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Test the Waters [SOLO JOB]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Test the Waters [SOLO JOB] Empty Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:04 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through Hargeon as he had nothing else to do in the forest right now. He had cleaned up the place, had regrown the trees that had been cut down and had helped the critters of the wood to survive for the winter. If everything went good more critters would survive winter and that in turn would give more food for the city and that way the circle of live went on in an orderly fashion. He was happy about that and content, Elisa also was walking more with a smirk around it. He was happy as she seemed to be coming more out of her shell because of it and he wanted her to be a bit more easy around people since she always was a bit shy when other people were around.

Chelvaric was walking in his usual attire of naked body and hakama around his legs, he did have his sort of black cover over his shoulders and covering his neck just to have a bit more warmth there, it wasn’t much but it did help a bit and he didn’t want to go out without it now that it was fall. He wondered what Snow was doing at this time. He didn’t know if she was still in Hargeon or had left the city already. He hadn’t seen her since the date, maybe she was just doing jobs in some other part of town. It had been one of the first times that he had done so many solo jobs and he wondered if he wasn’t rusty on it. He walked through the city to the request board and was looking at anything good. And then saw that someone needed help to test the water for pollution. He didn’t like water but it was part of nature and he had to help someone who was so interested in preserving nature in its purest form. It wasn’t going to be easy but he was sure he could find something to help her. Maybe he could let her do all the water touching or Elisa. He was so glad that he had Elisa in situations like this as she wasn’t afraid of water at all, which was a bit weird for a Neko that he wasn’t entirely sure if her race came from a Neko race. Well, it would tell by time, he shouldn’t think too much about it right now.

He was just about to walk away when a girl came up to him and waved at him as he had the request in his hands. “Good day sir, are you interested in that request since I really need an assistant fast”, she would say to him and looked with her blue eyes very hopefully at him. “Oh yes, I was about to take this request, so I am guessing you’re the person that put this up?”, he would ask her. “yes I am, good thinking of you, I see that you have a cute pet with you. Well, let's go collect the water shall we?”, she said with a smile on her face.


Test the Waters [SOLO JOB] HVEbuMl

#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Let’s go then”, Chelvaric said to her and they started to walk to the river. The day started to become a little bit hotter. But hot for a fall day not for a summer day, most people would still feel chilly if they had to run through this warmth. But chelvaric was used to much colder so he didn’t mind it too much. The girl was walking beside him and she was dressed in a complete blue outfit while her hair and eyes were blue too. It seemed she really was meant to be a marine biologist.

We have to test the waters on any bad sign of it. We can’t have it become polluted and kill of the fish after all. There many people who just throw waste into the river and that would be a disaster. That’s why I persuaded the elementary school to clean up the waste every week. All small bits help after all”, she said while they walked. Not a lot of people were around so it seemed she didn’t care who heard them as it would be quite bad if one of the people who pollute would hear her. The girl was quite oblivious to what people thought about her opinions and was quite firm in her believes. It didn’t take long or they would arrive at the water. She started to collect water but Chelvaric took the tubes and gave them to Elisa so that she could use them in the river. He didn’t want to get wet after all.

Afterwards they started walking again to the lab where they had to test the tubes. He bound the tubes to Elisa who loved having personal water on her and I wouldn’t spill or drop on him at the same time. Her lab was a small hut with lots of books and equipment in it. She first showed him how he had to progress the water and after that Chelvaric started to do it. Very carefully he placed the tubes in to there holders and checkes with pieces of chemical paper if there was anything wrong with the water.

After testing for hours they couldn’t really find anything. Chelvaric was tired and wanted to go back sleep a neko wasn’t supposed to work so hard but nap al day. He sighed and took the last tube before he started testing it. After he had run all the test he went to her and gave all the results.

Oh that’s great that means nothing is wrong and the water is pure! Thank you for helping me today it was a big help and I loved working with you. If I ever need another assistant ill call for you.”, she said to him with a big smile and handed him a big bag of jewels together with a pamphlet on how to keep the water clean and pute. He took it and went off to the forest where he could sleep and eat the night away togheter with Elisa.


Test the Waters [SOLO JOB] HVEbuMl

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