering that some parts of the ocean weren't in the best conditions. Fleur gave a small bow to Raina but Raina wouldn't accept the gesture of thanks. Instead, she stated that she was the thankful one and gave Fleur some jewels for her time.

Word Count: 826

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