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Downtown [Geb & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Downtown [Geb & Lacie] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:39 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie had just arrived in Hargeon, which smelled horribly like fish. She had been feeling unwell for the last couple of weeks and she wasn't entirely sure if it was linked to her body or also to her mind after all the information that Alice had given her. The lovely things Alice was getting and working on and ugh, if she thought about that she might puke. She had to find things here, she had to get her hands on better friends or so to call, she needed someone to guide her in this new word for her. The Divine had dropped her, she no longer felt that she belonged here in this world. She was far above that and the idea was that the world would no longer need Lacie.

Which felt very weird for Lacie was way too vain and arrogant to believe that. She needed to get better but her magic was surely blocking her now, basically she had no magic at this point. She had dropped her luggage at an inn and was now walking around town, she was wearing a light blue dress and black high heels with a little strap. Her hair was braided and slung over her left shoulder, where would she find Alice.. which was probably something she should do later, where would she find friends that could help her? She was normally never a person depending on others but with this unhealthy body.. maybe Hargeon wasn't the town, this was the town of Blue Pegasus after all but the fact that it had been recently under attack, it might make sense that some evil doers were still around, but you wouldn't ask for them with a sign: looking for bad guys, please call me.

Hateful life. She sighed loudly and decided to sit down at the town square near the fountain and think of an idea, how would she talk to someone and get information, she had to play this carefully and... she coughed, looking at the blood in her hand, and most of all get better.

#2Lacie Eventide 

Downtown [Geb & Lacie] Empty Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:29 am

Lacie Eventide
Well it was not the best weather to sit here and she definitely did not feel well. She should find a place to stay or a better place to stay and food and.. she basically needed to discover how Hargeon worked and what it looked like. Get to know the streets so she would have an idea of how to find and avoid Alice or any other people for that matter. Which sounded like a very difficult thing for her to do with the bright orange hair that she had. Some people looked at her, worried, dressed in uniforms, some looked surprised. It was probably because she looked like Alice, only a little bit more chubby and many more freckles and her eyes didn't show the golden colour anymore, they were simply chocolate brown. Wonderful.

She should go, leave this spot very soon and get better before she would go out to discover things she needed to find. Not she had any idea how to do that.


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