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Heart of Fire [Training | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Heart of Fire [Training | Genjiro] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:31 pm

Genjiro Yamada
An old man sat inside the Hargeon Library by a table surrounded by a stack of books with one open in front of him. Lying on the table eating a bar of chocolate opposite the old man was a small red serpentine dragon with long golden mustache like whiskers. The dragon was lazing about on the table while his master read from the ancient tome in front of him. The old man was Genjiro and he was eighty-five turning eighty-six this year. He was someone who had only recently become a mage, practicing and studying magic for the last six years before he finally managed to cast a spell properly. Usually if one was learning magic they started from a reasonably young age as it was easier to learn when you were young, but not Genjiro he had only started when he was eighty. it was not because he was lazy or a lack of desire, he was simply born in a rural community with out access to magic so how could he become a mage? It was only in his later years, long after being in the army, a mercenary a bandit and a farmer did he unlock his potential. The hours had been long and hard, it had put a strain on his body as it wasn't designed to use magic at this age. But he eventually managed reopening his bodies potential and was able to draw in mana storing it in his body to be able to utilise it, and what kind of magic did he unlock. Genjiro was a wielder of Fire Magic able to burn things down to a crisp with a single spell, however he had yet to reach that ability as he was still using the basics.

Genjiro was reading a tome on how to increase the power of ones magical spells and advance to the next stage. Genjiro's strength had seen a recent increase and his mana pools almost tripling in size. He had gone from a low class D rank mage to a C rank mage, he was still a lower class mage but it was better than nothing. Genjiro was on his way to becoming a stronger magic caster. Now that he was C rank a new line of quests would open up to him C rank quests. Unless D rank quests which were mundane chores C ranks offered more dangers and he would need to be prepared or else he would perish. In order to prepare he needed to increase his arsenal of spells. Being a Berserker he specialised in offensive, strength buffing, endurance buffing and supplementary style of spells. Currently he had three offensive spells, one strength buffing spell and one endurance buffing spell. But that wasn't enough as they were only D rank and quite pitiful.

Genjiro stroked his long beard in deep contemplation, he needed a supplementary spell something to stall his opponents and give him a chance to attack. Using fire what could he do. The old mage raised a hand creating a controlled ball of fire and felt the heat coming off of it, the heat was drying and straining his eyes. If he could harness the heat and directly unleash it into the eyes of his targets he could perhaps temporarily blind them.

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#2Genjiro Yamada 

Heart of Fire [Training | Genjiro] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:21 am

Genjiro Yamada
The old man stroked his beard with the hand that was not playing with fire, he wasn't about to set his glorious beard on fire. Genjiro was quite proud of his beard it was his pride and joy, after all he no longer had any hair atop his bald egg shaped head, so he had to focus his attention else where. Oh how he missed his luxurious locks. In his youth Genjiro had long luscious black hair that. How he missed it, but now he had to take care of his beard, mustache and eyebrows. There wasn't anyone else who had such long facial hair like Genjiro he was one of a kind the old man was proud of that fact. The old closed his right hand, allowing his fingers to coil around the ball of fire he formed and snuff it out making it dispel. With the fireball gone Genjiro returned to his contemplating on how to make the spell work. It only had a weak amount of strength and would be pointless to release it from a hand as it would only be able to cover a short distance and would rely upon his enemies being close to him.

With a stroke of his beard he thought about perhaps he should condense all that heat into a tiny ball of fire. If he could use his magic to compact the heat into a ball and then launch it towards a target that would mean he could turn it into a ranged attack. The question was how to get the heat from the ball into the eyes of his enemies in order to blind them. He continued stroking his beard in thought not paying any attention to his companion Mushu. Mushu had walked off and was setting books of different heights up on the floor like domino's one after the other while his friend was thinking. Mushu was going around the entire library grabbing books and standing them on the floor like a stack of domino's he had started with the smallest books he could find and was gradually working his way up to larger books.

Genjiro brushed his wrinkled fingers through his soft white beard as he thought of what to do. He could control the magic of the fireball once first, he knew he could as he had experimented with it before to see if he could make a fireball explode from a distance once fired with a mental command. The magic was part of him and followed his commands so he should be able to do the same for the ball of heat. If he focused on it and condensed the heat suppressing it with magical energy and launched it at his target, preferably at eye level he could possibly detonate it at will after traveling a distance he desired. Once set off the energy could explode outwards releasing a wave of intense heat over a large area directly into the eyes of his enemies. The heat would be so intense it would dry their eyes out and sting the soft flesh. It would be like staring into the sun for to long your eyes would water and you would begin to see white.

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