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I'll drag you under [Nora]

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“Hmm… Weather is looking lovely today.” Kenny mumbled, newspaper unfolding with a light crumpling of the back pages as he would look up at the partially cloudy sky above. Today reminded him of one he held dear when he was still a mortal - not because of the sunny sky or fluffy white clouds in the sky, but because of the feeling of joy in the pit of his stomach. After biting the child and feeding for the first time he felt more than alive! He felt like he could do anything without worry of failure.

Sitting nonchalantly, one leg crossed over the other on a park bench during a sunny afternoon in a suit seemed strange, but he was merely taking it all in around him. He was enjoying his surroundings, the scent of the grass, the heat of the sun’s rays beating down on him, and the sound of the fountain’s gentle pitter patter made him all too relaxed as he enjoyed his evening on his own.

A cool breeze brushed over his dark locks with the daintiness of a mother’s still hand gently ruffling his hair. With a content sigh he further slumped into the bench. He rolled his shoulders and positioned his newspaper to his side as he folded it back up. There was nothing in it but bad news it seemed, at least the weather provided a more tender appeal to the eye than Hargeon’s paper. It was a bright and sunny day, the sun was in full beam as golden rays shined down on the town, but the chill of autumn was still overbearing the beached population so there wasn't a need shorts and a T-shirt anymore. No, Kenny could finally break out his suit collection.

In his new attire Kenny sought to dress more professionally, more so people would take him seriously than landing his next big job interview. Who knew when he may run into someone or something that may change his life? He wanted to look handsome whoever or whatever fell to him next. His symphony blue suit was form fitting, it made him look a tad bit slender than he was, but that was a consequence of looking good. With his blazer open and his black undershirt exposed he undid the top button, “Thing is gonna suffocate me, but that’s the burden of a sharp dressed man…”

One leg crossed over another, his arms rested on the back of the bench, sprawled out on either side of him as he watched people passed by. With a low yawn he would throw his head back and close his eyes. A little rest never hurt did it?

I'll drag you under [Nora] Qurywgl
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Nora Deston

The grandeur of the sun generously beating down on the populated town of Hargeon through the partially clouded sky was a sight to see. The plight of summer's heat had now subtled into warmth as the breeze livened the atmosphere, bringing with it some demure chill. The day was almost perfect for some time at the park; it was almost perfect for some time to play.

The sounds of distinct chatter and chirping of birds passed by, drowning within the dominating commotion of the water falling, only to join with its kind inside the fountain. However, the small and continuous hums that escaped her clasped lips was all she could hear. Her mischievous eyes held anticipation as she wished to find herself a partner whom she could play with, a partner with who she could have fun.

Her feet, clad in sneakers, skipped continuously as they expressed the liveliness that the female radiated. Her exposed arms grasped the large brown bear that she held while the long ebony strands of her hair were captivated within the clutches of the two hairbands that hauled her hair into two ponytails. Adorning her body was a simple burgundy dress that cinched around her waist, forming a small black bow in the front and extended till mid-thigh while her legs were hidden underneath a pair of translucent black stockings.

Halting her steps, she stopped humming as her crimson gaze landed on an individual, leisurely resting on one of the wooden benches that clustered around the park. Her mouth formed an 'o' shape as she cautiously took a step towards the unknown man, covered from head to toe in a professional suit. Standing before him, she let her lips fall into a smile.

Underneath the facade of innocence were the sinister intentions she thought of as unimpeachable. Chuckling, she spoke, "Mister, are you awake?" If he were to wake up, she would broaden her smile into a grin, raising her free hand to wave at the man, "I'm Iris, do you wanna play with me?"


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What did it take for a man to get a little sleep outside? It seemed whenever he hoped to rest, just a smidgen of rest someone wanted to mess with him. He didn’t mind, since last time proved fruitful, but it would have been nice if he got more sleep every now and then. Then again could he really complain? He was sleeping outside after all and with that it was likely that someone would notice him.

His eyes groggily opened, purple hues looking up at the sky above as he tried to adjust himself for his guest. Or well disrupter, whoever they were they were about to get an ear full from him, no more than an ear full they were about to get verbally spanked maybe. Yeah, that was it a nice verbal spanking. He rubbed his eyes as he looked up at them and what he saw took his breath away, no not because it was pleasing but more because it was shocking.

Was she a… Lost child? There was no way she was taller than a child, looked more woman like than child like but he was in an era where a green bug man could suck people up, anything was possible and apparently a grown woman dressing like a child was too and uh acting like one as well… Okay maybe she wasn’t talking to him though! He looked to either side of himself and pointed to his bewildered expression. “Ya mean, me?” he asked confusedly as he looked up and down at her. She was… Strange that’s for sure. She even had a teddy bear for pete sake.

