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Test The Waters [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Test The Waters [Quest | Genjiro] Empty Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:46 am

Genjiro Yamada
The old man known as Genjiro Yamada, a mage of over eighty-five years old with a long white beard that was immaculately groomed held together by a purple ribbon. The beard flowed down to his waist and as he walked the old fire mage would stroke it with his left hand. In his right hand he held a walking stick that kept him upright and helped him to walk as he made his through the streets. Like his beard his mustache was just as long reaching his chest and in the style of fu manchu. It was immaculately groomed just like his beard and the massively long eyebrows he had that came down past his eyes were the same. There was not a single strands of hair atop his bald head showing off a large X shaped scar that came down through his eyes. The old man had dull red eyes that had long since lost the shine of youth.

The old man was dressed in a thick eastern style of dress, hakama pants, haori, under shirt and a top to go over it with a matching sash, tabi sacks and straw rope drawn waraji. In this hot weather many would think it would be like an oven for the old man in such thick clothing, but as a fire mage the heat didn't bother him, that and being eighty-five years old his body didn't retain heat like it use to. BEing unable to retain his body heat, Genjiro would naturally get colder than most that was why he wore such thick and bulky clothing, that and it hid not only his impressively buff physique but also kept the scars that covered his body out of sight. Thanks to Genjiro's long service in the army and followed by being a mercenary then later a bandit he had clashed in many battles. Thanks to those battles he had obtained countless wounds that now coated his entire body in scars some small others large.

The old mage smiled as a child walked by and pointed at him, most likely astounded by the old man's long beard, mustache and eyebrows. The childs mother reprimanded him but Genjiro didn't mind, the old man was well aware he looked quite strange to the eyes of children and he wasn't going to be offended. Genjiro was far to old to be worried about something like being offended, why would he care? The old man looked up into the blue sky enjoying the warmth of the sun before turning his attention back to the matter at hand. The old man was on his way to meet up with a client, Raina Burke to assist her in her studies. The young woman was looking for someone to help her out with some studies. What exactly was this study, but to test a number of water samples. Genjiro was to meet up with the young Marine Biologist at the Hargeon town square where she would then escort him back to her lab.

WC: 503

#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro arrived at the meeting location and looked around the for the young marine biologist. On the quest he had accepted there had been a picture of her to allow whoever took it to identity for. The old man of eighty-five years stroked his amazingly long beard, he was incredibly proud of its length and liked to remind himself of it, as he looked around for the young biologist. His tired old red eyes locked onto someone waiting for the statue in the middle of the square, the appearance of the young woman certainly matched that of the quest. Genjiro made his way over to her and introduced himself. The woman was surprised at first but thanked him for lending his hand to her.

As they caught up and introduced themselves, the woman Raina escorted him back to her lab explaining the reason she was testing the water. Her assistant was out and she needed help testing the waters of Hargeon for pollution levels. The entire time they walked back to the lab, the pace was slow with Genjiro's old age, Raina would go on about people who polluted the water and they they needed to stop. If mankind continued to pollute their waters they would kill all sea life. Even now it was happening as countless species were dying off their numbers reduced thanks to what was thrown carelessly in the water. Just this weak she had to watch as a whale coated in oil died from poisoning. Genjiro nodded his head agreeing with her that they didn't need to take better care of their oceans and water supplies.

Half an hour they had arrived at the lab. Raina walked Genjiro in and took him over the testing areas where thirty samples of water were placed from thirty different locations. Raina grabbed the first vial and began to run through the testing procedure with Genjiro showing him how to do it. The old man asked her kindly to do the same to the second as he was a little bit of a slow learner due to his old age. The woman happily agreed and showed Genjiro once more. By the second time the old man was confident enough and took over. He went through the vials of water one by one slowing testing the water samples within them. Some came back negative for high pollution levels, only having a small amount that was at an acceptable range. Others were at a higher ranger and were a little worrisome, while others were incredibly high and made Raina worried. Once he had tested pollution levels he did the same for salt concentration. He marked them making sure everything stood out to make things easier on Raina. It was an hour before he had finally finished everything.

The biologist thanked Genjiro for his assistance. The young female marine biologist looked over his work and thanked him once more. The woman pulled out from a draw a stack of jewels and sat them in Genjiro's hand saying this was his reward. The old ma thanked the woman and left leaving the lab behind him as he walked off into the streets of Hargeon.

WC: 530
TWC: 1033

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