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Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel]

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:14 pm

Shura Ranzu †
Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Tumblr_mx7o50NUoi1rlwcbco1_500

Shura was rummaging around in his apartment looking for some clean socks. Why? The time had come to leave hargeon and go on some adventure. Explore the cities of fiore a bit. A little change of scenery was needed after a recent turn of events. Once again his little phantom vanished during the time Shura needed him most. That wasn’t even the weirdest thing, he has been hearing twisted whispers. Due to this he hasn’t been sleeping like he should be. He found a bundle of clean socks in the dirty clothes hamper and stuffed them into his travel backpack. He was supposed to meet Chi at the gate, he didn’t want to keep her waiting to long. “New clothes, underwear, map...I think that is everything.”

He made sure to turn off everything in the apartment, it was time to depart for a bit. He had been in this place too long and he felt like the beach life was making him soft. Not to mention all of the work had been expended here. He did just about everything he could do at the moment. From odd jobs to dark world dealings. His name was starting to become common and that was no good. So it was about time to skip town for a bit. He saddled his bag up and left his apartment. Setting out on his next adventure, but this time he had a companion. Chi Lau became a person of interest for Shura, he couldn't explain it but he found himself drawn to her. Attraction? Fate? Only time could tell, Shura wasn’t going to think too much into it.

[Minutes later]

Shura was walking down the main street of hargeon. It was roughly two in the afternoon and people were out because of the weekend. Autumn had officially started and people were out shopping. He pulled out a map and found himself tapping his chin trying to find a proper route to the next city. The next closest town was Marigold. He lost track of where he was walking and found himself bumping into a taller man. Pink feathers kicked up, “My apologies.”

“Watch it fucker.”

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#2Chisu Lau Manji 

Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:24 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


She stood there, staring at the sky, wondering how much of her childhood was true. Was her spirit really a god, or was it just another trapped soul? No, she shouldn't have doubted her deity, not even in thought. The god without a name was real, and she held the only physical proof it existed. . . or was it a she?

So much of her life was unknown, and to wait for Shura only cast her thought deeper and deeper into the possibility that she had lived a lie. Whatever it was, she was going to find the truth and Nobunga, her father's killer. But how did the voice know?

She dawned a new black dress, something much more fitting than before, and the case she carried now in her hands, pressed against the ground as she leaned on it. Memories of her journey stained her mind.

~ ""FATHER!"" She called out. She knew her purpose. She knew the tradition. It had been known that the Manji had always struck down their ancestors. It was not an act of betrayal, but of tradition, For them, it was a right of passage. Chisu's story starts here, as the first Manji to refuse to slay her mentor, her father. And for her father, his story would be one to end, and not the way his ancestors had planned.

She could hear fighting, and she would fear the worst. She would find her village burned and in ruins. Her relatives slain and killed. She ran into town to try and find her father, only to find his body laying in their home. Before she could call out his name she would find nothing but black and a pain at the back of her head.

She would awake to find herself in the back of a truck with many of the village relics as well as few other survivors. Chests inscribed with other family names were in her view. She wanted to reach out to them but find herself tied to the truck wall. Watching the other survivors, she found no motive as to why they would strike them or capture them. They were peaceful and often dealt with many people and sold even the most sacred relics.

"Lady Chi, stay down. We will protect you."

She remembered his voice, but couldn't make his face. He was a familiar voice, but wasn't as close as fate would make it seem. Who was this man?

But this didn't matter now. She was on another adventure. She had no issues to worry about.~

"Don't get me dirty." the voice would tall her, but Chi would ignore her for now.

When Shura would arrive she would follow close behind, feeling much more in tune with herself and her abilities. She could feel her soul start to change, and spirits started to reach out to her.

"When we get to the next city, I want you to press me against your back. Hehehe..."

Chi could feel her words echo in the back of her mind. Should she tell the man of her problems? No. That would burden him. It wasn't his problem, it was hers. She had her own demons to tend to.

But after she met with the man, it would only be a matter of time until the both of them would be distracted, looking at a map  . . .

But she had her own things to take care of. She needed to search where everyone was going.

She would meet this man there. Soon, they would cross paths again

(exit to WWS)

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Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:07 am

Roman found himself wandering the streets of Hargeon, no direction no purpose. A bottle of rum became his best friend over the night. He was recovering from a night of partying after completing a big job. Roman had stolen a bunch of the Rum that was left floating around in the ocean. But it was also a sad night. That job was the last one him and Kiryu were finishing up together. Kiryu was to be reassigned to someone in the guild. It was a shame really but he know their time was limited. He was trying to hide his depression under toxic liquids .

Not paying attention he was bumping into people into the crowd. Laughing and spitting at folks. He was being just a general annoyance to the public. But people knew not to agitate the man. They knew who he was and what he was capable of. That was until he bumped into a masked man in a purple outfit. Roman bounced off of the man's left side. Pink feathers came off his jacket and he almost dropped his rum. The individual apologized but Roman acted rude per usual.

“Watch it fucker.”

He kept going not giving the individual the time of day. He continued to drink and go off on his own. No one knew where he would end up. But he did manage to drop a large sum of his jewels.


#4Shura Ranzu † 

Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:16 am

Shura Ranzu †
After bumping into the man Shura dropped his map. The individual was rude but he didn’t have time to discipline someone. He had other things to do. Not to mention there was a large group of civilians. They would only get caught up in the cross fire. He let it go this time. There was a sequence of numbers that were on the map. He spent some time trying to figure it out but after a week or so of sitting quietly he figured out the answer. It was located in a town close by and he needed to get there and try out some things before anyone else did. Picking up the map he saw something on the ground. A large sack of jewels were just sitting on the ground next to him.

Looking around he said nothing and picked up the sack of jewels. He opening it his eyes widened at the lump sum. People around him watched intently, their greed seeping out wanting to take the jewels from him. He said nothing and continued to the exit of the city where Chi was waiting.

At the front entrance he spoke. “We are going to oak but we need to make a pit stop somewhere. Hopefully you got everything packed and are ready to go.” He smiled and pushed forward. Knowing she was going to follow he exited the city onto the next adventure.

[Exit to Dahlia]

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