Would it be rude if he just said no? Then again he didn’t know if she was serious or not, heh if this was a prank he would just play along. With a warm smile on his face he crossed his arms, “Sure, I’ll play with you.” he nodded. Standing up he looked down at her, this was going to be interesting very interesting. Lord, this was going to be an incident. Imagine the appeal of this situation. Large man plays with woman dressed like kid. Nothing weird about that!

“What do you want to play? Hide and seek? Maybe a little hide and seek would be good for him. Heh, he would certainly seek her out though when he found her… That was a another story. Good lord he was a weird man. Putting his arms behind his back he kept his smile as he leaned forward and tilted his head. What sort of game did she have in mind?

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Nora Deston

Nodding her head with a goofy grin plastered on her face, she looked the man in the eyes. A small giggle escaped her lips when he agreed to play with her. If only the man had known what awaited him underneath this facade of enjoyment and pure innocence. Iris grabbed the man's arm, using what little strength she had in an attempt to haul him off the bench right after he asked her what they were to play, "No, hide and seek is boring. We're going to play my favorite game!"

Grinning irreproachably, she tried to drag him with her, hoping that he would follow. If he were to do so, she would walk away from the crowded area, clutching the bear in her other arm. "We can't play in front of everyone! They'll find out my secret game." Iris never liked to play with people in the presence of others. Strangely, everytime she did, they would always end up screaming or yelling, calling others for help or even attacking her. As unfortunate as it was, she herself was someone who didn't know that what she was doing was wrong.

Guiding the man to a scarcely populated area, she placed herself onto the ground, sitting with her legs crossed as she patted the empty grassy area right across her, gesturing so that the man would place himself there comfortably. "I'll show you my most favorite toy now. You can't tell anybody, okay?" She placed the bear between the two individuals, displaying the small zip at the back of the stuffed animal which was previously hidden by her body.

Opening the zip, she dug her hand into the cotton stuffings, pulling it back out only to reveal a small but sharp scalpel that she often hid there. Her eyes glistened in excitement as she stared at the object before her. "I stole this from the lady at the clinic nearby." Iris raised her free hand, placing her finger on her mouth before letting out a 'shhhh' sound. "Promise me you won't tell anyone." Holding out the same hand, she opened her smallest finger, hoping that he could clasp it with his own and commit to the bond of secrecy.

Another giggle escaped her lips before she halted, letting the corners of her lips droop as her eyebrows knitted together into a frown, "Mister, I still don't know your name." If he would tell her his name, she would proceed to ask him a very intriguing question, "Mister, are you an adult? Because if you're not, I can't play with you. You'll get hurt."


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Kenny swallowed the lump in his throat and nervously crab walked away from her, “I uh, have a thing I need to do with lady.” he nervously chuckled as he scuttled away, “excuse me young woman, I need to uh have a clash with my… Mom.” he assured himself or well he sounded assured as he increased the distance between the two of them. Scuttle, scuttle, scuttle, he ran away. She was scary, but he would maybe see her again at another plight in life.She was pretty, but dangerous. He would totally hop on, if she wasn’t scary.. It was rude to run, but he had to get moving, he had to get going! He had forgotten all about his things on the other side of the Hargeon and it was a long walk to get there. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with her, but more that he didn’t want to get stabbed right now. He already had one crazy woman stab him and that wasn’t any fun, another would be no good right now he just got out of a bad break up and all, yeesh he just needed some time to think and do his own thing.


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Nora Deston

Her eyes widened as they teared up while her mouth formed into a pout. He was leaving without playing with her. Before she knew it, a series of tears rolled down her cheeks as broke out into a sob, "So you don't want to play with me? You're a bad man!" Iris's hands raised her face as she rubbed her eyes, making a dampen mess around them as loud sobs followed from her mouth.

However, the sounds of her cries stopped as hiccups erupted from her mouth. She pulled her hands down as the large crimson eyes stared at the man who slowly walked away. Sniffing as she rubbed her hand over her nose, "Mom?", she asked. Oh, so it was his mom he was going to. Alas, she concluded that he must be a child indeed as she, not having been conscious for very long, almost never saw an adult with a parent hence, assumed that only children have parents. Perhaps, that's why he wasn't playing with her.

Wiping away her tears, she continued sitting on the ground as she waved at him, "Bye bye, let's meet again sometime." As she left, she sniffed once again before inhaling to ridden her nose of the blockade. "I still want to play with someone." She said with a pout as she shoved the scalpel back through the zip, into the cotton stuffings of the bear and closed it shut.

It was sudden, but the headache that seeped through her head caused an excruciating pain as she let out a small scream, being unable to handle the pain as another tear rolled down her face. It wasn't long till she fell into unconsciousness and awaking was the original owner of the body. Nora, noticing something on her face touched the tears before looking down at her attire and the stuffed animal, "What the hell?" With a sigh, she proceeded to haul herself off the ground and grabbed the bear before sauntering away.


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