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Hargeon Tea Party [Quest: Kenny]

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Hargeon Tea Party [Quest: Kenny] Empty Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:27 am

WHen Kenny woke up in the morning he felt like a complete zombie! He was lazy, unmotivated to get up, and extremely hungry, so hungry in fact that he stayed up all night staring out of his window at an adjacent restaurant as he wondered just what could be in there for him to snack on, he imagined plump, juicy and mouth watering meals scattered about the place fattening themselves up and making their blood of oh so sweet morsels just begging him to come to their safe spaces and feed on them. His mouth watered at the prospect of being able to drink blood now, but he did not know the first thing about preparation. During his time on the road he had surely read about vampires and their abilities, it seemed as easy as just biting into the neck of his prey, but it really just sounded messy. He would have to take the same steps his “creator” took when she bit him. From what he remembered he had gathered a few things to carry with him, bandages, sterilized wipes, a scalpel, cotton swabs, and a flasks of rubbing alcohol~ Just because he was a vampire didn’t mean he couldn’t help those he bit. Geez… He was bad at being bad.

Kenny had yet to figure out what exactly being a vampire entailed, he was unsure  rather or not he was to go out and eat. Well, that was fine and dandy, but he was eating on people so honestly he wasn’t all that sure if he should fully commit to hunting down other human beings… Well hunting down human beings and using them for their sweet essence. On one hand he was hungry on the other he was risking losing his morality in biting someone and draining them. Oh boy this vampire thing was going to be harder than he expected way harder.

Once he had gone through the transformation there was so much that changed. The food he once enjoyed didn’t taste the same, the scent of those foods did nothing for him and he was often starved. It was unhealthy to starve himself, but he still had booze on his side. How confusing this is, and the effect of the giant’s potion was still running through his mind and affecting his daily life. Ever so often he would think about it and he still had hints and traces of energy running through him. This was an interesting side effect, that and his mind was beginning to go as he thought about it more and more even though he was still on the prowl and he was taking notes.

This was an interesting learning experience. He still had a way to get blood without hunting, oh! That’s right! Blood bags! Clinics probably have them in stock, oh yes piles and piles of the crimson goodies he could sample for free or for a five finger discount. This was an exhausting form to have, he was afraid to eat people but he wasn’t sure about harming others but he was sure about stealing blood bags.


Hargeon Tea Party [Quest: Kenny] Qurywgl

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