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Crocus To Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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It was a lovely, bright morning in Crocus where people were busy in the streets, tending their own businesses but one particular young man was dozed off in bed with one of his little whimsies, that he had found at the bar the previous night – where he had drunk so much alcohol that he could barely stand on his feet afterwards. The man woke up after releasing a groan, his hand pressed against his forehead, clearly suffering from the hangover as he leaned over the bed; elbows placed on his knees and his shoulders drooped. Ugh, I’m never going to drink again – was what he would normally say to himself, but he knew it would never work on an alcoholic like himself.

He’d look down at his body, finally realising that he was naked from head to toe – no wonder he was feeling a bit chilly. The man glanced over his shoulder to see a woman laying in bed, as she recalled his memories of bringing a girl along back to his hotel. ”Oh, so I did end up sleeping with her.” The man mumbled under his breath and roughly ran his fingers through his hair. Standing up on his feet, he would slide into his usual attire; a white kimono with a belt fixed around his waist to keep the entire outfit in place. Before he walked out of the room, he quickly scribbled onto a note, showing his gratitude for the previous night and proceeded to venture out of the town.


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